Top Ten Worst Sentences to Forget to Include Apostrophes

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1 My girlfriend's agreed to marry me.

This it's is awesome! It reminds me of a teacher I had who would never say anything without her monotonous voice! - NerdyPweeps

If you were to post this anywhere online without the apostrophe, you'd be dead. - PositronWildhawk

Excellent list! Is this the beginning of a grammar series? Eats, shoots and leaves, etc. - PetSounds

2 Dick's working hard.

I love this list. All of them are funny but I think this the funniest.

Though I love the first one too, this made me laugh out loud!
Brilliant! Can't stop laughing!

Oh my god! This is hilarious

What those two said! Haha!

3 The black's made it ugly.
4 Fat's quick to accumulate.
5 He'll go to France.

Funny! He'll go to France! That would be bad! - funnyuser

6 The hoe's not sharp at the handle.
7 I'll pet for your cat.
8 Gay's races are incredible.

I'm not into sport, but I've heard all the jokes about Tyson Gay. - PositronWildhawk

9 Honey, Bill's taller than ever!

If I ever meet a girl who's bad with apostrophes, I'll be selective when it comes to names. - PositronWildhawk

10 The hoe's fine at the handle.
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11 The university lab fire's a problem for everyone.
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