Top 10 Worst Sega Genesis Games


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21 Rise of the Robots
22 Chakan
23 Flicky
24 Ristar

I hate gamers

This game suck folks don't play

The worst game by far

Far by the worst sega game I ever played

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25 Art Alive
26 Sonic 3D Blast

That game was fun! Take it off! - logomax

27 Mortal Kombat III
28 Sword of Sodan
29 James Pond: Underwater Agent

The title alone is a blatant ripoff of James Bond, for crying out loud!

30 Techno Cop
31 Fantasia

Based off my favorite Disney movie. I always wanted a game of Fantasia. But as it turns out, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Plus a lack of featuring for my favorite Disney Villain (Chernabog). They didn't even show his face. - asantalo

32 Beast Wrestler
33 Batman Returns
34 Terminator 2: Judgement Day
35 Outrunners

Great music, but badly ported. Best left in the arcade, or instead ported to the Sega Saturn. - drdevil

36 Chess
37 Virtua Racing
38 X-Perts
39 Ex-Mutants

X-Mutants, eX-Mutants (note the funky capitalization), what's the difference!

X-Mutants or EX-Mutants?

40 Slaughter Sport
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