Worst Shows On BabyFirst

Attention all parents of babies: Please do not show BabyFirst to your child. Thank you

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1 Tec the Tractor

Seems twenty years past it's expiration date, talking vehicles make no sense, talking vehicles talking with humans make even less sense, and how the heck can an armless tractor grab a damn air filter from the shed?!?!?!

Rip-off of Thomas the Train and EXTREMELY boring. - N64Dude

Where do I even began? Ten or Shreik is a creepy tractor with freakishly weird eye movements and he doesn't know a single darn thing! I heard a donkey say on the show that a frog is a reptile NO FROGS ARE AMPHIBIANS ONT REPTILES! And one of the chickens on the show said crap! And why do they have voice overs they sound completely ridiculous! Why can't Molly just burn that stupid little creepy tractor in molted lava and sell his scraps for some bucks! Why does the old freak lady even have him on her farm! SHREIK THE TRACTOR IS CRAP!

This show automatically makes me cringe. The visuals are bad, everything is creepy, and don't forget how boring it is.

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2 Squeak

They are so unbelievably stupid that I wonder if they are trying to be dumb. Especially TOOT. Who names a rat toot anyway?

Extremely creepy and LONG. - N64Dude

Don't shoot me for saying this, but I think this one is actually tolerable. - AwesomenessManiac

Who came up with the name "Tog"? - PBSDoink2002

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3 Zumbini Time

This show is literal CRAP! It is like sitting down and eating a CRAP sandwich was your eyes. The creepy spider lady looks like she's on drugs and I swear she eats the children! She's too creepy I actually had a nightmare about clawing her face. And what's with the horrible drawings of the rag droll children are they ghost of all the children she ate on the show? What's with the creepy child with that crappy green spiky hat that looks like it belongs in the dump funeral. THIS SHOW IS TOTAL JUNK THAT SHOULD BE THROWN IN A GARBAGE BAG THAT'S THROWN INTO FIRE AND PUNCHED IN WITH TITANIUM GIANT FIST WITH HARD THORN-SHARP SPIKES ON THE FINGERS CRUSHING THIS VERY PIECE OF THIS GARBAGE! So to summarize don't watch this or you'll fail life and crush our very dreams in a black hole of misery and depression!

Hmm..where do I even start?! It's lead by this really creepy woman who makes the freakiest facial expressions and has the scariest voice... When she talks, it literally sounds like "bleh! " She sounds like a witch doctor who's doing some type of satanic ritual in order to raise the dead... Also, she looks and moves like a big, tall money-snake! She is so tall and skinny and she slithers and pounds her fists! To top it all off, the babies on the show look totally uninterested and/or scared! They're just forced to sit there pretty much. I saw that one even tried to escape. I could see the look of horror on the childrens' faces, especially when the scary lady got close to them! Those poor little things probably have nightmares every night now and are probably scarred for life!

I just laughed so hard that I cried while reading the first person's comment about Zumbini Time. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's the worst show that I have EVER seen. I agree, it's pretty creepy. I'm so sick of that show that I'm thinking about not watching BabyFirst anymore cause they play it so much. UGH... My baby loves this channel too.

They must do any drug testing, because she is most definitely on crack.

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4 The Notekins

Spending their free time visiting a crappy instrument. It takes them about 2 hours (5 minutes in human time) because stuff are blocking their way. The always go ABOVE it. I have always wondered why they just can't go AROUND. - N64Dude

Notekins are a great musical program. My daughter loves the music and all the different characters. If you pay attention each character represents a different sound that way children learn about music. These are programs for babies not for ignorant adults to comment.

This show is stupid, how can they talk to instruments?! Instruments can't talk! If those talking instruments were real, I would burn them in a fire or break them with my hand (If it breaks easily) or my hammer! - PBSDoink2002

I used to have a Notekins song on my iPad, but I deleted it. Thank god!

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5 Harry the Bunny

This show is so stupid. My baby brother loves it. All harry does is laugh at inappropriate times and when he draws, it looks worse than a 3 year olds. And one time, he drew a strawberry, It was a circle with 2 dots. Don't let your kids watch this!

Harry the bunny relates to children since he acts as a child. That's why kids love him. These shows are for children not some bored adults. Go watch something else if you hate this show so much.

He is so dumb that he does not know what 1+1 is? It is 2! You are very stupid Harry the bunny

This is something that haunts me. The way that bunny just stares at you...god.

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6 Shushybye

I hate that show! Do they get money every time they say some variation of the word shushybye? If you make a drinking game every time they say it I promise you will be drunk before they five minutes its up... Lol. I realize it's a kid show but its stupid

The old man/ train conductor... Is there actually to take your children to Dreamland or to the world beyond he looks like a corse raised from the dead. How the heck does this help children to go to sleep? And the horrid costumes they the singers have made me want to hurl at at the T.V then smash it with a steel bat with producing spikes to smash it to rubble then sell it's scraps. The train conductor sings to you to put you to sleep, but rather than putting you to sleep they mentally kill you on the insides of your soul crushing your heart, mind.

The characters are people wearing costumes at Disney World. THEIR LIPS DO NOT MOVE! - N64Dude

Rip snoop dogg died by singing in shushybye

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7 Hide and Seek

Every time Sammy or Eve gets close to the acorn, and one of them clap when one of them is close to the acorn! It's annoying! One of them should tell the other one that they are close to the acorn out loud with their mouths! - PBSDoink2002

They can come with better places to hide the acorn. - N64Dude

I was actually joking they stink baby first sucks!

Meh. It's ok, but, are the squirrels blind or something? They put the acorn in plain view, and they can't even find it without the help of the other squirrel! Not the best but not the worst. - AwesomenessManiac

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8 Tillie Knock Knock

Tillie looks around in crazy places before it finally hits her someones knocking at the door. Then she tries guessing who instead of OPENING THE STUPID DOOR. No one takes that long in real life, stupid role model repetitive show don't LET YOUR KIDS WATCH

Every thing about this dog crap show is super awful. Tillie's voice is awful and she has the ugly disease just like the animals who are at the door. It scares the baby when the animal comes in. It is like Purge so, don't let your kids watch! If you let your kids watch, you SUCK.

Tillie is uber-stupid. How does she live on her own but have no clue what a door knock sounds like. Clearly needs some assisted living or euthanasia.

This is a cute show. Tillie is silly.

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9 Peekaboo

Same as Harry the Bunny. Completely boring and pointless. - N64Dude

My daughter now loves playing peekaboo because of this program. This is a fun character.

Just somebody dressed up as a thing hiding places. Useless - Officialpen

I hate this show! It scared the crap out of me when I was younger! BabyFirst T.V., what were you thinking?! The character with the blue costume gave me nightmares! I hope this show gets cancelled soon! - PBSDoink2002

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10 VocabuLARRY

Every time he touches some thing it moves then he gets scared of it

Not a bad show. My son loved it.

Very repetitive. Larry acts like he's mentally disabled.

Larry is kinda stupid, but tolerable. - AwesomenessManiac

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The Newcomers

? Suzy's Zoo

The turtle is a rip off Franklin

? Babies

It's just like watching home videos of yourself as babies and toddlers with other daycare kids or your cousins

The Contenders

11 Bonnie Bear

This one sucks. The theme song is so utterly boring I found myself sleeping in the first 10 seconds of the gosh dang episode! - AwesomenessManiac

Five nights at freddy's kids version - BabyFirstTV

What? She can fly? - N64Dude

Bonnie bear looks like Freddy Fazbear. - PBSDoink2002

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12 The Dance Time Boys

They are very rude and are not teaching kids respect or anything proper. I feel this show goes against what baby first stands for and have watched a whole lot less baby first since they added them.

I totally agree I see no purpose for the "Dance Time boys" they can definitely do better than this and maybe find boys or girls who can actually dance' I guess nobody went to auditions?

Stupid and whiney! Teaches children to act inappropriately just because they are bored.

That brown guys singing wanted to be a rapper ;[

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13 Rainbow Horse

This show is disturbing. The "Rainbow" Horse, floats along and farts on everything with magical sparkles of poo and suddenly colors appear. My daughter goes around farting and crapping on things now expecting them to change colors. Once I found her painting the walls with her crap, she's 5 years! Thanks Rainblow horse, for undoing months of potty training! This show deserves to be thrown into a dumpster of failure and misery of imagination and creativity. I would want to canceled this show than laugh at the Rainblow Horse's pathetic face, then tell her how she was a total failure in life from the start.

All she does is wave her butt at pictures and then it magically becomes colored.

I can't handle that glock-violin section thing. And the female narrator! Ugh.

She waves her butt on pictures to colour them, it's so gross. - PBSDoink2002

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14 Sukey's Circle

Her songs are annoying. - PBSDoink2002

This lady is so creepy. She is way worse than the Zumbini lady.

It's ok but kind of stupid. - AwesomenessManiac

15 Musti

Stupid nuts! It is inappropriate! Dumbest show in the world!

The show is super slow and boring; it doesn't hold my kid's attention like most other shows do.

Oh, so you're talking about Matthew again! Who cares about Matthew?! - FinnsWorld

Haven't seen it - AwesomenessManiac

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16 Li'l Vinnie's Art

Lil' Piggy Vinnie is a vandal and wrecks art and his show is definitely not art, but rather pure, strained Crap! And what's with his hideous face? Was his parents half piglet? His nose is DISTURBING making my want to hurl at his disgusting features then kick his face laughing at him then kicking him some more and crash his worthless paintings through his throat then throw them to burn in a bottomless pit of raging fire and anger then throw Vinnie in there along with his horrid name! Know what? It's illegal to paint over museum paintings with your terrible art talent! The same as throwing them away then kicking them to burn in that bottomless pit I mentioned. So yeah Lil' Vinnie sucks and he's died now so it's banned and that's good!

Why would Little Vinnie draw on pictures in the museum?! That teaches kids to draw on walls, or on family pictures, painting on museum pictures is completely illegal, I hope Li'l Vinnie goes to jail for that! - PBSDoink2002

Who just said Great T.V. Show to Lil' Vinnie's Art? First of all, it is illegal to draw over handsome, sexy, and important drawings. You can go to jail for that. Second of all, You can probably go to jail for doing that. SO WHO EVER WROTE THAT HORRIBLE MESSAGE ABOUT BEING NICE TO BABYFIRST, SHUT UP!

He can't talk, yet he does graffiti all over expensive museum paintings! He should be charged for vandalism!

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17 Mio Mao

I would like it more if I was trippin on mushrooms

I like this one. The animation is great! - AwesomenessManiac

Butthole to baby first

How dare you AwesomenessManiac! you suck AwesomenessManiac!

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18 Color Crew

This is a neat show. Who doesn't love coloring. We love watching this together and singing the fun songs.

I like color crew. My kids love it. So I'm happy with this show.

All they do is just see whist he color of the day then they color.

This is ok. - AwesomenessManiac

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19 Juno Baby

Everything about this show is just awful. All of the voices sound hideous (especially that pink thing). Their loud, shrill voices would either wake a baby up out of their sound sleep or give the baby unbearable nightmares! Also, that pink puppet acts really annoying to the other characters and makes irritating noises (like when it kept zipping a zipper up and down). It's tone makes my ears feel like bleeding and it's really ugly!

The ugly disturbing pink no nosed alien rabbit is very ugly and SUCKS because his friends are dumb and him so die in HELL WITH THE DEVIL AND GET GROUNDED FOREVER AND WARNING! DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS!

The girl's eyes are so creepy!

That pink bunny looks so ugly. It has no nose and it looks like an alien! - PBSDoink2002

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20 Numbers Around the Globe

Here are 3 penguins, 1 2 3. And they all fell down 1 2 3. And they all got up 1 2 3. So boring and repetitive - N64Dude

Here are 4 lions, looking like the are ready to eat the viewer! - FinnsWorld

12, 123 repeating in my head during class is very unsettling - BabyFirstTV

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