Worst Shows On BabyFirst

Attention all parents of babies: Please do not show BabyFirst to your child. Thank you

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1 Tec the Tractor

I swear. You so called adults on here don't understand that the CHILDREN who watch the BABY FIRST channel do not care what things look like. As adults we see things differently, sure some of the shows, almost all of them, are on a show string budget, but it what they are trying to teach kids is what PARENTS should be teaching kids in the first place. So don't call the shows dumb or any other derogatory remark. Remember these shows are not made for people who are supposedly adults and remember they are made for kids under the age of 6. I have a 14 month old grand daughter who loves TEC the TRACTOR and a 3 year old who loves COLOR CREW and the TICK TOCK mice. I would rather she watch that than PAW PATROL. My oldest grand daughter is also learning to count with our help and baby first T.V.. SO the shows are not like watching Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy etc. but what they are designed for works, no matter what they look like or sound like. Look at them the way your kids do. If ...more

My boys ABSOLUTELY LOVE this show! Cutest show...Tec is adorable! And this is perfect for babies and toddlers under 3! Our house does not go a day without at least playing an episode of Tec once or twice! JUST WISH THERE WERE MORE EPISODES!

What offends me more is that the they're getting paid for something that looks like it done by someone who doesn't have quite have their act together. For instance : the intro does not know what it want's to be, background artwork by a 10 year old on top of early CGI model when in fact the show is live-action. You know a show is bad when it don't have a concrete style in place. Tec design is the bare-minimum on a shoestring budget but what's with the gaping mouth? it's not cute at all, the character looks it needs surgery on his jaw! I feel bad for most of the actors involved, some of them act unnatural and off-putting and why can't they read there own lines? instead we have an annoying person saying there lines for them, quoting every little thing there doing despite we can see what going on. When you have visual cues of what's being done voice overs are unnecessary.

I could go on and on about other issues with this "show " whats said above stands out to me is: it was done by ...more

Brilliant show! Charming country life, great education on nature and farming, all positive characters. The show teaches etiquette, problem-solving, relationship, love for the environment, the basics of living and it is a lot of fun! Its simplistic design is ingenious! It can be translated to any language just by changing the narration. I hope this is shown all over the world.
I see a lot of people writing negative comments. If you can write - you shouldn't be watching this show - it's for children of "play-pretend" age. If you are judging the show based on the reaction of your 6-month-old child - what in the world are you doing making your 6-month-old watch T.V.. If talking inanimate objects don't make sense to you - just look at a 5-year-old play with toys. What doesn't make sense to me, is how someone can "hate" a children's T.V. show. Judging a children's T.V. show based on its budget and graphics is like judging a drink based on the amount of alcohol in it. Instead one should ...more

2 Squeak

So I looked this up and there are 50 episodes a season and the episodes are 1 hour.
If you were to watch the whole season at once. You'd be watching this for 50 hours

They are so unbelievably stupid that I wonder if they are trying to be dumb. Especially TOOT. Who names a rat toot anyway?

Who came up with the name "Tog"? - PBSDoink2002

Extremely creepy and LONG. - N64Dude

3 The Notekins

Spending their free time visiting a crappy instrument. It takes them about 2 hours (5 minutes in human time) because stuff are blocking their way. The always go ABOVE it. I have always wondered why they just can't go AROUND. - N64Dude

Notekins are a great musical program. My daughter loves the music and all the different characters. If you pay attention each character represents a different sound that way children learn about music. These are programs for babies not for ignorant adults to comment.

This show is stupid, how can they talk to instruments?! Instruments can't talk! If those talking instruments were real, I would burn them in a fire or break them with my hand (If it breaks easily) or my hammer! - PBSDoink2002


4 Zumbini Time

This show is literal CRAP! It is like sitting down and eating a CRAP sandwich was your eyes. The creepy spider lady looks like she's on drugs and I swear she eats the children! She's too creepy I actually had a nightmare about clawing her face. And what's with the horrible drawings of the rag droll children are they ghost of all the children she ate on the show? What's with the creepy child with that crappy green spiky hat that looks like it belongs in the dump funeral. THIS SHOW IS TOTAL JUNK THAT SHOULD BE THROWN IN A GARBAGE BAG THAT'S THROWN INTO FIRE AND PUNCHED IN WITH TITANIUM GIANT FIST WITH HARD THORN-SHARP SPIKES ON THE FINGERS CRUSHING THIS VERY PIECE OF THIS GARBAGE! So to summarize don't watch this or you'll fail life and crush our very dreams in a black hole of misery and depression!

The concept of Zumbini Time is great but they really need to get a different instructor for the show. I get it, she's supposed to be full of energy and overly animated for the kids but she doesn't have to bug her eyes out and look around at the kids with her mouth open wide like she's fixing to eat them. She's a little too extra for my taste.. My daughter loves music too and she crawls off every time this show comes on.

Hmm..where do I even start?! It's lead by this really creepy woman who makes the freakiest facial expressions and has the scariest voice... When she talks, it literally sounds like "bleh! " She sounds like a witch doctor who's doing some type of satanic ritual in order to raise the dead... Also, she looks and moves like a big, tall money-snake! She is so tall and skinny and she slithers and pounds her fists! To top it all off, the babies on the show look totally uninterested and/or scared! They're just forced to sit there pretty much. I saw that one even tried to escape. I could see the look of horror on the childrens' faces, especially when the scary lady got close to them! Those poor little things probably have nightmares every night now and are probably scarred for life!

I actually did a google search to reassure myself that I wasn't the only adult who found this woman terrifying.

5 Harry the Bunny

I have a daycare and we get to watch for a very short period of time during the day. Larry is their very favorite! Harry is very loved as well.

Harry the bunny relates to children since he acts as a child. That's why kids love him. These shows are for children not some bored adults. Go watch something else if you hate this show so much.

This show is so stupid. My baby brother loves it. All harry does is laugh at inappropriate times and when he draws, it looks worse than a 3 year olds. And one time, he drew a strawberry, It was a circle with 2 dots. Don't let your kids watch this!

He is so dumb that he does not know what 1+1 is? It is 2! You are very stupid Harry the bunny

6 Shushybye

I hate that show! Do they get money every time they say some variation of the word shushybye? If you make a drinking game every time they say it I promise you will be drunk before they five minutes its up... Lol. I realize it's a kid show but its stupid

The old man/ train conductor... Is there actually to take your children to Dreamland or to the world beyond he looks like a corse raised from the dead. How the heck does this help children to go to sleep? And the horrid costumes they the singers have made me want to hurl at at the T.V then smash it with a steel bat with producing spikes to smash it to rubble then sell it's scraps. The train conductor sings to you to put you to sleep, but rather than putting you to sleep they mentally kill you on the insides of your soul crushing your heart, mind.

The characters are people wearing costumes at Disney World. THEIR LIPS DO NOT MOVE! - N64Dude

The guy singing seems like he wants the spotlight and not the characters. Less of him and more character time could make it better.

7 Hide and Seek

Every time Sammy or Eve gets close to the acorn, and one of them clap when one of them is close to the acorn! It's annoying! One of them should tell the other one that they are close to the acorn out loud with their mouths! - PBSDoink2002

They can come with better places to hide the acorn. - N64Dude

I was actually joking they stink baby first sucks!

There cool and awesome

8 Tillie Knock Knock

Tillie looks around in crazy places before it finally hits her someones knocking at the door. Then she tries guessing who instead of OPENING THE STUPID DOOR. No one takes that long in real life, stupid role model repetitive show don't LET YOUR KIDS WATCH

Every thing about this dog crap show is super awful. Tillie's voice is awful and she has the ugly disease just like the animals who are at the door. It scares the baby when the animal comes in. It is like Purge so, don't let your kids watch! If you let your kids watch, you SUCK.

Tillie is uber-stupid. How does she live on her own but have no clue what a door knock sounds like. Clearly needs some assisted living or euthanasia.

Creepy! I don't like the idea of it teaching my kid to open doors if the person isn't announcing who they are!

9 Peekaboo

Same as Harry the Bunny. Completely boring and pointless. - N64Dude

My daughter now loves playing peekaboo because of this program. This is a fun character.

Just somebody dressed up as a thing hiding places. Useless - Officialpen

This one is tolerable. - AwesomenessManiac

10 VocabuLARRY

Every time he touches some thing it moves then he gets scared of it

Not a bad show. My son loved it.

Larry is kinda stupid, but tolerable. - AwesomenessManiac

Very repetitive. Larry acts like he's mentally disabled.

The Contenders

11 Bonnie Bear

This one sucks. The theme song is so utterly boring I found myself sleeping in the first 10 seconds of the gosh dang episode! - AwesomenessManiac

Five nights at freddy's kids version - BabyFirstTV

What? She can fly? - N64Dude

Why would you do this BabyFirst? It's all your fault!

12 Rainbow Horse

She takes a crap on the wall and it changes colors. Nice. Just what 2 year olds need to see.

This show is disturbing. The "Rainbow" Horse, floats along and farts on everything with magical sparkles of poo and suddenly colors appear. My daughter goes around farting and crapping on things now expecting them to change colors. Once I found her painting the walls with her crap, she's 5 years! Thanks Rainblow horse, for undoing months of potty training! This show deserves to be thrown into a dumpster of failure and misery of imagination and creativity. I would want to canceled this show than laugh at the Rainblow Horse's pathetic face, then tell her how she was a total failure in life from the start.

All she does is wave her butt at pictures and then it magically becomes colored.

I can't handle that glock-violin section thing. And the female narrator! Ugh.

13 Color Crew

I like color crew. My kids love it. So I'm happy with this show.

This is a neat show. Who doesn't love coloring. We love watching this together and singing the fun songs.

Also they pick another color and they pick a page

Also I was joking so I hate them.

14 Mio Mao

I would like it more if I was trippin on mushrooms

I like this one. The animation is great! - AwesomenessManiac

Butthole to baby first

Chinese people on crack

15 The Dance Time Boys

The boys dance like they did loads of drugs before doing the show

They are very rude and are not teaching kids respect or anything proper. I feel this show goes against what baby first stands for and have watched a whole lot less baby first since they added them.

I totally agree I see no purpose for the "Dance Time boys" they can definitely do better than this and maybe find boys or girls who can actually dance' I guess nobody went to auditions?

Stupid and whiney! Teaches children to act inappropriately just because they are bored.

16 Sukey's Circle

Her songs are annoying. - PBSDoink2002

This lady is so creepy. She is way worse than the Zumbini lady.

It's ok but kind of stupid. - AwesomenessManiac

Jesus Christ what is this a ring around the rosy thing

17 Musti

I loved the original Hand drawn version show but the 3D version is terrible I mean musti has next door neighbours (LITERALLY LIKE 4 FEET AWAY)

The show is super slow and boring; it doesn't hold my kid's attention like most other shows do.

Stupid nuts! It is inappropriate! Dumbest show in the world!

Oh, so you're talking about Matthew again! Who cares about Matthew?! - FinnsWorld

18 Li'l Vinnie's Art

Lil' Piggy Vinnie is a vandal and wrecks art and his show is definitely not art, but rather pure, strained Crap! And what's with his hideous face? Was his parents half piglet? His nose is DISTURBING making my want to hurl at his disgusting features then kick his face laughing at him then kicking him some more and crash his worthless paintings through his throat then throw them to burn in a bottomless pit of raging fire and anger then throw Vinnie in there along with his horrid name! Know what? It's illegal to paint over museum paintings with your terrible art talent! The same as throwing them away then kicking them to burn in that bottomless pit I mentioned. So yeah Lil' Vinnie sucks and he's died now so it's banned and that's good!

Why would Little Vinnie draw on pictures in the museum?! That teaches kids to draw on walls, or on family pictures, painting on museum pictures is completely illegal, I hope Li'l Vinnie goes to jail for that! - PBSDoink2002

Who just said Great T.V. Show to Lil' Vinnie's Art? First of all, it is illegal to draw over handsome, sexy, and important drawings. You can go to jail for that. Second of all, You can probably go to jail for doing that. SO WHO EVER WROTE THAT HORRIBLE MESSAGE ABOUT BEING NICE TO BABYFIRST, SHUT UP!

He can't talk, yet he does graffiti all over expensive museum paintings! He should be charged for vandalism!

19 Petey Paintbrush

Um, where do I start, with this failure of a show? First off, Petey looks like some murderous freak who is waiting to steal your children once you leave the room. His face is by far the most hideous thing I ever seen in my entire lifetime. I remember getting nightmares about Petey in my sleep. I wish I could just throw him into a dumpster that is set on fire. His wood job is disgusting and his voice sounds worse than Hiccup's in How to Train your Dragon. Also, what's with the disturbing sound effects of the paint? It sounds as if he is trying to lick something out of existence. I also have found these sounds in my nightmares. Every time I happen to catch a glimpse of this show, I already feel half my brain cells withering away and dying. Thanks Petey the Paintbrush for depleting my opportunities in life and making the failure I am today. All of my mistakes in life, I owe to Petey, for the worthless piece of junk he is. Petey's voice dub is also as thoroughly agonising to watch. It ...more

Petey, the androgynous paintbrush. Petey is your secret drag queen uncle.

This is probably my favorite one on the channel. Sure, the mouth movement doesn't really sync with the words, and in the theme he sounds like a girl, but, I don't know, I just really like this one. - AwesomenessManiac

Why does he sound like a female in the theme song?

20 GooGoo

I think this show is so cute in my soon-to-be one-year-old loves it

This baby show will be a MEME

This show is so retarded and it has no meaning to it! It's about a baby just laughing at everything for no reason! There is no purpose watching it! His laugh drives me insane! What happened to childhood shows!?!? Shows I watched as a kid were a lot better! It's sad seeing kids these days watch newer shows like paw patrol, pj masks, baby first, doc mc stuffins, blaze, and other new dumb shows, or just watch random suprise egg videos or videos of unboxing a lot of toys and other stuff toddlers watch on YouTube.

My granddaughter loves GooGoo and now they have brought GaaGaa out. She loves both of them it’s perfect for her age.

21 Numbers Around the Globe

Here are 3 penguins, 1 2 3. And they all fell down 1 2 3. And they all got up 1 2 3. So boring and repetitive - N64Dude

Here are 4 lions, looking like the are ready to eat the viewer! - FinnsWorld

12, 123 repeating in my head during class is very unsettling - BabyFirstTV

Great for kids!

22 Bloop and Loop

This isn't very good, but not very bad either. Haven't watched this one that much. - AwesomenessManiac

Haven't gotten the time to watch this particular show, but obviously, like every other show on this channel, it is terrible. - BabyFirstTV

What? BabyFirst, you hate it? It's your show! You love it! Why do you hate it?

It's so stupid BabyFirst its terrible because of your song now die

23 Juno Baby

Jesus Christ that bunny looks like something I'd see in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis

Everything about this show is just awful. All of the voices sound hideous (especially that pink thing). Their loud, shrill voices would either wake a baby up out of their sound sleep or give the baby unbearable nightmares! Also, that pink puppet acts really annoying to the other characters and makes irritating noises (like when it kept zipping a zipper up and down). It's tone makes my ears feel like bleeding and it's really ugly!

The ugly disturbing pink no nosed alien rabbit is very ugly and SUCKS because his friends are dumb and him so die in HELL WITH THE DEVIL AND GET GROUNDED FOREVER AND WARNING! DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS!

The girl's eyes are so creepy!

24 Looi

Why in the hell is this the worst show?! I love this show, so whoever add it must hate imagination... - MeeMeeCandy777

This show is bad because child abuse is not nice

This show isn't bad. I think this show is neutral. - PBSDoink2002

25 Suzy's Zoo

There is absolutely nothing negative about this show. It seems like everyone on this website is a miserable, low class, trash of a human being. You’re all tearing down T.V. shows designed for BABIES AND TODDLERS! Lmfao you people are a joke and should have been swallowed.

The turtle is a rip off Franklin

26 ABC Galaxy

I actually like this show, the animation is reminscient of South Park without the floppy headed Canadians. 1st Mate Huggs has got to be the creator's remix on Chewbacca from Star Wars. He likes to hug. I was kinda freaked out when they landed on Planet X. All in all my baby girl loves this show. And it doesn't affect me as negatively as that clay show or that damned Tec the Tractor show. What really irks me about baby first is the frequent blocks of commercials and my child loses interest during this time.

Most of the letter sounds are WRONG! Example: M doesn’t go “muh”. The sound for m is mmm(like a yummy noise). Retired K teacher here: 38 years teaching kids to read. Drives me nuts when this show tells kiddos the wrong sounds!

27 Harry & Larry: Pros Who Help

My little brother watches babyfirst a lot and it seems like they play this retarded show CONSTANTLY these days...but the worst and most horribly annoying part is how that dumb little harry bunny is ALWAYS singing the same irritating thing that is not even true: "I work all day so you can play, I'll help you out in my own way - Need some help, a job to do? Then say the word I'm here for you". Ok, not only is this extremely treacherous to hear OVER AND OVER, but really? A tiny preschool-age bunny thinks he WORKS ALL DAY so I CAN PLAY?! HAHAA! Yeah right! Besides, even if that was true, it would still be a really condescending thing to say...would you say this to your children or any kids for that matter? As if playing is a worthless thing for kids to do? And as if the bunny could really offer me a job. @_@ If I hear much more of that abominable tune, then I just might end up kidnapping harry and chopping his head off!

28 Joey's Toy Box

All Joey does is take out a toy then plays it the wrong way and finally shows it to his mom who is very ugly as the ugly pink alien from Juno Baby who is 1,000,000 x retarded than Tillie and also has autism because of him catching the ugly disease. WHAT A STUPID KANGAROO!

Haven't seen it - AwesomenessManiac

Joey is a butt and he also is naked. WAA.

29 Magic Tunnels

Just a mole finding stupid butt stuff underground - Officialpen

30 The KneeBouncers Show

Freddy is named after Freddy Fazbear! He has a hat and a bow tie just like him! - PBSDoink2002

31 Babies

It's just like watching home videos of yourself as babies and toddlers with other daycare kids or your cousins

32 Observation


33 The Oogieloves

It's the worst Baby show since Everyone hates Oogieloves.

34 Playtime with Al
35 Baby Einstein
36 Ookii's World

This show sucks, it's about a stupid dinosaur that is curious about things. What does it teach little kids?! Babyfirst T.V., what were you thinking?! You should be ashamed for yourself for making this piece of crap! - PBSDoink2002

37 Arty Party

This show sucks. They just do dumb pictures - PBSDoink2002

38 Albert & Junior

A 3 year old boy who owns a talking iPhone ripoff and is addicted to using a fake Siri to Google search for random stuff. It teaches kids to rely on the internet for EVERYTHING.

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