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21 Trust in Me

Listen this song. You won't be disappointed to know how worst singer she is!

1940 boring selena. Yikes

This is real selena. I mean worst song by her. I know her all songs are worst but this worst out of the world. Trus in me :P

Worst singer she is

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22 Who Says

Her fans are so dump just like her. They always praise this song. I thought it could be her best song but nope. I was wrong. Her all song worst.

She used so much autotune in this song.

It's sad that she's such an awful person, because this song can help with self esteem. But Shake It Off is what taught me I'm beautiful, and to ignore haters.

She didn't even write the song.

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23 Disappear

Most of the song are bad from her. But this is the worst.

I wish SHE would dissappear.

Great song selena keep on singing awesome songs

I hope SHE dissappears.

24 Crush

Horrible song - 1507563

Shut up Selena. Your a phony bitch, and everyone knows it.

25 The Way I Loved You V 2 Comments
26 Like a Champion

Selena isn't a champion, and never will be. Demi Lovato is my favorite. She's a true champion, warrior, surviver. Check Demi out, please.

Well it's a good song like this Walk like a champion talk like a champion I love it

Why is this song on this list? What

Good song - 1507563

27 Slow Down

I enjoy the video. Cause she can't dance. Jump jump jump that's all. Ha ha ha

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28 Undercover

Nothing eles she did here insted of making her voice perfect in the song she put a monster voice in this song and listen this line all to myselff her voice in. Selff is such freak voice?

Bad song such a cheap it has a good dj but not her voice listen this line all. To myselfffdfffd this yselffd is uch a cheap

29 Good for You

There's annoying kids at my school saying this all the time and I bet they heard this song. - Linnea

30 Naturally

Nice video and one of her worst song.

Naturally is a bad song by a bad singer.

This song is horrible it needs some beat it's so boring! But I love selena!

31 More

I want more Demi Lovato, less Selena Gomez.

32 Spotlight

Selena Gomez is trash. She doesn't deserve fame or the spotlight.

Like, selena you should do better

33 Off the Chain

Selena Gomez is overrated. She sucks. I love this list.

34 Love Will Remember

I... actually like this song. The instrumentation actually has some control over its volume and so does Selena's voice. The lyrics aren't great, but they're passable enough. This is the only good song off Stars Dance. - NiktheWiz

This song is an amazing way to emotionally connect with everyone in the audience. I think that it is a very beautiful song and I love listening to it

This song shouldn't be here it is amazing how can you vote for this song?

I hope the world sees how much of a stupid bitch she is.

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35 Ice

I hope she slips on ice and breaks her legs.

36 Welcome to the Jungle
37 The Heart Wants What It Wants

Boring, cliche, auto tuned to death. This song sucks

This is the most boring song of all time

Best singer ever. Selena don't listen to them. Everybody's jealous of you. Your songs are the best and everybody loves them. We love you from the core of our hearts! <3 Stay same you're the best.

Yeah selena I am so jealous of you. You know why? You have a sweetest autotune ever that make you trashy to angel. I am really jealous. LOL

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38 Magic

If I could do magic, Selena Gomez would be hated by the whole world, and Demi Lovato would be the most popular singers ever.

Stop judging you haters are just jealous

What a stupidness gomez this song has only this ohh ohh ohhh its magic?

39 We Don't Talk Anymore

Great. Now she made Charlie Puth look like a nobody. >:(

40 Brand New Day
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