Top 10 Worst Sega Genesis Games


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1 Shaq-Fu

I honestly liked shaq fu

Heavy Nova is worse

Wha? How can ShaqFu can be the worst game of all time. Simple other fighting games are way worse than Shaq fu

2 Dark Castle

Worst Sega Genesis game EVER!

The controls are the worst controls I have ever seen in any 2d plat former known to man. Oh and it's a rip-off of Donkey Kong for the nes

This should be no. 1

A reason why EA has always been a terrible company.

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3 Heavy Nova
4 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!
Sega Genesis + Pac-Man + Laughing Joking Numbnuts = Pac-Man 2

5 American Gladiators

Who really wanted a game based of American Gladiators. - egnomac

6 Crazy Bus


Why is this not number 1

The sound track is exquisite


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7 Barney's Hide & Seek Game

Only children ages 3-6 should play this game.

8 Awesome Possum

Awful possum

Awesome Possum is a lot more awesome than his crazy excuse for a Sega Genesis game, that's for sure!

This is probably the only bad game in Tengen's library of games for NES and Sega Genesis.
Tengen + Environmentally-conscious Sonic ripoff + Laughing Joking Numbnuts + Sega Genesis = Awesome Possum

9 Slaughter Sport
10 Cyber-Cop

This game is unplayable. IT really is. The actual game part of the game takes up like 50% of the screen. it moves at like 4 FPS. you can't see anything. you can't do anything. you can't hear anything. you can't play it.

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11 Action 52

Not as bad as NES version, but it's a lousy game.

The 51st "game" is Pong and the 52nd "game" is a bunch of challenging levels from the other games. What were them Laughing Joking Numbnuts thinking!

LJN didn't make this, to the person who think they did. There would have to be a logo if it were an LJN game.

12 Kid Chameleon


13 Richard Scarry's Busy Town
14 Time Killers
15 Sonic the Hedgehog

How is this on here - TuxIsAPerson

This is the best Sonic the Hedgehog game of all time! Take it off the list, please.

This game rules take it off. - egnomac

This is one of the best games on the sega genesis!

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16 Sesame Street: Counting Cafe
17 Thomas the Tank Engine
18 The Ooze
19 X-Perts
20 Batman Forever

It sucked back then and it sucks forever.

21 Rise of the Robots

You only play as one character. you punch you kick...and then do the same until you finally rip the cartridge from the console throw it in the bin and reverse the sleeve of the megadrive/Genesis case and write the name of a decent megadrive game that you own that you never had a case for.

22 Fighting Masters
23 Rastan Saga II
24 Bubsy 2
25 Back to the Future Part III

LJN didn't make this, stop blaming them for everything; it's really retarded. As long as there's no LJN logo, then it isn't LJN, case closed.

First TWO lousy Back To The Future NES games too many and now this crazy joke... Do these Laughing Joking Numbnuts ever learn!

26 Beast Wrestler
27 Insector-X
28 Sonic 3D Blast

That game was fun! Take it off! - logomax

The controls are very awful, Sonic isn’t fast, plus you're just searching for birds, which is pointless!

What you could also include on this list are the “BONUS” games from the ATGAMES Genesis Classic

29 Chakan
30 Sword of Sodan
31 Fantasia

Based off my favorite Disney movie. I always wanted a game of Fantasia. But as it turns out, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Plus a lack of featuring for my favorite Disney Villain (Chernabog). They didn't even show his face. - asantalo

32 Hydlide 3
33 Flicky
34 Ristar

I hate gamers

This game suck folks don't play

The worst game by far

Get it off the list

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35 Race Drivin'
36 Art Alive
37 Mortal Kombat III
38 Nightmare Circus
39 James Pond: Underwater Agent

The title alone is a blatant ripoff of James Bond, for crying out loud!

40 Techno Cop
41 World Cup Italia '90

Very very poor game. Play once never want to play again.

42 Batman Returns
43 Terminator 2: Judgement Day
44 Outrunners

Great music, but badly ported. Best left in the arcade, or instead ported to the Sega Saturn.

45 Chess
46 Virtua Racing
47 Ex-Mutants

X-Mutants, eX-Mutants (note the funky capitalization), what's the difference!

X-Mutants or EX-Mutants?

48 Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
49 Wayne's World
50 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
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