Worst Shopkins Cartoon 2016 Characters

These are the worst Shopkins 2016 characters in my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Cheeky Chocolate

Shopkins? More like CRAPkins! I hate Shopkins! And Num Noms suck as well!

Your lists are repitive and boring. Also Shopkins already suck.

2 Apple Blossom
3 Kooky Cookie (Mayor)
4 Lippy Lips

Annoying as hell. She was better in 2014, 2015, and some of the old 2016 episodes like Lost and Hound and before. - ShopkinsLover

5 Yolanda Yo Yo

She is a crybaby when she doesn't win. - ShopkinsLover

She is so mean! I hate her but love Shopkins! Glad she’s not in shopkins live! She wants everyone to look like her! Too bad Yo Yo! The shopkins I like are 🍏🍫πŸ"🍌πŸͺ! Yay! And of course, the Peppa Mint Shoppies is cool!

6 Choc N' Chip

There eye color is blue. - ShopkinsLover

7 Fortune Stella

She sucks because her saying "Ask Again Later" is stupid and overrated. Also she let Yolanda Yo Yo cheat she is ass! - ShopkinsLover

8 Mike Raphone

He sucks in both Swing Vote and The Shopville Games. - ShopkinsLover

9 Fleur Flour

She is stupid. She doesn't know how to cook. The voices are now so cheap that the only characters that sound like there selves are Toasty Pop and Suzie Sundae. - ShopkinsLover

10 Sadie Soccerball
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