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1 Barney And Friends Barney & Friends is an American children's television series aimed at children from ages 1 to 8, created by Sheryl Leach and produced by HIT Entertainment. It premiered on PBS on April 6, 1992. The series features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic tyrannosaurus rex who conveys educational ...read more.

I know this has nothing to do with Barney, but I just found out that PBS is making a Pinkalicious cartoon that will premiere next year. I mean, it seems so out of place on PBS. I thought PBS stopped doing cartoons based off of books a long time ago. That show seems more fitting on Nick Jr. or Disney Junior. I was never a fan of the Pinkalicious books as a child anyway, they were too gender stereotypical. And since this is PBS, this show has somehow managed to work in an educational curriculum that focuses on visual arts, music, and dance. Okay, now it's obvious that this show is just an Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps wannabe. I thought PBS improved in the mid-to-late 2010s with shows like Odd Squad, Nature Cat, and Ready Jet Go, but no! They go back to making trashy cartoons like Splash and Bubbles, and possibly Pinkalicious & Peterrific, which is what the show is called.

Oh, well. I guess a show that teaches kids about the creative arts is much needed on PBS Kids, since ...more

You guys should add shows like the Simpsons and family guy or American dad and Get rid of Thomas and friends and Martha speaks and ready jet go and Sid the science kid and super why and wordgirl because these shows are all very stupid indeed And the Simpsons family guy and American dad are all very educational shows we can learn from and they teach us life lessons also and I think little kids should watch this stuff also?

So barney is this sitcom that centers around a purple dinosaur hanging out with children. it is very cheesy and campy, and the actors aren't very good, but it should be lower on the list because I've seen shows way worse than barney, at least it teaches good messages for children and the park episodes are way better than the school episodes, plus it can make you cry sometimes

I hate you, you hate me, let's all march to Barney's house, to get a great big knife and stick it in his head, he will fall on the ground. He will die, let's grab him, let's put him in a volcano, with a great big push from me to him, he will scream at the top of his lungs.

2 Caillou Caillou is a Canadian educational children's television series that was first shown on Télétoon and Teletoon, with its first episode airing on the former channel on September 15, 1997; the show later moved to Treehouse TV, with its final episode being shown on that channel on October 3, 2010. The ...read more.

You want to hear a true story? Once upon a time there was a kid who had hair named Caillou. But then he shaved his hair. So he was bald. People felt sorry for him because he had cancer so they watched his show. Then they find out that his show is crap and they stop watching it. His show gets canceled and he dies. When he goes to heaven he complains that the streets of gold are to yellow and that he wants diamond streets. And then he gets his wish and then he wants the gold streets back! And that his how this evil kid went to hell

Caillou is such an annoying and spoiled little brat! His parents give him everything he wants and they don't even teach him how to earn! If nothing goes his way, he whines about it. He may be the most whiny kid on television. I bet that's how my little brothers got to be so whiny. Caillou needs to be grounded and he will probably be a horrible father! This show should've never been put on television in the first place! I am so glad it was canceled in 2010! Everybody hates Caillou! It should definitely be number one!

Caillou is the worst preschooler ever created! He rose from the pits of hell forcing his family to do everything his way! The show teaches kids nothing educational. All it teaches kids to do is to throw tantrums when things don't go their way. Oh, and it gets worse from here, When this show stopped making episodes in 2006, from there until right now, they are making reruns and they STILL are! Please PBS end this madness NOW!

Caillou sounds like a damn sick cat, he is more spoiled than milk left outside for a whole year! He gets everything his way by throwing a tantrum at his mom and dad and they GLADLY accept it. He can't learn any good lesson and episode after episode MORE of these damn sickening tantrums show up! Rosie is worse! She is a moron and even whinier that Caillou or Crap-ou as I like to call him. His name should be changed from Caillou to Crap-ou!

3 Super Why Super Why! or The Reading Adventures of Super Why! is an American-Canadian children's CGI animated show developed by Angela Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. ...read more.

Super Why is absolutely horrible. I understand their concept of trying to teach children reading and writing, but the main point of this show that pisses me off is that they corrupted the original fairy tales. Think of it, sometimes little kids make their own endings, but using literature as an excuse to air it is just plain stupid. It is an insult to literature, the original fairy tales, animation, television, and everybody who happens to be animated on television, YouTube, and all other entities relating to my previously mentioned statements (no, mentally created screams which, if decoded, say Super Why, just ((12 words that shouldn't be said to little kids)) off.) THE END...

This show insulted my intelligence and fairy tales. Seeing this piece of crap makes fairy tales look so bad you want to kick disney in the balls for every princess movie they produced. This is an INSULT to the world of imagination and fairy tales. Look PBS, just because you made ONE half decent fantasy show (dragon tales for the win) doesn't mean you'll have ANOTHER hit show. The plots are just lame excuses to butcher some childhood classics, the character designs look like crap, the powers are useless, and I just want to curse every time this show is even MENTIONED. even in front of children. This show... Watch at your own risk

For everyone that says bad about this show are stupid. My daughter has been watching this show since she was a baby. She is 4 and she is already half way kindergarten advanced. She can read certain words and she can write a hand full of words. She already does math and she can tell you definitions. She also knows that fairytales are fake and the Disney fairy tale shows and movies are nothing but to give kids hope for something that's not reality. And that is why kids grow up the way they do thinking that as adults it will be just like those losing fairy tales. Stop losing to your kids!

How is this not #1? The plot is as weak as water. Our seven year old heroes face "stimulating, gripping" problems like taking turns playing games, learning manners, and solving addition problems! Surely kid superheroes have slightly more interesting days than this! Anyway, they travel into various storybooks to find the answers to their problems. There's something to be said about teaching kids good values, but the sheer amount of repetition and ignorant stupidity is more likely to drive your child INSANE than entertain them!

What I've never understood is why nearly every character talks like they have problems. Apparently the creators think if they talk in these bizarre annotations and inflections, children will understand them better. I know a lot of people like this cartoon and claim it's educational, but the funny thing is, a lot of people say otherwise! For example, in a 25 minute episode, Wonder Red might devote a minute and a half to teaching kids how to ...more

4 Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes. It is owned by Canadian Studio WildBrain, which is the largest independent Children's and Adolescent's Film Studio

Should definitely be number 1. This show shouldn't have been made in the first place. Seriously, the characters are really creepy and they give me nightmares. I remember my mom was saying do you wanna be 2 years old again? Then watch Teletubbies, It's for 2 year olds. I don't think so. It is plain stupid and creepy for all the children. Also it is pointless. The teletubbies talk in gibberish and baby talk. This way, it will brainwash kids and they will think that that's the appropriate way to talk. And it's not.
MORAL: Never let your kids watch Teletubbies. It will make your children talk like babies and it will give them nightmares with their creepy looks.

I hated the Teletubbies. My teacher, Mary Margaret Campbell, revealed my shocking truth of the Teletubbies being on a page near Barbie in a FAO Schwartz catalog and asked me to get rid of those annoying morons once and for all. The Teletubbies deserve to die. The Teletubbies deserve to be banned from PBS Kids by my teacher, Mary Margaret Campbell. THE TELETUBBIES STINK! TAKE THE DISGUSTING TELETUBBIES OFF PBS KIDS IMMEDIATELY! RETURN MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, GHOSTWRITER, SQUARE ONE AND 3-2-1 CONTACT TO PBS KIDS!

Teletubbies stink! Teletubbies stink! Teletubbies stink! The Little Mermaid (the cartoon on Toon Disney) was way more better than those disgusting Teletubbies morons. I agree with Janet Craven that the Teletubbies are annoying and need to be thrown out in the trash because my high school teacher liked Lady LovelyLocks and other girly stuff.

This show is scary! I used to like it when I was little, but now that I think of it, it is scary! The scariest episode for me was the magic house! (The puppet was so scary, it gave me nightmares! ) I was really bothered by this when I was little, and my parents never bothered to fast-forward it or change the channel!

5 Sid The Science Kid Sid the Science Kid is an American half-hour CGI animated series that aired on PBS Kids from September 1, 2008 to March 25, 2013, with a total of 68 half-hour episodes produced over two seasons. The computer generated show is produced by The Jim Henson Company and then-PBS member KCET in Los Angeles, ...read more.

This show is the bottom of the barrel for PBS kids. Just terrible. Just the worst show for me of all time. The voice acting. Oh my God. Is it bad. Nails on a chalkboard. It's not even educational. All it is is. Why does this Banana turn brown N stuff. The intro is stupid. Like the entire intro is about him wanting to know things. The characters are just downright ugly and grotesque. And Jim Henson is supposed to be puppets. This is just not even real science. Dexter's laboratory is not actually real science. But I can get all of the jokes. But for Sid the science kid NOPE. Just garbage. And in my opinion scientists are supposed to be mad. But all Sid does is jump around and ask you the questions. And it's trying to be funny. Like the jokes are unfunny. Like a joke where Sid's dad tells him to ask if he's a car. And says NO. And starts laughing. Am I laughing. And the experience are boring.
Lastly the animation is bad. Even the memes are terrible... Well Dexter's laboratory and ...more

I once watched Sid's bday. And he wished that he can eat cake all day. Like what? He'll get fat! I stopped watching when the teacher was talking about nutritions because it was total CRAP! He sings like he's mimicking, and he runs so slow, that my brother who's also in kindergarten is WAY faster than him! May is weird, Gabriella is just dumb, the purple boy is TOO hyper! Thank the LORD this horrendous show got cancelled!

He is in kindergarten and he understands stuff you learn in 7th grade Sid's voice is super annoying and the people have purple skin and there only four kids in whole school and all they talk about is SCIENCE it's super annoying also they sing really bad the show is annoying

Sid the science kid is an important PBS Kids to learn about science and the world around them. Sid even answers the questions I ask to my teachers and parents like why do we need sleep, what makes us have allergies and where does water come from. The show's educational, funny and very smart.

6 Peg + Cat Peg + Cat is an American/Canadian animated children's television series based on the children's book "The Chicken Problem", which was published in 2012. The series is created by Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley and produced by The Fred Rogers Company and 9 Story Entertainment. It debuted on most PBS ...read more.

This show is an abomination. Peg is a whiny idiot that freaks out over the slightest problems and the cat looks like a blue turd. The other characters are dumb and they even have the nerve to disgrace historical figures like George Washington and Albert Einstein. I don’t see how it’s educational. I sat through a few episodes and I think I lost brain cells. Cancel it now!

Peg is the stupidest, stupidest character ever. Her voice is squeaky and annoying and she has the stupidest problems ever. The animation is horrible. Seriously, the cat is blue. I wouldn't have a problem with that except for that it is supposed to be educational. Peg makes everything into a big deal. Whenever she runs into a little bump in the road, she says in a whiny voice, "This is a BIG PROBLEM! " Well, Peg needs to learn to get over it. The only problem here is that this show exists.

Call me a moron for hating a kids show, but this show is just too obvious. The art is lazy, the background is white, even if it's just the art style. Cat is a smart-arse, and Peg is completely stupid. In one episode she forgets what number comes after 50. I understand this is trying to get kids to understand numbers and letters, but it only really teaches kids how to count to 10 and back, I'm pretty sure kids already know how to do that as soon as they start pre-school.

I'm 17 and I still tune in to PBS shows sometimes when I'm bored, but this one is by far the worst. Peg runs into the smallest problems she yells "We've got a BIG PROBLEM! " PBS seriously needs to cancel this now! They also need to drop Super WHY! Into the garbage, too. Seriously, having the characters talk to the "audience," it just seems like Dora the Explorer is attempting to take over the PBS lineup. I will say, though, I think Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a cute show.

7 Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Train is an American/Canadian/Singaporean children's animated series created by Craig Bartlett, who also created Hey Arnold!. The series features a curious young Tyrannosaurus rex named Buddy who, together with his adopted Pteranodon family, takes the Dinosaur Train to explore his time period, ...read more.

The animation in this show is just plain ugly. Buddy doesn’t even look like a T. Rex and the colors make me nauseous. I can’t stand most of the characters especially tiny and shiny who are constantly whining, and I’m pretty sure the conductor is a pedophile. Also the pteranodons are way too small compared to a Troodon. I can understand trying to teach children about dinosaurs but this show does a poor job of doing so.

The best way that I could describe this show is satisfactory; they over do it on the songs which are corny, and it would have been a bit if they had mixed it up instead of mostly using the same old formula. By that I mean it's usually Buddy and Tiny riding on the train with the Mother; while the Father along with Don and Shiny either stay home near the nest, or fly off some where and you don't see them till the end of the episode. I wish they had mixed it up and and done something different; like focus Shiny and Don with the dad instead of always going with Tiny and Buddy with the mom on the Train, or have Tiny hang out with Shiny and put Buddy with Don. Buddy and Tiny are pretty much ALWAYS together and even SIT next to each other while riding the train; not sure WHY exactly but that bugs for some reason and wish they would SEPARATE, oh and Shiny should stop being such a daddy's girl and always sticking close to the father.

Most Favorite Character: Annie; I wish she was on ...more

This show is absolutely garbage! It's a rip-off to Barney, and thomas and friends! The Dino kids are always running off without there parents! Sometimes I don't understand why it's called dinosaur train when they talk dinosaurs so much and not anything about trains! It shouldn't been called " dinosaurs" than this stupid title. The theme song is garbage too! Like how can buddy get over living with a family of paradactols by riding a Stone Age train?!?!? This is garbage! It ruins thomas and friends, and makes Barney seem like a prehistoric genius! They should cancel this show and bring back dargon tails which better that this garbage!

The animation is creepy, most of the characters are impersonal, and half of the ‘Main Four’ isn’t present in half of the episodes. Let me compare this to the first ‘Main Four’ from Odd Squad...

Odd Squad’s first main characters were Olive, Otto, Oscar, and Oprah. Although the true main characters are Olive and Otto, and Oprah and Oscar are more like deuteragonists, the show can’t live without them. Oprah is the main boss who assigns the cases, and Oscar builds the gadgets Olive and Otto use to solve odd problems. Nothing will function right if one of them isn’t there.

Now let’s see Dinosaur Train. You can automatically get rid of Shiny and Don, because a daily episode has Buddy, Tiny, and their mom go on the train. Heck, you can even get rid of the dad, because all he does is deliver the unfunny jokes.

8 WordWorld WordWorld is an American CGI animated television series that debuted on PBS Kids. It was created by Don Moody, Jacqueline Moody, Peter Schneider and Gary Friedman. WordWorld was produced by The Learning Box and WTTW-TV. The series premiered on September 3, 2007 and ended on January 17, 2011 with 45 ...read more.

When I was little, I used to sing along and beg my parents to get WordWorld merchandise. Now, I'm thinking: "WHY WAS I SUCH AN IMBECILE FOR 3 YEARS OF MY LIFE?!?! " Not only is their show plain boring, it makes me worry if the kids watching WordWorld can actually see the words on the characters/items. Yesterday, I overheard some kindergarteners talking about WordWorld, and the memories kept flooding in. Then, since the show's airing time was over, I got on PBS Kids to see one of those full epidodes they put on every month. I clicked the play button, and it was HORRIBLE! It was nearly impossible to read the words that spell "guitar" because they were so squished together and the colors blended in. It was very hard to read the words. This went for other words like "school" (too tall) or "sandbox" (way too smooshed together). It makes me wonder if kids are actually learning something, provided the words too colored or squished. Anyway, just stay away from WordWorld and there will be ...more

I have one benefit to this show. But mostly there are Cons about this show.
Benefit: This teaches kids phonics of ending sounds and beginning sounds.

1. The animation is awful and the characters look messed up.
2. Why doesn't dog speak?!
3. The "Build a Word" song is so awful! The singing is so off tune!
4. Duck sounds like a 10 year old going through puberty!
5. You can barely read the words when their built (Like the word swing, it's too clear to read, the word spoon, it's too smooshed.)
This show is annoying and crappy!

Annoying because the animals and things are covered with words and the animals talk to the narrator I mean really what are these people thinking and duck is annoying because his voice sounds like something else and sheep is extremely annoying so its the worst and it only talks about letter and how to spell so its a piece of crap.

STUPID AND RETARDED ANIMALS ACTING LIKE SPOILED BRATS WITH WORDS ALL OVER THEIR BODY AND ALL OF THE THINGS HAVE WORDS ALL OVER THEMSELVES AS WELL! I hate that stupid song whenever they build a word like this, "It's time to build a word! Let's build it! Let's build it Now! " Ugh! That stupid song will get stuck in my head forever!

9 Arthur Arthur is a Canadian/American animated educational television series for children, created by Cookie Jar Group and WGBH for PBS.

I liked the show when I was 8, but I never understood it. I mean I didn't understand what's the meaning in each episode. It's a good and educational show but it's way too comfusing for lil kids. And another thing I never understood is the act that they all are animals, anrhur is probalbly a guinea-pig (i'm not sure but I heard that somewhere) and his pet is a dog...what?
And some of Arthur's friends are actually dogs and they act like humans so why his pet is a dog and acts like a dog? This was really weird...
Anyway, I liked the show and I think it's even enjoyable and educational, but little kids definitely won't understand what's the meaning and the advice.
It's more for preteens than for preschoolers.

WHAT?! I saw the list as the "best TV show"
SOMEONE TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST Arthur doesn't deserve it. Well the REAL worst show goes to wining BABIES and this show isn't! The problems in the show are like for fellow young elementry school kids (not for fourth graders)

I never understood this show because Arthur is TOO smart for little kids. I don't know why people make such a big deal of this show because it's just 20 kids going to school on every episode. Arthur is just TOO confusing and TOO boring! Whoever added Arthur to this list is so right! And I already know that this comment is going to get 100 thumbs down because everyone acts like people who hate Arthur are evil. BUT I'M NOT EVIL! I'M JUST A VISITOR THAT DISLIKES ARTHUR! IS THAT SO WRONG?!

This show is technically the cousin to Calliou! Aruthur is this nerdy annoying Guinea pig thing, and he has the world's annoying sister, DW! The characters have stupid names, the show has all these weird things, and DW is always COMPLAINING! She's just as worst as Calliou because they complain too much! Arthur's best friend is this mentally challenged rabbit named buster. And he does the revolting things ever! And like boobah and teletubbies, it's actually pretty scary! Like they always have these super scary nightmares, which is good enough to cause the kids to have nightmares just like the characters! This is more of a horror show, and shouldn't be on PBS kids! I can't believe its still on the air, because Marc brown's own show is scary, boring, and pointless! This show needs to be cancelled, NOW!

10 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Honestly, how is this below Arthur, it's a disgrace to the legendary Fred Rogers and Daniel is essentially Tiger Caillou in terms of crying.

Remember the show that was Mr Rogers neighbor. That show was amazing. Lets fast forward a few years. Now we have this. This show is just completely stupid with cheesy lessons for kids to learn. Mr Rogers taught us about the dangers of violence and how we can stop it ( He even told everyone that we need a parent to be by our side because the stuff he was talking about might scare us ) He told us about people getting a divorce and other heavy subject matters. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood taught us cheesy lessons that kids can easily learn from their parents. The songs repeat themselves over and over again and it can get very annoying. The characters are very annoying, Daniel Tigers voice sounds a lot like D.W's voice from Arthur so no wonder why Daniel is annoying. This was made right after Mr Roger died so no wonder this show is bad. If Mr. Rogers saw this, He would be very sad

Okay, where do I begin? First of all, how did this show "get Mister Rogers' approval?! " HE IS DEAD! He would never have allowed this. Good job, PBS! And why does Daniel Tiger wear Mister Rogers' sweater?! Did he murder him or something?! And why doesn't he wear pants. If you are going to put animals in clothes, at least fully dress them! And what does this teach again? This is complete crap compared to the original. Poor Mister Rogers, just let the man rest in peace! Geez Louise!

Wow all of the negative comments. You guys can literally pull a negative thing out of no where. According to most comments on this thread as a whole, if the show wasn't a part of your childhood, then it's "stupid, annoying, and a bad show. " So funny. Of course it might be boring or weird to a bunch of 30/40 year olds, it's CHILDREN shows. Daniel Tiger actually teaches kids manners etc. What's wrong with that? Lifeless people criticizing kids shows lol.

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11 Wordgirl WordGirl is an American children’s animated television series produced by the Soup2Nuts animation unit of Scholastic Entertainment for PBS Kids.

On the weekend of Valentines Day, I remember seeing this Valentines episode on the PBS Kids website. FOUR WORDS: INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN! To get a Wordgirl episode rated this bad is nonsense to me, because I believe Wordgirl is the only thing that makes PBS Kids earn money.O.K., now see what this episode is about: The episode starts out as Becky wanting to be Scoop's Valentine for the Valentines Day Party. The thing I find inappropriate with that is the fact Becky wants Scoop's affection, as in getting heart eyes when she sees he's going to give a Valentine to someone. I think this is inappropriate because there are small children watching this show and are too young to know about "liking" someone at their age. But no, it gets worse. When Wordgirl finds out the gift is for her friend Violet, she dangles Scoop by the leg about 30 feet from the ground after he was saved from robots and already traumatized over Toby's robots. Skip a couple of scenes later and we see Scoop ...more

It's hard, because I want to punch Barney too. But she is weak! She hardly cares about the monkey, if she were a real superhero she could blast her enemies (OKAY. Killing with powers is too violent for 4 year olds... I'm a kid) POWERPUFFS is better than this. Plus, the villains are weaklings. It takes a feral cats bite, for them to run. Why do I hate wormgirl? (I don't care if you get offended wormgirl. ) 1. She is a LIAR. Every time she saves the day she lies. 2. She gives enemies strength! Dumbest thing to do in a battle: make the opponent stronger. 3. She is mean. She doesn't care about her monkey. She doesn't CARE about her family! Overall wild kratts are best in PBS. (Mainly because I'm an animal lover)

I knew this show was on this list, cents that's what it deserves, it's a rip off to ed Edd n Eddy, my favorite show of all time, wordgirl, most like stupid girl, and this show is support to teach kids how to be a good superhero, but no, all they ever do is killing people for no reason, and destroy the city when there not suppose to do that, I think this should be an adult cartoon, because of what they always do, and I forgot to tell you this, it also ripped off Thomas and friends, my favorite childhood show of my, I hate word girl so much and I'm glad this show got canceled back in 2015, because that's what it deserves, BATMAN IS WAY BETTER THAN THIS GARBAGE! This show does have a few bad language, there is not suppose to be bad language in children's shows, this is why I think this should be a adult cartoon, and I also think this show should be T.V. MA, and I'm glad they never made a movie for this garbage. Not only that's I hate this show, everyone hates this show, it's the worst ...more

WordGirl is a quality show. Now I will grant the fact that later seasons/episodes are rather terrible. But check the voice cast: these are names you can know and trust, as far as acting quality goes. Writers? Same for them. Animation? Rather good for Flash--a great deal better than the Flash animation Arthur transitioned into. (The animators THERE should be wholly ashamed of themselves. )

The stories and jokes were very witty (prior to the show sliding downhill--watch it from the start, and you will see precisely what I mean). The use of words and the way they were woven into the story and defined was very nicely done. Prior to the slide, it did NOT treat children as if they were morons. I cannot abide by any show that does so. Thus, I always encouraged my nephews to watch the good episodes of WordGirl. I would recommend others to do the same. Just watch and make sure it isn't the lousy episodes, if you are very conscientious of what your child watches--Becky becomes an airhead ...more

12 Boohbah Boohbah is a British children's television programme created by Anne Wood. It premiered on 14 April 2003 on ITV in the United Kingdom, followed by its Nick Jr.

Boring as crap! I just watched some part of an episode on my computer and it is HORRIBLE. All it is are just five colorful furry gumdrops, dolls, testicles, poop, or God knows what that only dance, fart, and fly around. That's all they do. It's just really pointless. And to the guy who said Boohbah and Teletubbies should take an IQ test, I completely agree with you! Teletubbies would for sure win because they actually teach kids something. All Boohbah teaches kids is to be stupid, dance and fart everywhere they go. And the characters are incredibly creepy and weird. Not to mention their squeaking is ANNOYING. They sound like dying mice in the pits of Hell. This is WAY worse than Teletubbies.

This nightmare should be no. 1, at least teletubbies has some character development, this on the other hand has barely any development, it’s just a bunch of ugly creatures dancing, and farting, then there are points where these human characters show up, but they barely do anything, they don’t speak and they act like idiots. The only people who speak in this show are the narrators, but they don’t say anything special, they just say some random names or describe what’s happening. It is probably the most irrelevant show in existence.

OH MY GOD! WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS HORRENDUS SHOW?! All this show does is to show five colorful dimwitted ballsacks that dance and fart. That is all the hell they do. to be honest PBS... This show teaches nothing but to dance and fart in public. Extremely creepy and uncreative. When I first saw this show, it gave me NIGHTMARES because of all of the scary farting. I was scared to hell just looking at them damn creepy googly eyes. I'd rather watch Teletubbies than this BULLCRAP. A very extreme disgrace to a PBS institution. If there was an IQ test for the Boohbah and Teletubbies, the Teletubbies would win because they have at least some godforsaken smarts about the real world. Just to wrap it up... Boohbah is the worst show on PBS Kids.P.S... Boring Boring Boring!

Why can't this be number 1. I mean at least barney talks and so does the rest of the shows on this list except this show. They barely talk, which makes it boring and the characters do dumb dances and are creepy and ugly. The backgrounds are awful and this show is so boring it makes barney look like the best show ever. Worst show in the whole entire universe!

13 The Cat In the Hat

My guess is that whenever one of the kids ask their mother if they can go with 'The Cat in the Hat' to some weird place and meet some kooky character; the only reason why the moms always say "yes" is because they think that the cat is the shared imaginary friend of the two children, and all of their adventures are just them playing make believe.

The Cat in the Hat Knows All About That is an insult to the book! The mom treats the cat like he's an imaginary friend and in the book the mom is not susspose to know about the cat! Why do does the mom let them go with him? This show needs to be cancelled!

They're trying too hard! Please leave Dr. Seuss' art style alone. Although maybe it's a good thing that PBS Kids shows haven't jumped on the Steven universe art style bandwagon. There is still hope.

Sally: Can we go to the other side of the world with a random stranger? Mom: Sure because I'm a terrible mother who doesn't give a thing about her kids!

14 Nature Cat Nature Cat is an educational American-Canadian children's animated comedy adventure television series.

Here are the problems I have with the show:

- Daisy is on her phone too much. She’s supposed to represent a kid who uses screen too much, yet if the phone wasn’t there, the show wouldn’t be very educational. If I had a nickel for every time that phone is a key part in the educational status, I would be able to buy a touchscreen computer, all cash, and then have money left over.

- Do the characters wear clothes, or not wear clothes? I mean, Nature Cat is fully decked with a shirt, shoes, and a hat, but no one else has anything more than a collar.

- THE KISSING. There is at least one kiss in every episode, usually when the eponymous character kisses another main (usually Hal) for being a genius. Sometimes on the lips. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from here.

I watched a episode about bird feeding and I studied birds a lot and I noticed some accidents like it was spring but a chickadee was in a group. Chickadees are in groups in winter not spring! In another bird watching and feeding episode they notice some dumb stuff you should have noticed if you can call your self a nature expert. Also Daisy has a phone! Why the heck does a nature show have something to do with a phone. When I say something to do I mean Daisy looks up stuff on her phone in most of the episodes. The characters seem a little mary sue. I mean in one episode they find gold. I mean I don't think a mouse can find gold but not a kid. Plus how does a mouse lift up a metal pan anyway or her ears anyway. Shows these days always need a dumb character to make kids laugh but most of the time the character is not funny. A low IQ is like saying loud sounds with a clip of people dying is funny. You never learn anything because the stuff they show is stuff most people know. The age the ...more

This is replacing awesome PBS shows all over America. Like in Atlanta(where I live) this replaced Daniel Tiger's Neiborhood. In other places it replaces curious George, wild kratts, and even Arthur and wordgirl. Terrible. PBS kids you need to bring back your classics or go back to the normal schedule. You are being reduced to Cartoon Network. Plus you overadvertise this. I had to go through a nature cat commercial 5 times just so I,could watch wild kratts. This must be Teen titans go in disguise I mean the animation is horrendous. My 4 year old sister could draw better than that.

This ruined PBS kids schedule. So I want to watch Arthur but it's at 3pm. So I can't watch Arthur. Even worse I can't watch 1/2 Odd Squad screen time. Worst of all I'm watching wild karts and this takes up 1/4 of the screen time. PBS kids is overadvertising it while I haven't seen a wild kratts commercial in a LONG time. Plus when my younger sister tries to watch wordgirl it was cancelled and replaced by this. We know wordgirl got bad after Season 3 but seriously Yonward And TallyHo are not even words. HATE this show.

15 Martha Speaks Martha Speaks is an American-Canadian children's animated television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, about a talking dog named Martha (voiced by Tabitha St.

I hate this show so much. Martha is so annoying and they are so biased to dogs and make cats so "evil". Also has anyone noticed how ugly and dumb the kids are on there? That one girl with blonde pigtails and the green shirt and brown pants makes me cringe every time I look at her. Martha is so dumb also. If they are going to make the dog talk, at least make it smart. And her voice is the worst of all, little kids probably watch the show and then get a migraine after watching it from hearing Martha's annoying voice. Worst show ever.

Martha Speaks is a great show, ZZDOORAL! I agree. Martha can be creepy and retarded. But Martha is funny. I agree. whoever hates her is crazy. Martha is the best dog in the world. On the Thanksgiving episode, which I like, they were discussing Martha's past and because she hadn't seen her mother in a lot of years, Martha was about to cry. And her lips were shaking so I know she was about to cry. She almost made me cry because she was sad that she'd possibly never find her mother. She probably cried but it didn't show her on the screen. And don't tell me dogs can't cry. On the episode Martha says it with flowers, Martha was trying her best to make Helen's grandma happy by giving her flowers. But everything got in Martha's way, ruined everything for Martha and Helen's grandma was so mean to her and yelled at Martha and hurt Martha's feelings and made Martha cry. But after Martha started crying, Helen's grandma had to tell Martha that she didn't hate Martha and Martha didn't always ruin ...more

I remember this day in 2013 when we were getting a chameleon. My mom, dad, sis, and one of my brothers went to the store to look for supplies. I stayed with my other brother because he was sick (he got his tonsles removed a few days ago). He wanted to watch T.V.. I turned on this show. We saw an episode where this old lady is sick. She was very demanding (for example she said to get a doctor right now) which scared my bro. Then the doctor came looking creepy, and she said "AHHH STRANGER! " and that traumatized my bro for a week or 2. I also couldn't sleep for an entire night because of a sad SpongeBob episode where he loses Gary. My bro heard me wake up and he turned on Martha Speeks. There was a thought of this kid who found a monster in his ice cream. I was disgusted.

This is show is stupid and creepy! It's got this yellow talking mutt blabbering about stuff. They got these ugly characters, that have all these weird issues, and it's scary because there's these doofuses trying to kidnap Martha, and I don't know it's SPOOKY! Like there was one episode were Martha had a dream where everyone was an alien pickle. Some of the episodes are so boring! It's techniclly a twin to Dog with a Blog. Please let this show get cancelled!

16 Ready Jet Go Ready Jet Go! is a CGI animated television series created by Craig Bartlett which premiered in the United States as part of the PBS Kids block on February 15, 2016 . The series is produced by Wind Dancer Films and Snee Oosh, Inc. in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The show is aimed ...read more.

This show uses some of the best of everything that an animated prime time preschool show has, good quality, no laugh track, real plot, special effects that are not awful, real comedy, no rip offs, action, good drama, sometimes mystery, and finally, good lessons, yet the characters are amazing in both looks, words and actions, which is everything we need in an animated show, the acting is good when you compare the latest episodes to the others as well as some of the other shows, yet they are trained actors, if you research the actors, then you'll see, also PBS Kids has the rights to adapt ideas into their own shows, it's been a trend in many ages in culture, and the part where Jet comes to Earth with his parents is only a small fraction of the show, there's much more to the show than just those parts, and the friendship scenes are true friendship peak scenes, yet the morals are good and teach you important things in life, saying that looks don't always matter and that families are also ...more

It's actually really good, it's unlike the crappy shows which the other ones are, Curious George used to be good until 2004, Wordworld used to be good until 2009, Ready Jet Go is better than any show on PBS Kids starting from 2006 to the present not counting the shows that were good before going downhill, the only good shows after 2006 before Ready Jet Go were Wild kratts and Odd Squad but they are screwed by the channel, so there wasn't anything good on until Ready Jet Go, Also Disney Junior has really bad shows nowadays except for Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor (which isn't as good as Sofia the First, even though it was made by the same creator, but better than Phineas & Ferb and the live-action teenage sitcoms of that channel), There's a real plot, it has good dialogue, You realize that the actors/actresses spent years and years training in acting, unlike most other PBS Kids & Disney Junior shows, which only have actors/actresses that only trained for about 1 week or two, yet ...more

At least Ready Jet Go isn't in the Top Ten, Seriously, it is not a bad show like some of you guys say, it getting better and anyone who doesn't care about that needs to have a check up, I know the difference between healthy & ill and I'm healthy and I also know the difference between this show and the others, there's a plot that doesn't happen in the other shows, it's a good and original plot, yet it's also not a rip off of any show like some might say, but it does adapt from an idea Craig Bartlett had a long while back, and the acting is getting better, it starts out as a fail in the first episode, but the next episodes have better acting, a process that doesn't happen in other shows, yet the quality and lighting is different in a good way, it's very high quality, high definitely and high res, which is what ultra high resolution looks like, making the other shows look low resolution, the image quality isn't really higher, it's an optical illusion caused by the unusually high camera ...more

Anyone who says the acting is horrible is seriously wrong, it's a lot better today than it was on the first season, Yet most of the actors started taking acting classes when they were much younger than they are now, Also, the characters are nice in real life, it's not really bad acting, it's just not good character, there's a difference, but this is PBS Kids, which is a children's network, and acting on children's networks isn't professional like on movies or public prime adult time television, for example, Mitchell was so bratty and mean in season 1, but his actor is nice, so it's just his character on the show, which is different from acting talent, also she got a lot better on this season then on the previous seasons, he doesn't scream nearly as often as she used to and she's acting much nicer now, also, this is the first time since Nature Cat that PBS Kids has made a show that's not a copy of the Nick Jr shows, but it is based off a show that Craig Bartlett had an idea for a long ...more

17 Maya & Miguel

This show should not air on PBS Kids! This should be on a Saturday Morning block because it does not teach kids anything about Spanish. Maya looks like a 10 year old Dora and Miguel is just uncool. Please take this off PBS Kids!

In one episode, Miguel farted and ran to the boy's room.

They are messy! Never neat!

Not sure if anyone else realizes this, but Maya and Miguel's parents never dole out punishments for the excessive mischief their kids (and Maya in particular) cause.

18 Pinkalicious & Peterrific

Way too stereotypical. The show reinforced all the girly stereotypes that others shows (Arthur, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, etc) are trying so hard to break. All the main characters were dresses, and nobody really has a personality.

Except Pinkalicous. Oy.

Pinkalicous' personality: Basically Caillou's. A spoiled little girl who wants everything, and throws a tantrum if she doesn't. If her bedroom, her clothes, even her NAME, isn't pink, she screams until everyone is forced to give in.

Everyone else's personality: Really dumb, and obey to Pinkalicious' every whim. If you've watched Wordgirl, when Mr. Big mind controls people? Or Odd Squad, when Obbs mind controls the scientists? Or Wild Kratts, when Donita poses beams all the animals/humans in sight. Those were all temporary, but with Pinkalicious, they're permanent.

The one true thing I hate is that when Pinkalicious is the protagonist, and Peter is kicked to the deuteragonist, how come the show is titled ...more

I've never watched this show like in the wild because it's new, but it like failure or something. One of the stupidest episodes where they build a robot basically out of scratch. THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Even Ready Jet Go has a better sense of robot programming. Another thing that is AWFUL about this is that Peter, Pinkalicious's younger brother, is not really into this show and should be involved too. It's also HIS show too and it seems like it ALL belongs to spoiled Pinkalicious. Like Peter should be more involved or have more control over the show. And all Peter did is support Pinkalicious and she only helped Peter once or twice when Pinkalicious is the older one who should help Peter more. Also Pinkalicious takes over the show no big deal which means Pinkalicious does this Pinkalicious does that. Then the show doesn't even care. I have NO IDEA WHY THIS SHOW IS CALLED Pinkalicious & Peterrific WHEN PINKALICIOUS TAKES OVER THE SHOW! And they did NOTHING!

This show always has me ranting, it's one of the most annoying shows out there. When I saw the commercials I was expecting it to be like every other PBS KIDS show but I despised it even more than I thought. Pinkalicious is one of the most annoying characters ever created, she constantly gets her way. Like the time her shoes were too small and hurt her later on, her mother told her they didn't fit her and she shouldn't wear them, Pinkalicious did anyway! Her mom didn't even say anything when Pinkalicious wore them out, of course Pinkalicious learned they didn't fit her and changed her mind at the end. Plus Pinkalicious is not a good bigger sister at all, when Peter and her would building a robot whenever he suggested anything she denied it and did something she wanted and when they had to come up with the robot's name Peter suggested a name instead of hers and she says "Pinkabota, what's your name? " (Pinkabota was what she wanted to call it) and guess what it said it's name ...more

This show is basically Cailou for girls. Pinkalicious (yes that’s her name) is a spoiled whiny brat that’s mean to her brother. Her parents are copy paste Cailou parents. They live in this town called Pinkville and everyone says things like Pinktastic and Pinkerific. Ugh! Hope it’s canceled.

19 The Electric Company

This show is on GO! Which means it's for ten year olds with the most over protective parents in the whole dag on world!

The 1970s show was not too bad, and my Dad liked the show a lot, especially with the "Sneeze scene", but then they ruin it in 2009. They even changed the catchy theme song, into some terrible madhouse. The pranksters are idiots, and it seems like every show even on PBS Kids GO! is just as bad as PBS Kids.

i'm glad I didn't have extremely overprotective parents when I was 10 and was forced to watch this crap, but I'm turning 15 in a few days, and I had to talk Mom out of not letting me watch a show when I ALREADY WATCHED HALF OF THE SERIES!

Its sad to see a terrible show, but its even worse to see a not so bad show return even worse. Remember the 1970s Zoom. Guess what? They made it even worse in the 90s. What's next, a terrible version of the 80s show 3-2-1-Contact!?!

I can't believe this show was made by the same creators of Sesame Street. It's such a weird show, in a bad way. - SheepBuggy

I'm a teen and the teen girls are pretty, however to not sound weird they can be good characters too.

20 Bob the Builder Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series, Bob appears in a stop motion animated programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised ...read more.

Bob The Builder was one of my childhood memories growing up. I've seen it ever since I was 2 1/2. I've always loved the stop-motion series. But now, the reboot version sucks. Why does Bob look so young? Why is Wendy an electrician? Why does Scoop make the most mistakes? (He was known to be mature, responsible, and trustworthy.) And why is Muck a male in the U.S. Version? (The reason why Muck was changed to a female in the U.S. Is due to the lack of not very many female characters in the main cast.) And why is Lofty different than how he was in the original series? And why are Dizzy and Roley supporting characters? (They're just as important.) Also, why is Roley so bossy instead of mellow and musical? And WHY is Dizzy voiced by someone who voiced an MLP character? WHY!?!

I hate Bob the builder new and old. Only Bob and Wendy actually work! Leo is stupid always goofing off not being careful or paying attention. Why do they leave him unattended? I watched the episode where I think it was lofty got a new hook and he went to help with the pyramid museum but was upset because he didn't get to "help" more and he trapped Wendy and Bob inside😒 then there was one where they were cleaning up the beach and he wanted to keep every piece of driftwood and he threw all the garbage out the dump truck for it. I hate it!

The new version is creepy: they have a weird accent (i think it's British[not sure], but the original was English, I think) and they actually look like people, but the original looked somewhat like clay. I actually enjoyed it when I was little and when I first saw this new version I was like "what the heck did they do to Bob the Builder! " I haven't seen much of it, but what I did see the scarecrow and cat weren't there (i don't remember their names). Still they obliterated it.

The old one was OK, I used to watch it as a kid and enjoyed it, but the new one is just horrible. They could just create a totally new show, but instead they decided to use the existent "brand" (for profit, I guess) and created something that has nothing to do with the original.

21 Thomas & Friends Thomas & Friends is a British children's television series. In the United Kingdom, it had its first broadcast on the ITV network in Great Britain in 1984.

If you are talking about the CGI and that god dreaded Season 25, then yeah. But in the classic series, it's a whole different story.

Long ago when I was little, I used to dance, sing, and beg my parents to buy Thomas and friends merchandise. But when the CGI one came out, it REALLY ruined my life. I mean seriously! It was fine the way it was. The faces the trains have are ugly and creepy, but more ugly because I can't even look at their faces. Whoever designed them should been fired. The songs in it are poor, weak, and nonsense. I mean, America shouldn't of bought it. The animation for the train's faces are HORRIBLE! They smile and blink too quickly, it could infect a child's eyesight. They have too much dimples and wrinkles which make them look ugly. Also, the people walk like turtles! Are they trying to waste time?! They even got voices for the trains which is TERRIBLE! They all sound like crud, and whoever thought of this CGI thing should of got arrested or thrown in a volcano. The whole plot and stuff is bad, and this all thanks to Chuggington. If that show hadn't been created, none of this would of happened! ...more

Gordon was one time the fastest engine on Sodor and now it's about time they had him scapped or send him far away because he's not very nice to the other engines and he's rude also and he also gets stuck on the hills also and he is an older engine and I think they should replace him with Connor and Caitlin the new streamlined engines taking over the express duties and pulling the express also and they go much faster then Gordon ever did and they would do a much better job then he ever did.

This show is awesome. It was downhill since season 13 due to stupid CGI but after Victor helps out it started to get better because they brought Narrow Gauges back. Season 17 was a little bit better than the tother one. But season 18 made this show the best PBS Kids show ever. It is not the best show ever but is great.
James, Gordon and Duncan are the best trains

22 Splash and Bubbles Splash and Bubbles is an American computer-animated children's television series created by John Tartaglia.

Oh this show again... I absolutely hate this show! The animators obviously didn't know what CGI was and I'm pretty confident they've never seen a fish in their life... they completely ruined the sunfish, which is one of the most adorable things in the ocean! (In my opinion). And what's up with the angler fish!? I can tell it's a guy, but that doesn't make sense! Why? Because FEMALE angler fish are the only ones with lures. The MALES are absolutely tiny, have no lure, and what else to they have? No purpose in life other than finding a mate. I'm serious. They find a female, and, so that they don't have to both go through the trouble of finding another mate in the midnight zone afterwards, they ATTACH themselves to the female. Google it if you want. But anyways, I just REALLY hate this show...

This show is boring and annoying. The characters won’t stop singing and are uninteresting. Most of the colors are too bright and the animation is even uglier than dinosaur train. It isn’t very educational either.

This show is even worse than I expected it to be. The characters are very ugly, and some of them look like puppets more than actual fish. And they use motion capture, which I am NOT a fan of. The transcripts, jokes, and songs are so boring, that I got bored in an instant and so did my 3 yo sister, who is precisely in the target audience for this show, said she didn't like it. The show is even worse than Dinosaur Pain and Sidney the Science Kidney. And the main characters, those being Splash and Bubbles, didn't even get the focus in the first episode. Also, the show talked about crushes in an episode called I Only Have Eyespots For You. How is that appropriate for the target audience. Shows like Wild Kratts are more for older kids, and can get away with stuff, but this is not for older kids! So why talk about crushes? Also, in NC, where I live, this show crapped up the schedule. All of the shows have been misplaced, and now I can no longer watch ready jet go when I get home from ...more

My seven year old brother, who is in the target audience, can’t sit 5 minutes without walking away to do something else. The fish say they’ll “explore the world together”, but all they do is swim around the whole time.

23 Jay Jay The Jet Plane

This show ripped of Thomas and Friends because trains with faces to planes with human faces. This show has really bad ratings. I hate this show the most from my childhood besides Barney And Friends. Thank God this show was cancelled in 2005 and taken off PBS kids in 2012.

OH MY GOSH! I remember that I was TERRIFIED of this show when I was a kid! YES SIR! Jay Jay The Jet Plane was definitely a NIGHTMARE for me as a kid! Those CREEPY faces and voices just made me run away and cry with FEAR!

This is a rip off of cars he should go to jail for ripping of cars 2 the characters are ugly the have weird faces

This is a rip off of Thomas and Friends ( I enjoyed the older versions of Thomas... Ah childhood)

24 Big Comfy Couch

Most people have never heard of it because its also a stupid name for a show.

Why is this on the list? I loved this show as a kid. It teaches good lessons and is very entertaining.

I am not really big on clowns, especially this idiotic show. Big Comfy Couch is just plain strange and the characters act like a bunch of messed up weirdos. Also, the names of the characters and everything they do is absolutely stupid and idiotic! That Loonette character is just plain weird and stupid, she might as well drive me crazy and make me sick! I can see why some people nowadays are afraid of clowns and despise them.

Can't believe this is on the list, just saying'. I really liked this show growing up and I still do

25 Postcards from Buster

Whenever I hear Buster sing that annoying "postcards from you" song, I cringe. It's horrible!

Spinoff of Arthur.

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