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1 Barney And Friends Barney And Friends Barney & Friends is an American children's television series aimed at children from ages 1 to 8, created by Sheryl Leach and produced by HIT Entertainment. It premiered on PBS on April 6, 1992. The series features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic tyrannosaurus rex who conveys educational ...read more.

I hate you, you hate me, let's all march to Barney's house, to get a great big knife and stick it in his head, he will fall on the ground. He will die, let's grab him, let's put him in a volcano, with a great big push from me to him, he will scream at the top of his lungs. - TopTenJackson

This show is number 1 worst show alright lots of violence and inappropriate language kids should not use Martha Speaks and Word Girl need to be on the best pbs shows list.

I hate barney so much. I like spongebob better. - Andres

I do hate Barney also. The Power Rangers are way more better. I AM A POWER RANGERS FAN! - playstationfan66

Hey, I looked up in the Internet Barney is in jail:
A kid came up to Barney.
Barney didn't know what to do.
He said, a Bad word.
The kid started to cry and the cops had to arrest barney. That goodness they put this show 1#!

My dad told me the bad word with barney was a myth. My dad said the show got cancelled because it was a bad show.

So barney is this sitcom that centers around a purple dinosaur hanging out with children. it is very cheesy and campy, and the actors aren't very good, but it should be lower on the list because I've seen shows way worse than barney, at least it teaches good messages for children and the park episodes are way better than the school episodes, plus it can make you cry sometimes

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2 Super Why Super Why Super Why! or The Reading Adventures of Super Why! is an American-Canadian children's CGI animated show developed by Angela Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. ...read more.

Super Why is absolutely horrible. I understand their concept of trying to teach children reading and writing, but the main point of this show that pisses me off is that they corrupted the original fairy tales. Think of it, sometimes little kids make their own endings, but using literature as an excuse to air it is just plain stupid. It is an insult to literature, the original fairy tales, animation, television, and everybody who happens to be animated on television, YouTube, and all other entities relating to my previously mentioned statements (no, mentally created screams which, if decoded, say Super Why, just ((12 words that shouldn't be said to little kids)) off.) THE END...

Targeting a show for toddlers isn't a good idea. Having the show involve reading skills isn't good either. Have the conflicts based on folklore makes it even worse. And so, Super Why is quite stupid, with little to no entertainment whatsoever, and is targeted to pretty much babies. Show them Sesame Street instead!

This show insulted my intelligence and fairy tales. Seeing this piece of crap makes fairy tales look so bad you want to kick disney in the balls for every princess movie they produced. This is an INSULT to the world of imagination and fairy tales. Look PBS, just because you made ONE half decent fantasy show (dragon tales for the win) doesn't mean you'll have ANOTHER hit show. The plots are just lame excuses to butcher some childhood classics, the character designs look like crap, the powers are useless, and I just want to curse every time this show is even MENTIONED. even in front of children. This show... Watch at your own risk

This show sucks. I hated this show ever since it was around. It's stupid, it ripped off batman, superman, the hulk, iron man, captain America, Thor, and other good superheroes that everyone loves. That's why I hate this show. Marvel superheroes is way 900000000000000000000000000 x better than this idiot show

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3 Caillou Caillou Caillou is a Canadian educational children's television series that was first shown on Télétoon and Teletoon, with its first episode airing on the former channel on September 15, 1997; the show later moved to Treehouse TV, with its final episode being shown on that channel on October 3, 2010. The ...read more.

Holy crap, this show is terrible. It's just making little kids have more temper tantrums.

Caillou is annoying and bald rosie is a whineing moran and the rest are rotten garbage.

I want it to be canceled he's such a baldie he's also very rude and I can't describe how horrid his voice is.

I agree but put this on one like really my mom hates this animate piece of trash this 4 yr old boy has cancer I hate him so much curse this stupid show like it is dumb like he throws tantrums I like some of your opinions

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4 Teletubbies Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes .

My mom never let me watch this show because she said it was bad for my mind O_o though I never liked the show in general

Its creepy and is annoying so good job guys for making that number 2 I don't like it ethier

I hated the Teletubbies. My teacher, Mary Margaret Campbell, revealed my shocking truth of the Teletubbies being on a page near Barbie in a FAO Schwartz catalog and asked me to get rid of those annoying morons once and for all. The Teletubbies deserve to die. The Teletubbies deserve to be banned from PBS Kids by my teacher, Mary Margaret Campbell. THE TELETUBBIES STINK! TAKE THE DISGUSTING TELETUBBIES OFF PBS KIDS IMMEDIATELY! RETURN MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, GHOSTWRITER, SQUARE ONE AND 3-2-1 CONTACT TO PBS KIDS! - playstationfan66

If you expected these things to be small Sorry you guessed wrong the teletubbies are 10 FEET TALL

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5 Sid The Science Kid Sid The Science Kid Sid the Science Kid is an American half-hour CGI animated series that aired on PBS Kids from September 1, 2008 to March 25, 2013, with a total of 68 half-hour episodes produced over two seasons. The computer generated show is produced by The Jim Henson Company and then-PBS member KCET in Los Angeles, ...read more.

Stupid purple haired kid who sings about science and the characters look like McDonald's monsters. He has a science playdate with his friends and his teacher whenever he has no school! SO STUPID THIS SHOW IS CRAP!

He is in kindergarten and he understands stuff you learn in 7th grade Sid's voice is super annoying and the people have purple skin and there only four kids in whole school and all they talk about is SCIENCE it's super annoying also they sing really bad the show is annoying

This show is crap. I watched one episode and here's the premises. Sid excided because his grandma is coming to school. He goes to school and sings about friends. Then he sings about how shots are good and then I shut off the T.V. because I can't watch that crap anymore

I can't stand this show it's so annoying it should be number 1!

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6 WordWorld WordWorld WordWorld is an American CGI animated television series that debuted on PBS Kids. It was created by Don Moody, Jacqueline Moody, Peter Schneider and Gary Friedman. WordWorld was produced by The Learning Box and WTTW-TV. The series premiered on September 3, 2007 and ended on January 17, 2011 with 45 ...read more.

Annoying because the animals and things are covered with words and the animals talk to the narrator I mean really what are these people thinking and duck is annoying because his voice sounds like something else and sheep is extremely annoying so its the worst and it only talks about letter and how to spell so its a piece of crap.

STUPID AND RETARDED ANIMALS ACTING LIKE SPOILED BRATS WITH WORDS ALL OVER THEIR BODY AND ALL OF THE THINGS HAVE WORDS ALL OVER THEMSELVES AS WELL! I hate that stupid song whenever they build a word like this, "It's time to build a word! Let's build it! Let's build it Now! " Ugh! That stupid song will get stuck in my head forever!

When I was little, I used to sing along and beg my parents to get WordWorld merchandise. Now, I'm thinking: "WHY WAS I SUCH AN IMBECILE FOR 3 YEARS OF MY LIFE?!?! " Not only is their show plain boring, it makes me worry if the kids watching WordWorld can actually see the words on the characters/items. Yesterday, I overheard some kindergarteners talking about WordWorld, and the memories kept flooding in. Then, since the show's airing time was over, I got on PBS Kids to see one of those full epidodes they put on every month. I clicked the play button, and it was HORRIBLE! It was nearly impossible to read the words that spell "guitar" because they were so squished together and the colors blended in. It was very hard to read the words. This went for other words like "school" (too tall) or "sandbox" (way too smooshed together). It makes me wonder if kids are actually learning something, provided the words too colored or squished. Anyway, just stay away from WordWorld and there will be ...more

I loved this show when I was a kid

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7 Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Train is an American/Canadian/Singaporean children's animated series created by Craig Bartlett, who also created Hey Arnold!. The series features a curious young Tyrannosaurus rex named Buddy who, together with his adopted Pteranodon family, takes the Dinosaur Train to explore his time period, ...read more.

I hate this show so much! Don looks like a piece of crap, Buddy is an annoying nerd, the mom and dad are too friendly, and the conductor is so damn creepy! The theme song makes no sense either! How can Tiny talk when she just hatched from an egg? The kids are always going on their own without their parents! What in the hell kind of parents are those bastards?! If those idiot dino kids get killed I bet they won't notice that they are dead and just go back on that damn stupid stone age train!


Buddy: I have a hypothesis.

I do too, Buddy. It's that your annoying beyond belief and that your show should be cancelled in lieu of something better. - dureckl

The show is over because the show had hit the 100 episode limit. This show had 89 episodes after 4 seasons and a fifth season would put it over the 100 episode limit. - ethan2226

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8 Boohbah Boohbah Boohbah is a British children's television programme created by Anne Wood. It premiered on 14 April 2003 on ITV in the United Kingdom, followed by its Nick Jr.

OH MY GOD! WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS HORRENDUS SHOW?! All this show does is to show five colorful dimwitted ballsacks that dance and fart. That is all the hell they do. to be honest PBS... This show teaches nothing but to dance and fart in public. Extremely creepy and uncreative. When I first saw this show, it gave me NIGHTMARES because of all of the scary farting. I was scared to hell just looking at them damn creepy googly eyes. I'd rather watch Teletubbies than this BULLCRAP. A very extreme disgrace to a PBS institution. If there was an IQ test for the Boohbah and Teletubbies, the Teletubbies would win because they have at least some godforsaken smarts about the real world. Just to wrap it up... Boohbah is the worst show on PBS Kids.P.S... Boring Boring Boring!

I am a mother of 3 and when Boohbah came on I well, words fall short to describe how utterly horrific this show was...

Boring as crap! I just watched some part of an episode on my computer and it is HORRIBLE. All it is are just five colorful furry gumdrops, dolls, testicles, poop, or God knows what that only dance, fart, and fly around. That's all they do. It's just really pointless. And to the guy who said Boohbah and Teletubbies should take an IQ test, I completely agree with you! Teletubbies would for sure win because they actually teach kids something. All Boohbah teaches kids is to be stupid, dance and fart everywhere they go. And the characters are incredibly creepy and weird. Not to mention their squeaking is ANNOYING. They sound like dying mice in the pits of Hell. This is WAY worse than Teletubbies. - Powerfulgirl10

Please, just please get rid of the picture. I cringe every time I see them. - Drawbox

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9 Peg + Cat Peg + Cat Peg + Cat is an American/Canadian animated children's television series based on the children's book "The Chicken Problem", which was published in 2012. The series is created by Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley and produced by The Fred Rogers Company and 9 Story Entertainment. It debuted on most PBS ...read more.

Peg is the stupidest, stupidest character ever. Her voice is squeaky and annoying and she has the stupidest problems ever. The animation is horrible. Seriously, the cat is blue. I wouldn't have a problem with that except for that it is supposed to be educational. Peg makes everything into a big deal. Whenever she runs into a little bump in the road, she says in a whiny voice, "This is a BIG PROBLEM! " Well, Peg needs to learn to get over it. The only problem here is that this show exists. - pandagirl

This show is so stupid! Peg is a dumbass and she always runs into the stupidest problems ever. In one of the episodes, she forgets what 30 looks like... What even of? She is so damn annoying; her voice is annoying. The only thing good about that show is Cat because he makes things funny laugh out loud. But other than that, this show should be cancelled! It's also too fast paced.

Call me a moron for hating a kids show, but this show is just too obvious. The art is lazy, the background is white, even if it's just the art style. Cat is a smart-arse, and Peg is completely stupid. In one episode she forgets what number comes after 50. I understand this is trying to get kids to understand numbers and letters, but it only really teaches kids how to count to 10 and back, I'm pretty sure kids already know how to do that as soon as they start pre-school. - SheepBuggy

Rap lyrics: Peg+Cat? More like Pig-Fat!
This show sucks, it's in the mucks! - 404_name_missing

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10 Arthur Arthur Arthur is a Canadian/American animated educational television series for children, created by Cookie Jar Group and WGBH for PBS.

Why is Arthur on here? At least it's not in the top 5, 10, 15, or 20. But It's at #22! It's the best PBS Kids Show Ever!


I never understood this show because Arthur is TOO smart for little kids. I don't know why people make such a big deal of this show because it's just 20 kids going to school on every episode. Arthur is just TOO confusing and TOO boring! Whoever added Arthur to this list is so right! And I already know that this comment is going to get 100 thumbs down because everyone acts like people who hate Arthur are evil. BUT I'M NOT EVIL! I'M JUST A VISITOR THAT DISLIKES ARTHUR! IS THAT SO WRONG?!

This show is just as bad as Caillou, Seven Little Monsters (which should be on this list), Teletubbies, and Barney.

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? SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. Spongebob is currently the most popular show on Nickelodeon, as well as the longest running show, running for 18 years, and is beginning its 10th season .
? The Backyardigans The Backyardigans The Backyardigans is a Canadian–American CGI-animated musical TV series created by Janice Burgess, It is a co-production of animation studio Nelvana and Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

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11 Wordgirl Wordgirl WordGirl is an American children’s animated television series produced by the Soup2Nuts animation unit of Scholastic Entertainment for PBS Kids.

On the weekend of Valentines Day, I remember seeing this Valentines episode on the PBS Kids website. FOUR WORDS: INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN! To get a Wordgirl episode rated this bad is nonsense to me, because I believe Wordgirl is the only thing that makes PBS Kids earn money.O.K., now see what this episode is about: The episode starts out as Becky wanting to be Scoop's Valentine for the Valentines Day Party. The thing I find inappropriate with that is the fact Becky wants Scoop's affection, as in getting heart eyes when she sees he's going to give a Valentine to someone. I think this is inappropriate because there are small children watching this show and are too young to know about "liking" someone at their age. But no, it gets worse. When Wordgirl finds out the gift is for her friend Violet, she dangles Scoop by the leg about 30 feet from the ground after he was saved from robots and already traumatized over Toby's robots. Skip a couple of scenes later and we see Scoop ...more

Why is this on the list? Nature cat should on the list, Cause Nature cat is even more inappropriate! - yese30

It's hard, because I want to punch Barney too. But she is weak! She hardly cares about the monkey, if she were a real superhero she could blast her enemies (OKAY. Killing with powers is too violent for 4 year olds... I'm a kid) POWERPUFFS is better than this. Plus, the villains are weaklings. It takes a feral cats bite, for them to run. Why do I hate wormgirl? (I don't care if you get offended wormgirl. ) 1. She is a LIAR. Every time she saves the day she lies. 2. She gives enemies strength! Dumbest thing to do in a battle: make the opponent stronger. 3. She is mean. She doesn't care about her monkey. She doesn't CARE about her family! Overall wild kratts are best in PBS. (Mainly because I'm an animal lover)

I disagree. I like the show a lot. It makes fun of superhero cliches, and Wordgirl is a strong character. Even though the villains are evil, she still treats them like friends, and tries to lead them on the right path, rather than be cruel. She definitely does care about her family and sidekick. She only lies to keep her secret identity. I wouldn't say she's mean. She's not super goody-two-shoes like Wander (Wander Over Yonder), but she's not a mean girl. Yeah, the villains are silly and it's usually easy for Wordgirl to beat them, but the episodes are still funny and enjoyable. Besides, it's not like the show NEVER gets serious.

WordGirl is a quality show. Now I will grant the fact that later seasons/episodes are rather terrible. But check the voice cast: these are names you can know and trust, as far as acting quality goes. Writers? Same for them. Animation? Rather good for Flash--a great deal better than the Flash animation Arthur transitioned into. (The animators THERE should be wholly ashamed of themselves. )

The stories and jokes were very witty (prior to the show sliding downhill--watch it from the start, and you will see precisely what I mean). The use of words and the way they were woven into the story and defined was very nicely done. Prior to the slide, it did NOT treat children as if they were morons. I cannot abide by any show that does so. Thus, I always encouraged my nephews to watch the good episodes of WordGirl. I would recommend others to do the same. Just watch and make sure it isn't the lousy episodes, if you are very conscientious of what your child watches--Becky becomes an airhead ...more

Not for young children!

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12 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

IT RIPPED OFF MISTER ROGERS! Which was actually good. I bet that if Fred (aka Rogers' first name) saw this show he would vomit that someone decided to DISGRACE a PBS institution - greatesttop10s

It's a spinoff of Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Daniel Tiger's parents (along with all the other parents) were characters in Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

I swear, this show can connect and actually teach a kid how to be polite, helpful, and responsible. It's really helpful.

Okay, where do I begin? First of all, how did this show "get Mister Rogers' approval?! " HE IS DEAD! He would never have allowed this. Good job, PBS! And why does Daniel Tiger wear Mister Rogers' sweater?! Did he murder him or something?! And why doesn't he wear pants. If you are going to put animals in clothes, at least fully dress them! And what does this teach again? This is complete crap compared to the original. Poor Mister Rogers, just let the man rest in peace! Geez Louise!

Oh, really? Mister Rogers neighborhood was actually good! Why did they make a show about a dumb tiger who is an ass!? Cancel this show now!

Wow all of the negative comments. You guys can literally pull a negative thing out of no where. According to most comments on this thread as a whole, if the show wasn't a part of your childhood, then it's "stupid, annoying, and a bad show. " So funny. Of course it might be boring or weird to a bunch of 30/40 year olds, it's CHILDREN shows. Daniel Tiger actually teaches kids manners etc. What's wrong with that? Lifeless people criticizing kids shows lol.

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13 Nature Cat Nature Cat Nature Cat is an educational American-Canadian children's animated comedy adventure television series.

I watched a episode about bird feeding and I studied birds a lot and I noticed some accidents like it was spring but a chickadee was in a group. Chickadees are in groups in winter not spring! In another bird watching and feeding episode they notice some dumb stuff you should have noticed if you can call your self a nature expert. Also Daisy has a phone! Why the heck does a nature show have something to do with a phone. When I say something to do I mean Daisy looks up stuff on her phone in most of the episodes. The characters seem a little mary sue. I mean in one episode they find gold. I mean I don't think a mouse can find gold but not a kid. Plus how does a mouse lift up a metal pan anyway or her ears anyway. Shows these days always need a dumb character to make kids laugh but most of the time the character is not funny. A low IQ is like saying loud sounds with a clip of people dying is funny. You never learn anything because the stuff they show is stuff most people know. The age the ...more

This is replacing awesome PBS shows all over America. Like in Atlanta(where I live) this replaced Daniel Tiger's Neiborhood. In other places it replaces curious George, wild kratts, and even Arthur and wordgirl. Terrible. PBS kids you need to bring back your classics or go back to the normal schedule. You are being reduced to Cartoon Network. Plus you overadvertise this. I had to go through a nature cat commercial 5 times just so I,could watch wild kratts. This must be Teen titans go in disguise I mean the animation is horrendous. My 4 year old sister could draw better than that.

I can't even go onto the PBS Kids channel anymore without having my childhood completely crushed seeing all the good shows being replaced with all these crappy new shows. - SheepBuggy

This ruined PBS kids schedule. So I want to watch Arthur but it's at 3pm. So I can't watch Arthur. Even worse I can't watch 1/2 Odd Squad screen time. Worst of all I'm watching wild karts and this takes up 1/4 of the screen time. PBS kids is overadvertising it while I haven't seen a wild kratts commercial in a LONG time. Plus when my younger sister tries to watch wordgirl it was cancelled and replaced by this. We know wordgirl got bad after Season 3 but seriously Yonward And TallyHo are not even words. HATE this show.

This show is great but they should not have a "scardy cat" as a leader

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14 Sesame Street Sesame Street Sesame Street is a long-running American children's television series, produced by Sesame Workshop and created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett.

Whoever put this burn your computer

I know right great show right next to Word Girl these negatives comments against these good shows like these needs to be put to end destroy this list!

Sesame Street is great show I think Elmo is awesome

Sesame street is Awesome!

What it's a childhood classic I would watch this when I was five on days with no school cuddled up with all my plushies

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15 Martha Speaks Martha Speaks Martha Speaks is an American-Canadian children's animated television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, about a talking dog named Martha (voiced by Tabitha St.

I hate this show so much. Martha is so annoying and they are so biased to dogs and make cats so "evil". Also has anyone noticed how ugly and dumb the kids are on there? That one girl with blonde pigtails and the green shirt and brown pants makes me cringe every time I look at her. Martha is so dumb also. If they are going to make the dog talk, at least make it smart. And her voice is the worst of all, little kids probably watch the show and then get a migraine after watching it from hearing Martha's annoying voice. Worst show ever.

Martha Speaks is a great show, ZZDOORAL! I agree. Martha can be creepy and retarded. But Martha is funny. I agree. whoever hates her is crazy. Martha is the best dog in the world. On the Thanksgiving episode, which I like, they were discussing Martha's past and because she hadn't seen her mother in a lot of years, Martha was about to cry. And her lips were shaking so I know she was about to cry. She almost made me cry because she was sad that she'd possibly never find her mother. She probably cried but it didn't show her on the screen. And don't tell me dogs can't cry. On the episode Martha says it with flowers, Martha was trying her best to make Helen's grandma happy by giving her flowers. But everything got in Martha's way, ruined everything for Martha and Helen's grandma was so mean to her and yelled at Martha and hurt Martha's feelings and made Martha cry. But after Martha started crying, Helen's grandma had to tell Martha that she didn't hate Martha and Martha didn't always ruin ...more

This is unfair! Martha speaks is so funny! She is the best dog in the world. Who ever hates her is crazy!

Don't agree with the terrorists who wrote all those comments here ignore them this show is great 4 stars though Word Girl is still the best and though Martha is not the best and most attractive character of the show like Helen Truman and TD better. Helen is way more prettier than Martha.

The Book is better - ChuckECheese

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16 Big Comfy Couch

Why is this on the list? I loved this show as a kid. It teaches good lessons and is very entertaining.

Can't believe this is on the list, just saying'. I really liked this show growing up and I still do

I don't even know the director ugh

I am not really big on clowns, especially this idiotic show. Big Comfy Couch is just plain strange and the characters act like a bunch of messed up weirdos. Also, the names of the characters and everything they do is absolutely stupid and idiotic! That Loonette character is just plain weird and stupid, she might as well drive me crazy and make me sick! I can see why some people nowadays are afraid of clowns and despise them.

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17 The Cat In the Hat

Why would you let your kid go off with some stranger!?

He is not a stranger. He is a special helper and friend who teaches science to pre-teens. - playstationfan66

This a boring show I want it off the air

The books are better!

PBS'S version of Mario Teaches Typing, except it's the Cat in the Hat teaches Science. - Drawbox

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18 The Wiggles

So hyper and annoying! The lyrics only make sense half of the time! My kids get more hyper from this than spongebob lol

Not on pbs but it sucks - Mrsantaclaw33033

19 The Electric Company

This show is on GO! Which means it's for ten year olds with the most over protective parents in the whole dag on world!

The 1970s show was not too bad, and my Dad liked the show a lot, especially with the "Sneeze scene", but then they ruin it in 2009. They even changed the catchy theme song, into some terrible madhouse. The pranksters are idiots, and it seems like every show even on PBS Kids GO! is just as bad as PBS Kids.

i'm glad I didn't have extremely overprotective parents when I was 10 and was forced to watch this crap, but I'm turning 15 in a few days, and I had to talk Mom out of not letting me watch a show when I ALREADY WATCHED HALF OF THE SERIES!

Its sad to see a terrible show, but its even worse to see a not so bad show return even worse. Remember the 1970s Zoom. Guess what? They made it even worse in the 90s. What's next, a terrible version of the 80s show 3-2-1-Contact!?!

I can't believe this show was made by the same creators of Sesame Street. It's such a weird show, in a bad way. - SheepBuggy

I haven't seen the 2009 version - Cartoonfan202

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20 Bob the Builder Bob the Builder Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series, Bob appears in a stop motion animated programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised ...read more.

Used to be on Nick Junior a few years ago. Get Bob the Builder off PBS Kids and back on Nickelodeon or have Disney Channel air the cartoon alongside Wander Over Yonder, Jessie, Phineas & Ferb, Austin & Ally and Girl Meets World. - playstationfan66

Hate it so much! - birdfguy2001

The new one is rubbish he's taller has a human face and his legs are longer. The older one has great drawing

The new version is creepy: they have a weird accent (i think it's British[not sure], but the original was English, I think) and they actually look like people, but the original looked somewhat like clay. I actually enjoyed it when I was little and when I first saw this new version I was like "what the heck did they do to Bob the Builder! " I haven't seen much of it, but what I did see the scarecrow and cat weren't there (i don't remember their names). Still they obliterated it.

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