Top Ten Worst Sentences to Forget to Include Apostrophes


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1 My girlfriend's agreed to marry me.

This it's is awesome! It reminds me of a teacher I had who would never say anything without her monotonous voice! - NerdyPweeps

If you were to post this anywhere online without the apostrophe, you'd be dead. - PositronWildhawk

Excellent list! Is this the beginning of a grammar series? Eats, shoots and leaves, etc. - PetSounds

2 Dick's working hard.

I love this list. All of them are funny but I think this the funniest. - JandS3000

Oh my god! This is hilarious - JaysTop10List

What those two said! Haha! - Britgirl

OK this is officially my favorite

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3 The black's made it ugly.
4 Fat's quick to accumulate.
5 He'll go to France.

Funny! He'll go to France! That would be bad! - funnyuser

6 The hoe's not sharp at the handle.
7 I'll pet for your cat.
8 Gay's races are incredible.

I'm not into sport, but I've heard all the jokes about Tyson Gay. - PositronWildhawk

9 Honey, Bill's taller than ever!

If I ever meet a girl who's bad with apostrophes, I'll be selective when it comes to names. - PositronWildhawk

10 The hoe's fine at the handle.

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11 The university lab fire's a problem for everyone.
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1. My girlfriend's agreed to marry me.
2. Dick's working hard.
3. He'll go to France.
1. My girlfriend's agreed to marry me.
2. The black's made it ugly.
3. Fat's quick to accumulate.
1. My girlfriend's agreed to marry me.
2. The black's made it ugly.
3. Dick's working hard.


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