Top Ten Reviews: Worst PBS Kids Shows

Here are my reviews of all the shows in the Top Ten
Barney and Friends - 1/5. As Eraser pointed out, its dull, sugary-sweet, and only appeals to the lowest common denominator. It also has poorly written songs with mediocre singing, wooden acting, and TONS of filler moments. However, it gets an extra point because at least Barney is more tolerable than Caillou.

Super Why - 1/5. Super Why is an overrated, poorly-animated, formulaic cartoon. The characters freak out over the littlest things. They ruin perfectly good stories. The voice actors are always changing for no good reason. Everyone loves this show because "it teaches literacy", and everyone tends to ignore the show's apparent flaws. However, it gets an extra point for teaching literacy.

Caillou - 0/5. There is nothing to like about this show. It's another bland slice-of-life show, this time with a bald protagonist. I honestly think this and Barney should switch places. At least Barney doesn't whine, while Caillou whines and screams and gets away with it. The music is generic and overused. The animation is crap. And the writing is lazy.

Teletubbies - 1/5. This show has absolutely no plot whatsoever. It's just some weird creatures dancing around and stuff while speaking gibberish. What does this even teach kids??? This only gets an extra point because I don't find this show creepy. And the Nick Jr. version is worse. WAY worse.

Sid the Science Kid - 2/5. I feel like this show had an alright premise, but bad execution. It gets extra points for teaching kids a TON about science. This show is repetitive, and nightmarish. I mean, all the characters look like puppets without the hand inside them. Maybe this show would've worked better if it was a puppet show like Sesame Street.

WordWorld - 1/5. This show includes a ton of stereotypes and plot conveniences. The characters are just so dumb, that they can't even realize what they need to do to solve the problem, when it's right in front of them! The voice acting is grating. There are some okay characters like Dog, Ant, and Pig, but that's just about it. It's also kind of creepy if you think about it. It gets an extra point for teaching me how to spell when I was little.

Dinosaur Train - 2/5. Like Sid the Science Kid, it had an alright premise. It was even created by Craig Bartlett, who has a great track record for cartoons. However, the execution is pretty poor. The voice acting is annoying. The plots get very repetitive. And the show is a little creepy if you think about it, sort of like WordWorld. The only episodes I like are the ones where they went to Junior Conductors' Academy. It gets extra points because of those episodes and the premise, even if the premise is a little odd. Luckily, I found out that the show has reached it's 89 episode limit, which means the show is over.

Arthur - 4/5. Why is it even that high on the list! This is one of PBS Kids' greatest shows! This show gets way too much hate. Arthur has solid animation and relatable characters, coupled with unforgettable and important episodes. I would give this show a 5/5, but seasons 16-19 were pretty poor. They had bad Flash animation and bad episodes like So Funny I Forgot to Laugh. Luckily, these problems were fixed in the current season, but that's not enough for me to give it a 5/5 because they constantly show the bad episodes.

Peg + Cat - 2/5. Again, this show has an alright premise and some funny jokes and pop culture references. But the rest of the show is just bleh. The math isn't that great. The animation is lazy. And Peg is a huge drama queen! I don't find her freak-outs funny or witty in the slightest. The only good characters are Cat and the Vice President.

Boohbah - 0/5. This show has no redeeming qualities. Like Teletubbies, this show lacks a plot and is incredibly boring to watch. Even little kids would find this very boring and stupid.

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