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21 My Dilemma

My dilemma is that she's famous and all over the place.

22 Hit the Lights

I don't know why this is on the worst song list.. Anyways, I like this song

Worst song by far.

Who ever wrote this, is the most intelligent in this world. I support this.

Whoever put this song on this list r all jealous of Selena Gomez

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23 Like a Champion

Selena isn't a champion, and never will be. Demi Lovato is my favorite. She's a true champion, warrior, surviver. Check Demi out, please.

Well it's a good song like this Walk like a champion talk like a champion I love it

Why is this song on this list? What

Good song - 1507563

24 Middle of Nowhere

I respect selena, but I kinda agree with this list, I also agree with the fact that she can't sing.But she's an amazing person.
I think in 'Middle Of nowhere' she was trying too hard, at least I think it sounded like that.All in all this song, alongside Shake It Up and Bang Bang Bang is pretty bad.

Why is this song in the worsts songs?
It is amazing, its really good!
I love that song, all her songs are great anyway!
I love you, Selena Gomez!

I hope she gets lost in the middle of nowhere and dies there.

I think that her songs are great I love them she also has a wonderful family you are my life

25 Whiplash

First "Hit the Lights," and now "Whiplash? " When will she stop ripping off Metallica's titles?

Stupid title. Stupid person. Need I say more?

Doesn't really suit her voice much.
It's not the worst song ever made though, because I love Selena and have since I was a child

She simply needs a high five in the face

26 As a Blonde

Her voice is so strange at the beginning...

The top 10 are her best songs laugh out loud. I only dislike this from selena

Wish I could kick her lips

Learn to respect your hair, bitch. I forgot, she's too ugly.

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27 Good for You

There's annoying kids at my school saying this all the time and I bet they heard this song. - Linnea

28 A Year Without Rain

A second with Selena is like a year without rain.

Boring girl with boring songs

This song is what inspired me to sing! I love selena so much!

I love this song very much. This is one of my ffavourite.

29 Save the Day
30 Fetish

This song is super creepy.Her fans are saying this is related to real life.I mean how can be this related to real life? Have you ever heard to eat soap because of depression?

I laughed hard how her fans defending her by showing some pointless logic.This song got no meaning neither is a party song.Should be top.

31 Outlaw

I hate Selena Gomez so much.

32 Trust in Me

Listen this song. You won't be disappointed to know how worst singer she is!

1940 boring selena. Yikes

This is real selena. I mean worst song by her. I know her all songs are worst but this worst out of the world. Trus in me :P

Worst singer she is

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33 Write Your Name
34 Who Says

Her fans are so dump just like her. They always praise this song. I thought it could be her best song but nope. I was wrong. Her all song worst.

She used so much autotune in this song.

It's sad that she's such an awful person, because this song can help with self esteem. But Shake It Off is what taught me I'm beautiful, and to ignore haters.

None of her album,her songs are good but actually bad.when she sing live,worst.good looking gorgeous lady but sadly she seems like no talent at all.

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35 Disappear

Most of the song are bad from her. But this is the worst.

I wish SHE would dissappear.

Great song selena keep on singing awesome songs

I hope SHE dissappears.

36 Round & Round

I hate her voice. It's so annoying and disturbance.

Why her autotune voice is also broken. Lol

Oh shut up. This is the worst song ever

Kevin Rudolf beats Selena Gomez, and yet he composed this annoying autotune crap.

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37 Crush

Horrible song - 1507563

Shut up Selena. Your a phony bitch, and everyone knows it.

38 The Way I Loved You

I hate her so much.

This song is amazing ♡

39 Spotlight

Selena Gomez is trash. She doesn't deserve fame or the spotlight.

Like, selena you should do better

I actually kind of like this song. It's catchy, the bass drums during the chorus make it feel big, and the pitched "Oh's" are quite fun to listen to. However, it's got the laziest message. It resorts to clichés such as "When you feel like nothing, everybody's something," and "No matter what you're outside, get in with your inside." Is this supposed to be empowering? This sounds like a text message you send on a whim to somebody that you don't care about, but you pretend to. I'm not a big fan of Who Says, but at least it sounds passionate, and it least it doesn't have the obnoxious flat tone that she sings with here. -Beth

40 Naturally

Nice video and one of her worst song.

Naturally is a bad song by a bad singer.

This song is horrible it needs some beat it's so boring! But I love selena!

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