Top 10 Worst Sega Saturn Games

Sega Saturn an underrated system with not that much love, however they made some games that were not so loved.
The Top Ten
1 Virtual Hydlide
2 Battle Monsters
3 Robotica
4 Street Fighter: The Movie (Saturn)
5 Shinobi Legions
6 Batman Forever (Saturn)
7 Criticom Criticom Product Image
8 The Crow: City of Angels

It could've been a good game but no - bobbythebrony

Just watch the AVGN review and you'll already know how bad this game is.


9 Elan Doree
10 Battlesport Battlesport Product Image
The Contenders
11 Death Crimson Ox
12 The Incredible Hulk
13 Rise 2: Resurrection Rise 2: Resurrection Product Image
14 WWF In Your House
15 Pinball Graffiti Pinball Graffiti Product Image
16 Blast Chamber Blast Chamber Product Image
17 The Horde
18 High School Terra Story High School Terra Story Product Image

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19 Sonic R
20 Sonic 3D Blast Sonic 3D Blast Product Image
21 Digimon: Digital Monsters
22 Darklight Conflict
23 Independence Day
24 Hi-Octane Hi-Octane Product Image
25 Quantum Gate
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