Worst Selena Gomez Movies

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1 Spring Breakers

Just like portraying Gabriella Montez and Nina Pennington as dainty teenage women that ask for catfights. They just want to be kidnapped by a big, hyper-masculine jerk. If Disney didn't evilly revolutionize the reputation of these two excruciating girls, this movie did.

This list is stupid

Sel is good girl. She is not supposed to be slut

I LOVE Selena Gomez and her songs/movies, but she doesn't fit the character because she's a good girl NOT A SLUT

2 Hotel Transylvania

Let us all speak for the whole Hotel Transylvania franchise. This movie makes Selena Gomez look like an anti-feminist, manipulative, bitchy control freak (which Ariana Grande can easily be remembered as).

3 Ramona and Beezus
4 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Go see The Nostalgia Critic's review of Spy Kinds 3-D: Game Over for proof.

5 Princess Protection Program

This is my favourite movie...

I've never really seen this movie but it looks rather hypocritical, but recommendable and touching for the most part. - The Ultimate Daredevil, a Lovatic

Selena you appear like you are lacking vitamins you look horrible in d

6 Getaway

Selena has no name in it. Her character is anonymous

7 Arwin
8 Behaving Badly

And I thought that Ariana Grande was going to play Nina Pennington.

Man, this movie is horribly overrated. The characters are one-dimensional, the story is stolen from something sexist and... well... stay away from this movie. Nat Wolff & Selena Gomez need to be forbidden to get together BIG TIME!

9 Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Part 2 good
Part 1 not so

10 Monte Carlo

Why does at least a little bit of anti-feminism exist?! The only reason why a girl's best friend is female is because she is female and nearly the same age!

Troy Bolton: Monte Carlo, dude!

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11 Girl Rising
12 The Fundamentals of Caring

Are they serious?! They casted an annoying Welsh man (with an accent that is not even Welsh) that just started to be over a quarter-decade old as an 18-year-old?! Selena Gomez is annoying as usual, and she partially suffers the "Disney Channel Curse", and the "Nickelodeon Curse" exists to make Ariana Grande into one of the music industry's biggest jerks that can actually be compared to Miley Cyrus. I mush admit that all three of these famous girls I mentioned on my comment have actually worked hard to get far on their career compared to Jacob Sartorious.

13 Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard
14 Aftershock
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