Top Ten Worst Shows On CBBC

CBBC is just scrap now and has a lot of bad shows today but which on takes the the cake and puts "you're adopted" on it with icing

The Top Ten

1 Ludus

In this show, everyone bullies. CBBC - Home of best children's shows - none are good!

If I was the president. I'd erase Ludus from all channels and take it out of everyone's mind!

This is so bad they made a new series to kill CBBC!

Worst show ever

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2 CBBC Office

Not even a show! A teaser to make you laugh.

3 Friday Download

Fall asleep every time I watch it. Terrible show.

4 The Dumping Ground

My sister always watches this but I don't because it so boring, unfunny and it sucks.


Why the hell does this count a god - damm to show? please It should go to Hell BECAUSE IT SUCKS!

I just feel sorry for come when floss or anyone else does something bad people.don't hate em for it but when Ryan does everyone flips out on him.

Plus chloe (Ryan sister) is ungrateful.all she does is complain about Ryan and make him look bad.when she got abandoned Ryan looked after her and that's how she treats him.

I always hated chloe from the dumping ground (not the actress because the actress is nice) she is the most ungrateful bitch on earth.No wonder why God put her in a wheelchair

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5 The Next Step

My dad banned this show in my family because he says its too inappropriate - Which is actually true.

Load of rubbish. Overrated crap that shouldn't even be on. Should be Top of the List!

Such a load of rubbish.

What I don't get is that series four has ended and they haven't even...
A. Gone to the qualifier
B. Gone to Regionals
C. Gone to the second round of bangers and mash ups
If you want people to like this programme, film those scenes cbbc. Don't end it on Alfie and Riley kissing!

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6 Meet The Pups
7 Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic
8 Pet Squad

Why would someone hate pet squad I'ts one of best show's ever made AND I DO NOT HATE PET SQUAD!

Pet squad does not suck I'ts way better than sailor moon that show sucks.

Pet squad should not be on this list. I'ts one the best T.V shows ever made.

What is Pet squad doing here? Take it out of this list. Allow me to explain what this show about I'ts about 3 pets Dodge Sheeba and Bingo who being chased by a goose all of them end up in the professors superizer by accident. Then it turns the 3 pets into superheroes but the crazy goose turned into a villain notonly they got supersized some other pets in p-town also did that's when crazy goose became mother goose it's also when Dodge the beagle Sheeba the cat and Bingo the fat guinea pig became pet squad sounds really good choice for a superhero paradoy right? Because that's what I think.

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9 Time For School
10 Wolfblood

Stupid. All things are fake. In one episode bobby lockwood is happy with a sad face. - lizard302

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? The Zoo

What a dirty show with dirty jokes. I hate this show and cannot watch it while I'm eating.

The Contenders

11 Big Cook, Little Cook

This is not CBBC! - lizard302

12 All Over The Place

Let this show burn in hell

13 Dennis the Menace and Gnasher

I hate this show so much especially the new one.

This ruins the comic!

14 Just Kidding

This is not just the worst show on CBBC it is the worst show in the world! It's jokes are not funny at all. I hate it.

15 Brain Freeze
16 The Sparticle Mystery

No sense at all. Like terror on a dish.

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17 Hacker Time

Hacker is an annoying pest like his brother, Dodge.

This is the worst show.

Dodge is better than stupid old dirty joker Hacker. Why did Dodge go to Cbeebies? I want him to go back to CBBC! Although, Dodge is doing a good job in Cbeebies.

18 Hetty Feather
19 So Awkward

The worst show after Just Kidding. It sucks.

20 The Joke Machine

Judges on JOKES OF KIDS. Like a nightmare which you never wake up.

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