Worst Shake It Up Characters

The Top Ten Worst Shake It Up Characters

1 Tinka Hessenheffer

Sometimes she is hard to understand her language but she is so flashy and fashionable

Ok, she's mean, and has always been. When CeCe and Gunther were picked as spotlight dancers, Tinka tricked CeCe into thinking Rocky was trying to pull pranks on her, and then Gunther and Tinka locked Rocky and CeCe up on a room with NOTHING. To me, that is cruel, and can never be forgiven. They should've kicked HER out of season 3, not Gunther. - HELLADERE120

It could have been worse... Stefanie Scott could have been cast as Tinka

She can sing, but has style that could make me puke if I saw her. All in all, she's rude, mean, and bossy.

2 Logan Hunter

Ok, so CeCe is definitely not perfect, and when she was lazy at her job, Logan became her severe enemy. More than Gunther and Tinka. And Logan is nasty, selfish, and geeky. He's also like the ugliest character EVER. - HELLADERE120

3 Dr. Pepper Dr Pepper Snapple Group is an American soft drink company based in Plano, Texas, and as of July 2018 it is a business unit of the newly formed publicly traded conglomerate Keurig Dr Pepper.

Remember her? She was so annoying. She was always like so ugly and dumb. - HELLADERE120

4 Kristin Wibler

She acts like she has it all, and makes herself look like the prettiest girl in the world. I still prefer her to Tinka. She was from "In the Bag It Up". - HELLADERE120

5 Gary Wilde

Ok, he is very irresponsible, and just horrible. He set Shake It Up on fire, and didn't even care. Is that even ok? - HELLADERE120

6 Ty Blue

Where is his sense of excitement in anything? He just annoys Deuce, and ignores Flynn. Sometimes he even ignores Rocky! When she tries to help, he doesn't care at all! I personally hate this character! He hates everything besides himself! - HELLADERE120

7 Dina Garcia

I can't believe that deuce is her boyfriend! On second thought, why are they still together?! Because she's always making fun of deuce! AND HER VOICE IS so ANNOYING!

Ok, she is really annoying with her squeaky voice. Plus, she smells and doesn't shave! And now apparently she justs makes fun of Deuce like Ty. She also barely cares that Deuce can be annoyed with her sometimes. She's also making Deuce do EVERYTHING for her. It's enough! - HELLADERE120

8 Flynn Jones

Nowadays, he just moans and groans about pretty much everything! He has to be on this list, I hate him! - HELLADERE120

9 Cece Jones

She should be number 1 laugh out loud

Cecelia is so dumb and tries to be cool which she's not

Hate her. So much.

Ugh... Just a dumbass who's always holding Rocky back.

10 Sally Van Buren

She's a whiny little bitch who can't understand that she's not the best, and I feel bad for that poor Eileen girl. - HELLADERE120

The Contenders

11 Gunther Hessenheffer

His accent is so horrible... I bet the reason they never say what country he's from is because they'll offend somebody because of how bad his accent is.

Ok he's cheesy, and SO stupid. His accent sounds so annoying and fake. He can also be mean, and I get how he's apparently SO funny. - HELLADERE120

12 Rocky Blue

Just a know-it-all jerk. Glad that this show rarely airs anymore. - Anonymousxcxc

She is always rude to Cece. And saying how dumb she is

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