Top Ten Worst Shakira Songs

The Top Ten

1 Addicted to You

One of her worst songs ever. Sorry, Shakira can do much better than this.

I found this song is plain annoying.

No this is one of her best - RickyReeves

2 Dare (La La La)

FIFA version is better

3 Sale el Sol
4 Rabiosa
5 Hips Don't Lie

It is her best song yet people so don't be mean and cruel.

This is so good

6 Objection (Tango)
7 Get It Started
8 Whenever, Wherever

This should not be on this list - RickyReeves

9 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Why in Hades is this on here? - 906389

This should not be here! - PizzaGuy


10 Empire

The Contenders

11 No
12 Poem to a Horse
13 Rules

A generally boring song..

14 Try Everything

I'm Wondering why this wasn't on the list to begin with, Well, I HATE THIS SONG WITH A PASSION!, it's even worse than everything is awesome and let it go, most people who hate it let it go only like this because it's from a film they like, but the truth is, both songs suck - VideoGamefan5

15 Me Enamora
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