Worst Show Ideas That Can Be Made

This a list about some the worst shows that could be made.

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1 Dora, Sanjay, and Craig Form a Band

Three of Nicks worst shows in one show. That would be torture. - Therandom

I mean two on Nick's worst shows - Therandom

2 The Transformers Unite to Fight Unicorns

That would be epic. - MusicalPony

A good francise would be ruined if this happened. - Therandom

3 Family Guy Meg Spinoff
4 Jar Jar Adventures

Based on Jar Jar before The Phantom Menace. - Therandom

5 Barney and the Teletubbies Have a Co-Show
6 A Show With Talking Letters

There's one about talking numbers I couldn't stand it as an infant, so why not letters? - PositronWildhawk

This is already a show; it's called Alphablocks. - Wolftail

7 A Show That Teaches Teenagers Words They've Never Heard Of

I would cancel this on whatever channel it ran on. - Therandom

I dunno, might be interesting at first, at least. - PositronWildhawk

8 A Show About Everyone Who Are Always Happy and Constantly Smiling

This is about every Disney Channel show - PatrickStar

Rowan Blanchard would definitely be in it.

9 A Show That Hypnotizes You

That's a great world domination plan Positron, you could hypnotize Liam Neeson to get you a drink. - Therandom

Damn it, MusicalPony, you guessed my world domination plan! - PositronWildhawk

10 A Show That Runs for 1 Minute for Every Episode and Isn't Considered a Short

The Contenders

11 AwesomenessTV and React To That
12 The Amazing Adventures of Jake Short
13 Mighty Med Without Paris Berelc
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1. Dora, Sanjay, and Craig Form a Band
2. The Transformers Unite to Fight Unicorns
3. Family Guy Meg Spinoff


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