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Caillou is a Canadian educational children's television series that was first shown on Télétoon and Teletoon, with its first episode airing on the former channel on September 15, 1997; the show later moved to Treehouse TV, with its final episode being shown on that channel on October 3, 2010. The more.


Caillou is such an annoying and spoiled little brat! His parents give him everything he wants and they don't even teach him how to earn! If nothing goes his way, he whines about it. He may be the most whiny kid on television. I bet that's how my little brothers got to be so whiny. Caillou needs to be grounded and he will probably be a horrible father! This show should've never been put on television in the first place! I am so glad it was canceled in 2010! Everybody hates Caillou! It should definitely be number one!

You want to hear a true story? Once upon a time there was a kid who had hair named Caillou. But then he shaved his hair. So he was bald. People felt sorry for him because he had cancer so they watched his show. Then they find out that his show is crap and they stop watching it. His show gets canceled and he dies. When he goes to heaven he complains that the streets of gold are to yellow and that he wants diamond streets. And then he gets his wish and then he wants the gold streets back! And that his how this evil kid went to hell

He's not making fun of cancer. He didn't say ha ha you have cancer or anything. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Caillou is the worst preschooler ever created! He rose from the pits of hell forcing his family to do everything his way! The show teaches kids nothing educational. All it teaches kids to do is to throw tantrums when things don't go their way. Oh, and it gets worse from here, When this show stopped making episodes in 2006, from there until right now, they are making reruns and they STILL are! Please PBS end this madness NOW!

I don't even know why PBS Kids would make such terrible Canadian show. It is slow paced and has a boring tone. And Caillou is an annoying, stupid, whiny, and spoiled brat who throws huge temper tantrums. He is a huge bad influence on kids. And all the characters look ugly, especially Rosie and Doris. And he sucks so bad with his imagination. - Creterampage

This show looks like it was never finished because you can still see the white screen blockers on the edges? What are these people hiding? I mean, like there is nothing inappropriate to watch. But the other stuff is horrible like Caillou and Rosie throwing tantrums!

There's this theory that Caillou has cancer and he's hospitalized, and he dreams about having a normal life so that's why the borders are white. - scampetrnd

I liked this show when I was little, despite making fun of the babyish theme song now. But for goodness sake it's a cartoon! That's WHY he's BALD It's A CARTOON HE doesn't HAVE CANCER. Though to be honest, him having cancer was a believable concept. Still, he is a brat.

I get that PBS wanted to make a cartoon that's realistic and relatable and what not, but why must they make Caillou a whiny 4-year-old? Most 4-year-olds aren't nearly as whiny as him.

Did you know Caillou was born as a ginger girl named Kylie who whined so much that her voice got higher? One day, she whined so much that Boris shaved off her hair and changed her birth certificate's name and gender. The reason Caillou sounds and acts like a girl is obvious: He IS a girl.

Caillou is actually French for "pebble" or "stone", and the companies who created this work for a country that speaks both English and French (Which you should know.). So, do your nation a favor: stop naming your character a STONE! Pebble children, anyone?

Caillou is a ugly, annoying, whiny, bald headed, spoiled rotten bratt who goes around whining about not getting his own way. His parents give him anything he wants 24/7 and listen, kid, ya can't sing. So what is the moral of the show? To beg for everything, and be bratty. Please, please, please, end this show, it's not even entertaining.

I HATE this show. Fifty Shades Of Grey teaches better morals than this piece of crap. Hey, I got a idea! Instead of airing this, lets air Fifty Shades Of Grey! See if kids behave any better! Well, Christian Grey wasn't really a role model ether...

Caillou sounds like a damn sick cat, he is more spoiled than milk left outside for a whole year! He gets everything his way by throwing a tantrum at his mom and dad and they GLADLY accept it. He can't learn any good lesson and episode after episode MORE of these damn sickening tantrums show up! Rosie is worse! She is a moron and even whinier that Caillou or Crap-ou as I like to call him. His name should be changed from Caillou to Crap-ou!

And I will never watch caillou again then caillou went swimming with jellyfish and get stung by one then went to the hospital mom and dad of caillou your son is now a hedgehog

This show stereotypes 4-year-olds as whiny brats. Which most of them are actually very well-behaved for their age, but no. This show is actually full of stereotypes if you really look into it.

It's about a stupid little kid who whines about everything. We're not exaggerating. Watch an episode. You'll never wanna look at that big headed idiot again. - Discord

Caillou whines too much, he is spoiled, and his parents never yell at him they give him everything he wants That kid needs to have his little @$$ whipped

Oh look it's the cancer kid again. I Feel bad for the child I really do but he shouldn't be throwing 400 tantrums every day.

It's all about a bald boy that lies to EVERYONE! Bad show (example) for kids! And how come when he tells the truth, the parents don't give a crap about it? Like send him to time out. So yeah, bad show

I'm telling you, Caillou is some demon who tries to teach children to think their ideas are better than others. At least my baby sister only likes it for fun...

Kids are terrible "role models" and parents react with no direction / proper discipline when kids strongly misbehave!

Caillou is a spoiled brat who gets whatever he wants 24/7 And he's mean to his sister, Rosie, his parents, his teacher, and his "freinds" And he's got one of the most annoying voices ever in the history of ever! Seriously people, cancel this crap!

Caillou is a spoiled bald brat whose head is shaped like a cantelope melon! In fact his head is bald and shaped that way because he has a tumor the size of a ' melon. He gets everything his way because he came from pits of hell and he forced his family and friends to do his bidding.

The last thing parents need is a show with a constantly whining lead character whose parents and other adults, all too often, pander to the behavior.

I don't like how annoying the characters are. CANCEL NOW, whoever-made-this! (I actually know who made this, but I want you to look it up and figure it out, or watch the credits)

WHO PUT FETCH ON THIS LIST?! That show is awesome! This is just some crap about a whiny little boy. - lolfmn13