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1 Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpson Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

What used to be one of the most likeable characters has slowly evolved season by season into the most hated. Newer seasons involve Lisa taking the moral high ground on nearly every topic, and criticises everyone that doesn't share her view. In older seasons, Lisa wasn't the person to make funny remarks, but she certainly knew how to make a scene its funniest. Her insight concluded episodes in the best possible way and had a huge impact on the also lost heart-warming scenes; her performances left you in tears. Now, Lisa is a boring character with most episodes centred towards her, and even some times having whole episodes dedicated to her on boring issues. Although Lisa is a family member of the Simpsons, she isn't the centre of the family, and because of this focus she has turned into the character that nobody likes.

Lisa actually used to be a likeable character, although not too many peoples favorite. She used to be a voice of reason and pretty much the only logical one most of the time. The writers made her so awfully annoying by having her be so smug and confident of her "moral superiority", intellect, faith (or lack of) and ideas, believing that anyone else is wrong. Probably one of the worst offenses of this is in "Lisa the Vegetarian" when she first becomes one. There's nothing wrong with making her a vegetarian, the problem is she instantly became too preachy. She decides to ruin a barbecue hosted by the family just for serving meat. Another example is in "Lisa the Skeptic". Marge tells her that she believes in angels which prompts Lisa to say that she thought Marge was an intelligent person, which insinuates that by Marge believing in angels she is stupid. - FirearmsKill

Lisa is like the "Marsha Brady" of her family, the fact that she's WAY to perfect to be believable, always makes me feel sorry for Bart. Lisa comes off as annoying how she's never in trouble, never gets any bad grades, and always does everything perfect, traits like that just feel WAY to perfect for a kid like her, plus she never fits in with comedy, I can't remember her saying ONE thing that made me laugh.

If you've ever watched the Simpsons shorts from 1989 you'd probably call Lisa's character great, she's perfectly believable, not quite as foolish as Bart and loves to tease him, and for the first Season and maybe the second, she was still much like this, slowly though, over 10 years or so, her character was shilled out and she became a petty unloveable voice for the writers liberal opinions, I watch the Simpsons for comedy, for a touching story, yet now Lisa is here to present us with why we are ALL wrong, how we should ALL be like her.

I don't hate Lisa, I love Lisa, she's great, she was great, but the Lisa on the show isn't Lisa anymore, Bart might be Bart, Homer is just stupid now, Marge is well, characterless, but Lisa was picked up and removed, and replaced with the writers backward unwanted opinions instead, Lisa has no character anymore outside of being, supposedly "smart" and subsequently always "right"

When the Simpsons ends, or resets (God willing) I hope that ...more

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2 Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

Marge is a nag, a hypocrite, vindictive, a control freak, and stubborn to an almost belligerent degree. In one of the earliest episodes of the entire series, Marge willingly spends time with a seductive bowler just because she feels Homer doesn't respect her enough. He even comes right out and asks her to spend the night with him, and she agrees - only finally deciding against it days later when she's already in the car on the way to his house. ONE episode later she throws Homer out of the house, screaming, crying and questioning whether he has a soul, because he was encouraged to dance with a (clothed) bellydancer for a few seconds at a coworker's bachelor party (which she only discovered because she let Bart wander unsupervised in the same restaurant).

In another episode Marge demands that Homer go to a couple's therapy retreat because he got drunk at her house party. Once there Marge complains about Homer so much that the others in attendance begin to fall asleep. Speaking ...more

She ruins everything fun that the rest of the family does. She destroyed the burlesque house, the fighting sport thing (forget the name), itchy&scratchy all because SHE didn't like it. She thinks that nobody should be able to enjoy anything that she doesn't enjoy. She barely does anything funny, actually, she makes the show LESS funny.

And that episode where she didn't liked Homer doing piracy and made the most stupid thing ever made in the show by reimbursing the money of the pirate movie to Hollywood, and causing Homer to go to Jail. I never hated her more than in that moment.

Ugh. I hate Marge for also that she always nags Homer about everything, but when she directly influences him, he gets into trouble.

When it was the Tax Day and Homer forgot to do the tax returns, she mentions that she put the tax forms on top of Homer's to-do pile a month ago. Like, was Homer ever going to look at this stupid pile? And Homer has a tendency to always do things the very wrong way, and if she is basically in charge of the household finances, why couldn't she do the taxes herself?

Then the one when Homer got into a fight with the garbagemen. And she wrote an apology letter and signed it in Homer's name! As Homer said, she signed away his dignity, and it set him off on a crazy rampage, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of Springfield. If she was going to do something like this, at least she could have kept her mouth shut on what she did, let Homer think he beat the city hall. But no. Darn.

They say Lisa is the worst character ever, but Marge is nothing more than a horrible, bad, cruel, narrow-minded, evil, spoiled, selfish queen. She's the reason why I ended up watching Bob's Burgers. She is rude to her kids, abusive to Homer, and makes everyone's happiness into bitter sadness. How can she be a good mother? She makes Homer look like a good father. She ruined Itchy & Scratchy, made homer go to jail, forces her family to go to church, made Lisa and Maggie cry several times, wants Homer to be something else when she ALMOST cheats on Homer COUNTLESS TIMES! I HATE her, I WANT her to die, AND I WISH she never comes back. Homer do yourself a HUGE favor and divorce her and go hang out with Mindy, Lurleen, Julia, I DON'T CARE! Just get rid of her NOW! She's the reason why Lisa became unlikeable

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3 Helen Lovejoy

So mean and so boring. Really should of died instead of Maude Flanders.

Maude Flanders died because of her Voice Actress Contract Expires or Something - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

I hope a car runs her over.

She is actually really annoying and disruptive

Compared to Lisa and Marge, Helen has always been a horrible character since she appeared.

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4 Patty Bouvier

It was between Patty and Terri/Carrie. The sad thing is that I actually like Selma as a character, she wants to better herself and be happy. Patty on the other hand, knows how cold-hearted she is, has accepted it, and does nothing to change it. She might be funnier than Terri/Carrie, but they never have more than like a 10 second role. Also, Lisa doesn't deserve this much hate, many of the best more dramatic Simpsons episodes have revolved around her. Admittedly, they did take her reputation as the voice of reason character and used it to be very preachy in later seasons, but she had a lot of good moments. Also, I still think the Simpsons is still a good show, it's just the bar was set so high that even an 8/10 show looks like crap next to early Simpsons.

Either of Marge's sisters deserve this title! They exist solely to bring misery to others, though their main target is Homer (not that he doesn't deserve it from time to time, but I can't enjoy it, they're such festering piles of hate). - MortalAnonymous

Part of liking the Simpsons is hating Patty and Selma!

She and Selma tried to make a tombstone for homer

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5 Martin Prince Martin Prince

Martin Is a Little Stuck-Up Snob, He Only Cares About Himself and His Grades

Lisa should not be first. She's a bit boring, but is good when she's around Bart and Sideshow Bob.

He is just so lame boring and annoying

He's a brat. Plain and simple. But not like Bart or Lisa in the early seasons, though they had their moments. He acts as if he knows whats best and just.. jabs at it. Like in the presidential race. Something about how he said, "I'm aware of his work" so dismissive for a brat not even out of school.

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6 Baby With The Unibrow

not a very cute baby with that unibrow and so rude to maggie simpson!

The baby is so creepy and stupid. Why did they create such a pointless character?

Because he's totally in all the episodes and constantly antagonizing everyone. In case you can't tell I was being sarcastic - ralphie

Oh yeah that baby who is never in the show, EVER, Anyway why is Ned, Marge and Lisa on this list? They are all awesome.

I really like this baby though

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7 Gil Gunderson

He is quite annoying and he fakes being poor and sad to get advantages like when he hustled Lisa or lived with Marge and got a good house I just don't like him - thomaszhu4

I like Gil. He's a funny character.

He's alright but he's a poor man's Lionel Hutz

Gil is alright, not as bad as millhouse that's for sure

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8 The Blue-Haired Lawyer

He has an annoying voice and he ruins everything. They need to kill him off!

The worst stereotype of a lawyer I have ever seen. Hopefully a real lawyer will sue him out of the show. Oh and if you want to hear someone who is a sue happy, I recommend weird Al's I'll sue ya

He is so rude to everyone and his voice is so annoying they he needs to be killed off.

Finally someone with my opinion I which he would die the way scratchy does most of the time

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9 Artie Ziff

This guy should be number 1. He is an annoying creepy jerk who ruins everything. He is not even a big part of the show. He should be killed off.

Artie is very filthy and arrogant. Marge made the right devision to take Homer as man.

Don't tell about my "busy fingers"

He's one of those people who doesn't know anything about anything. Unless, he's trying to calculate what time to get a h***-** for Marge or how to grow his probably small d***.

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10 Selma Bouvier

Rude to Homer but maybe because she's under the influence of Patty? All Selma wants to do is get married and have a normal life, for that I can't hate her.

Take Selma off! All she wants is to get married and have a normal life, unlike Patty who just exists to be rude.

Why are the Flanders on this list? - attarj

She never shaves her leg that's gross

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11 Sherri and Terri

Brats. Brats to the core. They only liked Lisa cause she had a pool in one episode. Typical spoilt brat cliche!

So mean I want to punch them

Snotty and shallow is more like it.

Whenever they have a talking role they say something smug and annoying

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12 Rod Flanders

He is not seen verey much so you can't really say but by the way maggie is not the worst character

Too religious


13 Millhouse Van Houten

This kid is annoying and is constantly spewing nonsense at better characters. There are so many more deserving characters that fans don't seem to like, Sideshow Mel for example.

He has one of the most annoying voices in the world. I think that Bart should be friends with someone else.

I can't stand Millhouse, his voice is so irritating and annoying, it drives me crazy. He's definitely in my opinion the worst character. The other character I hate who should be on the top 10 is the Bumblebee man! He's not shown on all that much. But he's just such a stupid and pointless character he gets on my nerves!

He's just a little weasle, anytime he's trusted with something he betrays everyone just to benefit himself. The only scenes I like of him is where he's beaten up.

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14 Principal Skinner Principal Skinner Principal W. Seymour Skinner is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, who is voiced by Harry Shearer.

Bart's right! Skinner is a wiener! - Goatworlds

Is my least favourite character ever on the Simpsons.

Sometimes I want to punch him he is so annoying!

He's ok...

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15 Ned Flanders

Ned was funny, but now he is so Christian-extremist that I feel sorry for his kids (as stupid and annoying as they may be) and he is homophobic.

He was funny in the first 12 seasons, but he's been unnecessary to the show lately.

I'm okay with him being Christian I'm a Christian myself but Ned Flanders acts like everything else is evil. If an Atheist were to move into the neighborhood Ned Flanders would hat him/her. God wouldn't want that. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Overtime the simpsons has become lame; the plots are stale, the characters are overplayed. Eg Ned Flanders, who used to be my favourite character has morphed from a funny cheerful optimist into an irritating spiteful annoyance who shuns the opinion of anyone other than him. I'm a Christian and an optimist but even I think that he goes too far. Not having respect for others is not what god wants

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16 Luann Van Houten

I want to punch her. What did Kirk ever do to her

She's really rude to Marge in one episode. She's a terrible mother and character who serves no point and is useless she only exists for cheap jokes by Milhouse and Dad

The reason I stopped watching after season 8, not so coincidentally when she got divorced and became downright insufferable. Why couldn't Milhouse divorce her, too?

She's a horrible, hypocritical person

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17 Tod Flanders

He doesn't have much character development other than being good which kinda makes him a tacky Gary Stu.

The only funny thing about him was when he was scared by a moth

I don't get what is wrong with him. If any one ned Flanders. Same with rod


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18 Mr. Smithers

I'm surprised nobody has made any homophobic comments. - DapperPickle

He loves mr burns but never tells him or does anything about it so he's useless

Hates and loves all the employes

Awww! I ship him with Mr Burns.

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19 Hans Moleman Hans Moleman Hans Moleman is a recurring character on the animated television series The Simpsons. He was created by series creator Matt Groening and is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and first appeared in the episode "Principal Charming".

What's wrong with hans moleman all his purpose is is getting tortured, or is that literally the reason you hate him

Poor fella, he's the guy you ought to feel sorry for.

He's funny

Strange guy

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20 James "Jimbo" Jones, Sr.

He doesn't really do anything.

A uselesss unfunny unfunctional joke machine isn't funny and unwanted

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