Super Why

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Super Why! or The Reading Adventures of Super Why! is an American-Canadian children's CGI animated show developed by Angela Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. more.


How is this not #1? The plot is as weak as water. Our seven year old heroes face "stimulating, gripping" problems like taking turns playing games, learning manners, and solving addition problems! Surely kid superheroes have slightly more interesting days than this! Anyway, they travel into various storybooks to find the answers to their problems. There's something to be said about teaching kids good values, but the sheer amount of repetition and ignorant stupidity is more likely to drive your child INSANE than entertain them!

What I've never understood is why nearly every character talks like they have problems. Apparently the creators think if they talk in these bizarre annotations and inflections, children will understand them better. I know a lot of people like this cartoon and claim it's educational, but the funny thing is, a lot of people say otherwise! For example, in a 25 minute episode, Wonder Red might devote a minute and a half to teaching kids how to ...more

I hate super why so much if I were one of them they will be ashamed wyat needs his head checked

This show is horrible. They go into a book and CHANGE THE ORIGINAL STORY. What would happen if they tried this with Gone With The Wind? Tom Sawyer? Thank god they stay in childrens' areas but STOP CHANGING THE STORY. These are like they are for a REASON you little schmucks and I think they should all be SUED for COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS. And Wyatt needs to be spanked and grounded. What a little a-hole. Pig is an idiot. Kill him and let's have bacon for breakfast. This show sucks!

The characters are ugly! It's not educational, it teaches plagiarism and art theft. The fact they alter and change old works of literature. Just because they're dead doesn't mean you can change their work and say it's yours. Yes that is what they do. They should be arrested

I hate this show, it is so stupid, I don't know why they decided to make this abomination, this is one of the worst pbs kids shows I've ever seen, super why, moar like stupid why, because that's what it feels like, Super why is a rip off to batman, this show is annoying, babyish, and stupid, but the worst thing about super why, is that they CHANGE THE STORY! That is a stupid idea, Super why is just like hitler but CHANGES THE STORY, now what if they did this to TITANIC, THE 13 COLONIES, or THE LORD OF THE RINGS, thank god they always stay in children's books, but your still NOT SUPPOST TO CHANGE THE STORY, I can't believe this show still hasn't got canceled yet, but I do that super why will evantaulley get canceled, which will make me happy, and shows don't lass long, if super why ever got a movie, it would probably get 11% present on rotten tomatoes, because everyone hates supey why so much.

For everyone that says bad about this show are stupid. My daughter has been watching this show since she was a baby. She is 4 and she is already half way kindergarten advanced. She can read certain words and she can write a hand full of words. She already does math and she can tell you definitions. She also knows that fairytales are fake and the Disney fairy tale shows and movies are nothing but to give kids hope for something that's not reality. And that is why kids grow up the way they do thinking that as adults it will be just like those losing fairy tales. Stop losing to your kids!

This show is absolutely horrible! I can understand the concept but seriously, do they have to ruin classical Fairy Tales. Unless it's Frozen then I'm happy. Super Why, more like Stupid Why.

These idiots should be in jail for changing the words in a story without giving credit to the original authors! This show will make kids think you can just copy any story like so!

This show is horrible! I hate watching it so much I don't even bother turning pbs on anymore if that shows on! I so agree with you about the corrupted fairy tales! Who ever heard of Aladdin wishing for a magic carpet?! SO DUMB!

If you asked me why I hated this show, I honestly couldn't tell you. Maybe it's too slow? Too predictable? Or maybe it's because it just radiates an inexplicable, tiring sense of boredom that makes you go "ugh, this is on again? " while you sit there and wonder why better kids' shows aren't on.

Seriously, is Dora the Explorer taking over PBS? This is the second-worst PBS show after Peg + Cat - another show in which the characters talk to the audience just like Super Why! Oh, and the "audience" responding drives me insane.

Super Why did they make this show! - RalphBob

I don't like attacking young kids shows, especially ones about teaching reading and writing, but this is horrifying. Why ruin good folklore and stories by changing the ending? - Swellow

This show is nothing but a poor rip off of little Einsteins and blues clues, (which were way better than this cheap rip off) with creepy and bad animation, overused plots, and it deserves to be number one because this makes peppa pig look like steven universe!

Stupid Why, when I said "absolutely positively not! " To you you acted like I said yes. And I have a name. It's "The Mangle". So use it

Awful animation, stupid plots, etc. This show is terrible. Plus they overdramatize FIRST WORLD problems. It should be cancelled after being on the air for 10 years - Cartoonfan202

At the end, it's scary because I'm scared of rocket pictures! Really, people! If you want to educate your kids more, then GET A LIFE!

I used to like this show when I was 9, and now...I HATE THIS OBNOXIOUS SHOW! Really four super heros that ruined great fairy tales?! Come on, Disney was way better than this crap.

He should be called stupid why. At LEAST he's not fat like his girl counterpart Dora. But STILL can't turn around and see things that's 1 inch in front of them why is so stupid that people call him stupid why and the stupid readers ( exept for wonder red who is quiker than everyone) princess Preston and alpha pig take an hour to put stuff right. Why is the one making the story unrecognizable by changing the story

This show is garbage! It's creepy because the characters look like these cgi animationed monsters that go into these fairytale books. They should return dragon tales and cancel this crud. Like I mean, it's a rip-off to dragon tales! Dragon tales was way better. I liked it! This is garbage! It has to stop airing!

Like super why and caillou should have a dance battle well I think caillou will win the contest

This show is extremely boring and has extremely ugly characters! This show does not teach kids anything but corruption and plagarism. It is an extreme insult to all of the fairy tales in the world. To wrap it up, it is STUPID AND PURE CRAP!

Super WHY I mean WHY did this show air?!

I can't believe what is being said about this show! My 4 year old loves this show and wishes it would be back on PBS. I even bought him the costume since he loves watching the show. PBS needs to put it back on, please.

Yeah, ever since that MUTT came along, they haven't even used fairy tales! I feel bad for the poor storys. I got really ticked off when they did Beauty and the Beast. (Most of the princesses aren't even pretty, including Beauty)