Worst Seinfeld Characters


The Top Ten

1 Elaine Benes

She's sleeps around with nearly everyone, dresses like a grandma, has a pie face, craps on george's "hair-hat" fiasco, vane, dresses her hair like a pompadour/mullet, thinks highly of herself and extremely lowly of others including friends, and can be extremely annoying and won't shut her big mouth at times.

The Dinner party episode will make u hate elaine

2 Cosmo Kramer

How can people even vote for Kramer as the worst?

I never knew there was a character named Cosmo on Seinfield. Cool this is so far the 4th cosmo I know. - cosmo

3 George Costanza
4 Jerry Seinfeld

He doesn't know how to act properly!

5 Sue Ellen
6 Morty Seinfeld
7 Helen Seinfeld
8 Estelle Costanza
9 Jackie Chiles

If you've seen the series' Finale, you know he's the worst lawyer ever. - MaxPap

10 Mr. Lippman

The Contenders

11 David Puddy
12 Mickey

Boring and annoying

13 Mr. Peterman
14 Alton Benes
15 Carol
16 Kevin
17 Uncle Leo
18 Keith Hernandez

I just came by to saying that there are only good characters on this list hell.

Agree, this list is not fair only good characters, the best characters are the first ones Ranked as worst!

19 Judge Arthur Vandelay
20 Babs Kramer
21 Nowell
22 Stan, Kramer's golf caddy
23 Newman
24 Gary Fogel

I don't see how anyone would lie about cancer. It is the worst thing to lie about. Gary Fogel just wanted a wig because people believed he had cancer. I was actually happy in the episode where he died.

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