Scarred For Life: Teen Titans Go

I really don't want to talk about this one. Welcome to Scarred For Life, where we look for a scar in a once great franchise. Today, we are looking at Teen Titans Go, the parody of the original Teen Titans. But it was widely hated. Why? Well, glad you asked. (Just letting you all know, I'm not going to split up the categories because I don't know how to do it effectively.)

In order to prepare my body for this, I went to IMDB, and found the top 5 episode and the worst 5 episodes and watched them. The only thing I got out of that was brain damage. The only good episode was the episode "40% 40% 20%" otherwise known as "The Night Begins To Shine". This episode has Cyborg annoying the others with his favorite song, surprise, surprise, "The Night Begins To Shine", and I won't pretend. That song was good. This DID follow the rules of the regular episodes of Go (which is "have a stupid plot") where Cyborg is rendered useless until he plays the song. The reason why it was good was because it showed us a brilliant new visuals nearing the end, showing Cyborg rescuing the other Titans from the Brain. The only reason that this is good is that this showed potential and wasn't the Teen Titans Go I knew and loathed. It showed promise for the other 4. Then I actually got to the other 4 and they were dreadful. Sure, "Video Game References" and "Riding The Dragon" had a new visuals which technically is "unique" but the plot is so bland it's not even funny. "Colors Of Raven" isn't special and neither is "BBRAE Part 1". They don't do much except crap all over Raven's character. Speaking of which, let's look at the characters. I need the bleach after this. I know this is supposed to appeal to kids but it's a nightmare for people that are fans of the original Teen Titans. None of the characters even have a semblance of their characters. Robin is an over obsessive idiot that shouts at everyone and everything. Beast Boy is a idiot that's too lazy to get his butt off of the goddamn couch. Cyborg is the exact same as Beast Boy, Raven is a know it all that somehow still qualifies as idiotic and insane, and Starfire is a idiot with split personality disorder. How do these guys even qualify as teens? They sure don't look like it or act like it. Okay, I'm getting off topic, let's move on. The worst episodes of Go were dreadful. "Boys Vs Girls", "Leg Day", "Think About Your Future", "Waffles", and "The Return Of Slade" are all awful. I don't know why parents allow kids to watch this. This is probably why they end up like this.

Anyway, after watching these episodes, I completely understand all the hate. "Boys Vs Girls" basically encourages a war between the Titans since Robin said that boys are better than girls and Green Lazy Ass and The Beast Boy In Robotics (sorry. Just code names for Beast Boy and Cyborg) get too competitive. Long story short, boys lost and girls get bragging rights. Then girls get cooties and chase the boys around. Okay, what kind of sexism is that? This basically says "girls are better than boys at everything but they get cooties and they run around affecting boys and boys are doofuses". Now I don't mind if I lose a challenge. I'll eventually brush it off. And girls are mostly better than boys (now fite me m8. I ain't shy) But saying they get cooties and run around the world trying to scare boys is not only inaccurate, but stupid. I don't even know what kind of drugs Cartoon Network was on. "Leg Day" was about the Titans exercising their legs. It's actually very cringeworthy and uncomfortable after a while. Especially the part where the kiss their legs. I don't care if kids like it. This is disgusting. "Think About Your Future" is about the Titans wasting money on coats and pizzas and in the future they time travel back only to die. Okay, so you teach kids how to live life. You have to live it to the least and ride motorcycles and eat unhealthy stuff and spend all your money and sit on your couch all day (couches are cool. No offense on the couches). That's not a good message if you ask me. Sure, all that is fun and I want to do it, but I'm not going to die at like 30. "Waffles" was just an episode where they have yet another unfunny gag, where the only Beast Boy and Cyborg say is "waffles". And my least favorite, "The Return Of Slade". Did Slade (Deathstroke) return? No. This is basically cartoon's equivalent of statpadding. This is about the Titans finding a clown and making it badass and cool, only for it to terrorize Jump City. It has nothing to do with the actual Slade. It's only there to hammer down to the original Teen Titans fans that the new reboot is there to stay. Teen Titans Go is also rude to the fans of the original fans and they show this in an episode of "The 4th Wall". That's where they finally acknowledge the criticism and hate the show was getting and going MatPat and saying they don't care and insult the critics. Also, if the TITANS within Go know they suck and like the original Teen Titans better, then it's time to stop. It is really time to stop.

Placing Time!!!!

So it's worse than Bieber, so I'm going to single out which is worse, Go or Energon. I find Go to be worse though.

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I agree with you about 40%40%20% being the only good episode.

I'm not a big fan of the original (though I have the first 7 or 8 episodes on google play, just don't watch them because I don't use android anymore). I still think TTG is so bad that there should be an episode where they watch the show and hate it and try to get their show off the air, and they do, and the ending happens in real life. - Skullkid755

It is a insult to a art, and the creator knows it. Infinity train can help CN. - visitor


They're so desperate for views they even make episodes where the Titans roast themselves and admit TTG sucks - TwilightKitsune