Top Ten Worst Shows On CBBC

CBBC is just scrap now and has a lot of bad shows today but which on takes the the cake and puts "you're adopted" on it with icing

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1 Ludus

In this show, everyone bullies. CBBC - Home of best children's shows - none are good!

This is so bad they made a new series to kill CBBC!

If I was the president. I'd erase Ludus from all channels and take it out of everyone's mind!

Ludus is the worst show ever!

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2 The Next Step

It is just a overrated show that overshadows shows that has more effort put in to them

The only thing I Like about this show is the dancing - thenextsteplover

My dad banned this show in my family because he says its too inappropriate - Which is actually true.

Load of rubbish. Overrated crap that shouldn't even be on. Should be Top of the List!

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3 CBBC Office

Not even a show! A teaser to make you laugh.

4 Friday Download

Fall asleep every time I watch it. Terrible show.

5 The Dumping Ground

Unfunny and cringe, just like every kids sitcom nowadays

Well this sucks exept series 1.2

My sister always watches this but I don't because it so boring, unfunny and it sucks.


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6 Meet The Pups

Meet the pups? more like meet the killer dogs

Wait one sec, BRB, this is 2/10 from me.

7 Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic
8 Time For School

After the 1st episode I literally was preying at school for saturday and sunday

This sounds LAME

Reminds kids who have younger brother/sisters. It's on on bloomin' 4pm! What are Cbeebies thinking?

9 Wolfblood

What!? This is a great show! Especially if you love wolves

Stupid. All things are fake. In one episode bobby lockwood is happy with a sad face. - lizard302

This is weird.

10 Pet Squad

Why would someone hate pet squad I'ts one of best show's ever made AND I DO NOT HATE PET SQUAD!

Pet squad does not suck I'ts way better than sailor moon that show sucks.

Pet squad should not be on this list. I'ts one the best T.V shows ever made.

What is Pet squad doing here? Take it out of this list. Allow me to explain what this show about I'ts about 3 pets Dodge Sheeba and Bingo who being chased by a goose all of them end up in the professors superizer by accident. Then it turns the 3 pets into superheroes but the crazy goose turned into a villain notonly they got supersized some other pets in p-town also did that's when crazy goose became mother goose it's also when Dodge the beagle Sheeba the cat and Bingo the fat guinea pig became pet squad sounds really good choice for a superhero paradoy right? Because that's what I think.

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11 Big Cook, Little Cook

Cbeebies. Its for kids under 6.

This is not CBBC! - lizard302

12 Just Kidding

This is not just the worst show on CBBC it is the worst show in the world! It's jokes are not funny at all. I hate it.

13 All Over The Place

Let this show burn in hell

14 Dennis the Menace and Gnasher

By this, I think you mean Dennis and Gnasher unleashed. It ruins the beano! Pie face looks totally different then the one I loved and adored. blurgh! Also, Rasher's a girl now?! What?! Although it gave me a few good laughs when I read old beano annuals and managed to find some good ones that portray this show well! For instance: Beano Annual Um.. I don't know what year: The Bash Street Kids in: A load of junk! Janitor:WHAT A HIDEOUS MESS! lol!

I hate this show so much especially the new one.

This ruins the comic!

15 Brain Freeze
16 The Sparticle Mystery

No sense at all. Like terror on a dish.

There's no point in it at all. - villainlover

17 Odd Squad Odd Squad Odd Squad is a Canadian/American children's live action television series that premiered on TVOKids in Canada and PBS Kids in the United States on November 26, 2014, both on the same day.

Who would ever air a American baby show about easy maths on a British channel aimed for kids seven and over?

18 Hacker Time

Never liked Hacker, then CBBC put him everywhere much to my annoyance. Moved over to CITV.

Hacker is an annoying pest like his brother, Dodge.

Dodge is better than stupid old dirty joker Hacker. Why did Dodge go to Cbeebies? I want him to go back to CBBC! Although, Dodge is doing a good job in Cbeebies.

This is the worst show.

19 The Joke Machine

Judges on JOKES OF KIDS. Like a nightmare which you never wake up.

20 Hetty Feather
21 ROY

I hate this

Ludus worse than this? AW, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! THIS SHOULD BE ON #1!

22 Numberjacks

I Like This And If You Don't Respect My Opinion Then Your A Donut

Why are the humans so dumb? - JayJayPlane

Call the numberjacks is always repeated
6 let 3 go out more

23 So Awkward

The worst show after Just Kidding. It sucks.

24 Zig and Zag

They used to be puppets in the 90s on The Big Breakfast. Not a cartoon.

It's so bad, even PhantomStrider put this crap on the top ten worst Irish shows. No. Seriously. He did.

Where to start, it is like the poo scrape on your shoe you can't get off.

25 Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

Come on I love this show



26 The Dog Ate My Homework

The show is really cringeworthy and has a lot of immature humour as well.

This is the crappiest baby show ever! They grate u like babies and act like your little kids with little ' wonderful gold stars! ' Who wants flippen baby golden stars! Who even likes school man!

27 4 O'Clock Club

This show is awesome!

28 Diddy TV

What a pile of nonsense

29 Marrying Mum and Dad
30 The Slammer Returns

And then good shows like Just Kidding, Friday Download & Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic! Is on. This sucks the world out of me.

dis wurst

31 Wild & Weird

Terrible the two presenters aren't even presenting at all.They beat each other up.Plus they watch things on a old T.V. and the events give you a nightmare,sorry guys you're not up for the job.

32 Blue Peter

Uhhh boring boring BORING

33 The Johnny and Inel Show

It sucks

34 The Zoo

What a dirty show with dirty jokes. I hate this show and cannot watch it while I'm eating.

35 Go Jetters
36 Art Ninja
37 Baby Jake

He is driving me nuts

38 Charlie and Lola

Lola stop letting people down

39 Mr. Bloom

All of us hate it

40 Hank Zipzer Hank Zipzer
41 Dennis And Gnasher Unleashed!
42 Teletubbies Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes .

Its Cbeebies.
You have confused it with when CBBC used to be on the BBC channel and there was no such thing as Cbeebies till the 21st century.

43 InterNOT

I haven't actually watched the show but the sound of it already confirms it to be trash, I first heard of this show from a video on YouTube called weird T.V. shows I watched as a kid (the creator didn't actually watch that but she mentioned it in a bit where she was talking about modern shows on cbbc)

44 Almost Never

A show of crAp

45 Operation Ouch

This show is boring it’s just a bunch of doctors in the hospital

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