Top 10 Worst SGN/Jam City Games

These Games... Do not play, some of them you could die of boredom, or it could be hard to beat, or you could get into a Frustration Station! (When you get frustrated, see what I mean?)

The Top Ten

1 Juice Jam

This is the worst game ever! The characters are creepy, Kiwi is the creepiest, she does cat abuse to Valentino, I wish she and her friends went to jail and get executed by the electric chair! - PBSDoink2002

2 The Book Of Life: Sugar Smash Game

This game has Terrible animation! I saw an ad that you have to get a pig to the food, and he was looking at me to get to it! - PBSDoink2002

3 Cookie Jam Blast

I do not like this version of Cookie Jam, it seems like a reboot to me. I hope this game gets removed from the app store! - PBSDoink2002

4 Family Guy: Quest for the Stuff

How dare Jam city stole that game from TinyCo! - PBSDoink2002

5 Genies and Gems
6 Snoopy Pop

I've seen ads for it. It is literally every bubble pop game in existence, except with the Peanuts. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This is a ripoff to Panda Pop - PBSDoink2002

7 Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow
8 Panda Pop
9 Cookie Jam

Like we need another match three game. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Safari Smash
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