Worst Silly Bandz Packs


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1 Sea

This pack stinks. I hate pretty much everything in it. Everybody wants my sea horse, but I don't see what the big deal about is. The sharks look like submarines. I ahte them

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2 Princess

this pack is mostly boring because it's all girlish and stuff and perfume so bad.

3 Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs are so common. I will trade you my dinosaur for pretty much anything.

The dinosaurs suck. I have one and I will practically trade it for anything!

At least the T. rex is good, but wish the others were...

4 Pets

This pack is very common, and boring. The only good one in it is the turtle. All the other ones (cat, dog, rabbit, pig and duck) are horrible. At basically every store that sells Silly Bandz, they have the most Pets packs than any others.

5 Basic
6 Alphabet

i think it is very bad. it is just the alphabet what is so fun about that? i mean who would want to trade for just a simple letter. it would be better if they didn't exist.

7 Baseball
8 Rockbandz

I think the rock band pack is good :P

9 Western
10 Zoo

The zoo pack is probably the most common silly bandz pack. My least favorite in the pack is the flamingo, which practically nobody wants to trade for.

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11 Art Fest
12 Halloween
13 Fantasy
14 Beach
15 Rainforest
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