Worst Shake It Up Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Shrink it Up

Gary Wilde says he has a good therapist and CeCe puts Rocky into therapy for no reason but instead the therapist is retarded.

This episode was truly hilarious! Funny therapist who loves Fred Flintstone, turning out too be! Made me laugh harder then the other episodes

This episode has stupid characters, no plot, and horrible acting.

This is truly the worst. - HELLADERE120

2 Eat it Up

Stupid eating disorder episode.

3 Start it Up

If it weren't for this episode, then we wouldn't have a shake it up

Stupid and clearly annoying

4 Meatball it Up

Stupid and abusive I mean CeCe made Rocky eat a giant meatball.

5 Valahoosit it Up

If you are a German or Russian, do NOT watch this episode. You will feel so offended.

Stupid and disgusting they were about to eat eyeballs.

500 racial stereotypes for the price of one!

I liked this episode, it improved on Gunther and Tinkas character and was hilarious

6 Merry Merry it Up

I disagree! It improved on Georgias character and Ceces, amazing musical number preformed by Zendaya (truly amazing song, had it in my head), Flynn in the future, Jeremy and Georgia's relationship! Truly amazing episode and doesn't deserve to be on
This list:(

7 Hook it Up

This episode makes no sense. Rocky and CeCe want dressing rooms and then they think they're fired from the show. It shouldn't be an episode because it was clearly pointless. It should be removed from television history.

8 Made in Japan

This was so stupid! Somehow Rocky and CeCe hate eachother again!

9 Funk it Up
10 Fire it Up

I mean shake it up Chicago burnt down and somehow because of Gary Wilde's tanning bed.

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11 Brain it Up
12 Glitz it Up

Full of bratty girls and stupid Eileen who can't be talented and at the end when Eileen wins, she acts like she actually put in effort when Rocky and CeCe did everything for her.

13 Boot it Up

Rocky is very unlikable in this episode.

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