Top Ten Worst Shark Movies

The classic Jaws, the crazy Sharknado movies and any Hollywood movies involves sharks are good, these movies listed not so much.
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1 Jaws: The Revenge Jaws: The Revenge Product Image

This isn't only the worst shark movie ever, this is the worst film ever made. At no point in this incoherent mess, was there a single redeemable quality, this is the only film I've ever seen that gets a 0/10, how did we go from the masterpiece that was Jaws, to this atrocity of life. Also SHARKS CAN'T ROAR

The last of the Jaws movies turns into a downfall and there's no explanation for me to say how bad it really is. The worst ending part is having a horrible design of the shark gets stabbed by a boat. I'll just stick with the first Jaws movie from now on.

And I thought the shark from the first movie looked fake. But this. THIS takes Quint by the waist, bites his legs off, and drowns him in the ocean. What a sorry excuse for a movie. -4/4 stars.

The only thing I liked about this movie is the sharks name which is vengeance

2 Jersey Shore: Shark Attack Jersey Shore: Shark Attack Product Image

Talk about the Snookis, talk about the meatheads and the guidos, talk about the god-awful show Jersey Shore,... but this terrible shark movie stings like you're trap in a tanning bed. Plus, those sharks are damn ugly by the way.

The story is dum the special effects are stupid and this movie sucks in every way

3 Super Shark Super Shark Product Image

Worst puns in the movie, awful shark design and... what's this? A CGI fighting tank with 4 legs that can defeat the shark, seriously? The director and the producers who made this must be high on meth.

4 Sand Sharks Sand Sharks Product Image

Sharks that can travel under sand as well as underwater may sound good, but not with Brooke Hogan on the spot and mimicking Tremors.

What's next? Flying sharks? Snake Shark? Insect Shark?

5 2-Headed Shark Attack 2-Headed Shark Attack Product Image

Maybe unique to have a shark with 2 heads, but it's still an awful movie. Why would you have bimbos Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan casted in this movie? They can't act and even we know Electra's acting career is outdated. They even have 3-headed Shark Attack for a sequel.

6 Shark Attack 2 Shark Attack 2 Product Image

The Shark Attack franchise has been a ripoff of Jaws for years, but the second movie is a big copycatter to Jaws 3. Even the actors didn't have the stones to act their jobs right.

Almost all of these are rip offs of Jaws

7 Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Product Image

I know there are more movies than just Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus; Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark and Mega Shark vs Kolossus. What's next Mega Shark vs Hammer-head Mega Shark, Mega Shark vs John Cena, Mega Shark in a fatal 4 way fight? This will keeps on going and going!

8 Ghost Shark Ghost Shark Product Image

I'd stick with Sharknado than watching a ghost shark floating around killing it's murderers and other victims.

Ghastly movie! The best scene is when the guy drinks from the water cooler! Haha

Haha this movie was so stupid.

9 Jaws 3 Jaws 3 Product Image

This movie is way worse than jaws the revenge sure revenge sucks but this one can die in a hole. I mean at least the revenge's shark doesn't float through the water and at least it's an animatronic not 3D crap! And the revenge has original characters from movie one, jaws three gave us characters I wanted to die! And another thing, the revenge has that shipwreck chase scene I enjoy, though I don't know of any good scenes from this one.

What? Remove this from the list! This is a perfect film! One of the best shark films!

This is worse than Jaws 4. The CGI is almost as bas as Sharknado.

Bruh, how is this not Number 1? The CGI was terrible!

10 Shark Swarm Shark Swarm Product Image

Just a huge swarms of sharks swimming around like bees, well big woof!

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11 Shark Exorcist Shark Exorcist Product Image

This isn't even a movie. It's just a bunch of completely random scenes and some of them just happen to have a shark in it. This movie did almost nothing right. Well, if you call it a movie.

12 Red Water Red Water Product Image

Jaws in a pool of blood I presume?

13 Sharktopus Sharktopus Product Image

One of the stupidest combinations and a dumb movie just looking at the picture makes me think bad about it.

14 5-headed Shark Attack
15 Santa Jaws

The CGI in these movies don't make the sharks look scary. Also ridiculous titles for these movies. Immortal Shark and Franken Shark will be terrible if they existed. Jaws is a successful movie franchise but unfortunately people milked the shark movie genres once Jaws became popular and famous.

16 Sharknado Sharknado Product Image

This movie, and the 4 others of this set are so bad they are good, what's better is that they KNOW it's bad and make fun of it during most of the film.

It maybe a B rated movie, but this shark movie is something I can stick with than those other ones above.

17 Shark Tale Shark Tale Product Image

No this is not the worst movie that's because it's animated doesn't mean it's a bad movie
I like it do you have a problem like that.

Hey, what gives? I like this movie, my favorite jokes are the fish with the sushi place. And this:
Angie: Would you like a kelp scrape? we’re having a special.
Whale: Why not? It’s the mating season, and I’m feeling lucky.[moves his eyebrows up and down]

18 Toxic Shark Toxic Shark Product Image
19 Dinoshark Dinoshark Product Image

The worst and dumbest shark movie of all time

20 Jaws 2 Jaws 2 Product Image

No! I love Jaws 2! It almost, note I said almost, beats the first film.

No jaws 2 is a good movie. As good as the 1st

21 Sharknado 2: The Second One Sharknado 2: The Second One Product Image

The worst part is the cameos instead of ian zering and tara reid

22 Roboshark Roboshark Product Image
23 Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Product Image

It did leave us that one memorable line though

"Let me take ya home and eat your p***j! "

24 The Shallows The Shallows Product Image
25 Trailer Park Shark
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