Marge Simpson

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Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.


Ugh. I hate Marge for also that she always nags Homer about everything, but when she directly influences him, he gets into trouble.

When it was the Tax Day and Homer forgot to do the tax returns, she mentions that she put the tax forms on top of Homer's to-do pile a month ago. Like, was Homer ever going to look at this stupid pile? And Homer has a tendency to always do things the very wrong way, and if she is basically in charge of the household finances, why couldn't she do the taxes herself?

Then the one when Homer got into a fight with the garbagemen. And she wrote an apology letter and signed it in Homer's name! As Homer said, she signed away his dignity, and it set him off on a crazy rampage, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of Springfield. If she was going to do something like this, at least she could have kept her mouth shut on what she did, let Homer think he beat the city hall. But no. Darn.

People this is by far the worst cartoon character I have ever seen, and I seen family guy, teen titans go, modern SpongeBob, and even some of the other crap they put on Nickelodeon (with the exception of the loud house of course). We have such great characters like Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Ralph Wiggum a great cast of characters but then we have Marge. I refuse to call her a character, or a person, or even a women, the best thing she is a stillborn of thought. She is to the Simpsons as Benson is to Regular show (at least to me that is) a perfect gem of a show ruined by one character. At what makes me angrier is that Lisa is at number one and Marge is at 3, this is a travesty that is not forgiving. Give Lisa some credit she acts like a positive role model as a female, and is actually enjoyable. And as for Marge she set the bar low for women than Olive oyl can only dream to do. A show that can be just perfect, ruined by the living embodiment of a fun killer.

Marge is my least favorite character, I hate the episodes that revolve around her and homer's relationship. Homer does something that bothers her, that he been doing their entire marge, then she decides to say something, and basically forces him to stop "cut cold turkey" and expect him to not have difficulty with it. When he does it, she acts like a broken hearted guilt tripper over it. She basically does every thing that people say you shouldn't do when you're in a relationship. "she tries to change them" She has double standards, and is a major hypocrite when it comes to her relationship with homer. She super narrow minded. Seriously like somebody could say "Internet gives your kids cancer" she'd remove internet from their life. She's one of those parents.

First and foremost, she's a hypocrite. She condemns Homer's poor behavior while she herself is a nag with gambling problems. She becomes insanely jealous of Homer whenever he has anything to do with other women, yet she herself nearly cheated on him in "Life on the Fast Lane" and then, a few episodes later, dragged him to a couple's retreat where she complained about him until she was hoarse and called him unthinkably selfish for wanting to go fishing. She's supposed to come across as "too good" for Homer when in fact she comes across as an annoying, trifling, high horse wet blanket dead weight..

She gets angry that Homer doesn't listen to her, yet she never has anything important to say. She ruins everything fun that Homer and Bart do, even if it is something harmless.

She breaks her children up from relashionships because she's afraid she might loose them and have no life and if they are about to leave she trashes the house and tells them to do chores.

By far the WORST character. I got this Epiphany after watching the episode where Homer makes his one back-yard cinema. We can accept that piracy is stealing, however Homer was doing it to help his community and Marge even enjoyed it. But, sadly, Marge's self-righteousness got the better of her and apologized to Hollywood, with a letter telling on Homer. Homer then goes to prison, and keeps this info from Homer. I hate Marge. I despise Marge. At least Lisa has some kind of morals sometimes, she has a sense of when to give up, and sometimes gets her comeuppance for her insolence. Marge is rude, selfish, controlling and disrespectful and thus deserves the number one spot on this list.

They say Lisa is the worst character ever, but Marge is nothing more than a horrible, bad, cruel, narrow-minded, evil, spoiled, selfish queen. She's the reason why I ended up watching Bob's Burgers. She is rude to her kids, abusive to Homer, and makes everyone's happiness into bitter sadness. How can she be a good mother? She makes Homer look like a good father. She ruined Itchy & Scratchy, made homer go to jail, forces her family to go to church, made Lisa and Maggie cry several times, wants Homer to be something else when she ALMOST cheats on Homer COUNTLESS TIMES! I HATE her, I WANT her to die, AND I WISH she never comes back. Homer do yourself a HUGE favor and divorce her and go hang out with Mindy, Lurleen, Julia, I DON'T CARE! Just get rid of her NOW! She's the reason why Lisa became unlikeable

Marge is so annoying she ruins all the family's fun and decides what Lisa and Bart should like. She is super jealous like in the episode "Colonel Homer" and she ruins everything someone likes if she thinks it's bad like in the episode " Marge Gamer" and a bunch of other episodes. She is the worst character in the Simpsons.

No don't hate on Lisa, hate on Marge, she's constantly ruining the fun and enjoyment of others. And not to mention she'll cause trouble to her family sometimes (like in one episode she made homer go to jail). The reason to hate on marge instead is because that's probably where Lisa gets HER hypocrite attitude from

The Most Belligerently Obtuse character in this or any other show on T.V. ,the whinging whinnying nature and voice are enough to drive anybody bloody crazy. Homer should do Lois in a three way with peter in the crossover story.

So irritating both her personality and voice.

Horrible, horrible character. She just ruined the show. I hope she gets killed off later in the series.

Ewh, Marge really gets on my nerves, a nagging selfish hypocrite and killjoy. And her having kicked Homer out of the house lots of times really bugs me. There really should be an episode where Marge gets kicked out before the series ends, and have the one being Homer and Marge divorcing, with Bart staying with Homer, and Lisa and Maggie with Marge.

She's rather selfish but she has had her moments. However in 'The food wife' she finally gets to do something fun with the kids, then Homer asks to do it. She becomes optimistic and scared they might abandon her to go with Homer and sends him a fake address which I think was really selfish of her. Wanted the kids all to herself.

She sees herself as the most moral and forward thinking person in springfield and yet constantly shows a naive and dangerous level of misogyny, homophobia and general closed-mindedness; all coupled with a stubborn unwillingness to let herself be educated and a need to correct anyone who expresses a liberal view. Homer would deserve better if he attended anger management.

Marge and lisa are both so full of themselves, they make the show less funny, marge picks at homer for every little thing. That voice is SO annoying! And the moan she does is not needed as much as its put in the episodes. Should have killed her off and left Mod flanders stay on.

I don't know how homer hasn't left her yet. There has been countless numbers of times where marge has ruined everything for homer. I HATE YOU MARGE!

Lisa is a Feminist and Marge is the complete opposite, She talks about her job being a Mother, she is always in the kitchen (Sexist Much) The fact that the divorce episode was made a dream even though most episodes set in the future include the divorce (God forbid a divorce actually happen) and the fact that you'd believe she had a relationship with Moe more than Homer

Boring character, annoying, ruins the fun. A cooler version of Skyler White

! Why just why does this hypocrite have to be in the show! She isn't funny, she isn't that moral, she almost cheats and kicks out homer, she treats her kids like garbage, and sure she was bullied for being different she decides to be the bully and mashup of Donald and Hillary all together. What does that equal? The most messed up character ever and she deserves to die in a fire and be number 1 instead of Lisa. She's the reason why Lisa's character turned horrible. I'm sure her voice actor is a lovely person in real life, but she definitely made her character so unlikeable its sad.

When Lisa said she doesn't wanna ge tmarried Marge said to Homer "Tell her she's wrong! " Let your children do what you want not every girl wants tog et married marge! I may be a guy but still common sense! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Shes actually even worst than lisa - TwilightKitsune

They should kill her off this show. Because she ruined and nagging everything.

Like others said before me,she is an enjoyment-killer, this show could be perfect without her, without this living brainwashing machine, I end up by disliking so many episodes because of her, some examples : the episode of the burlesque house, the episode when she mislead bart in order to force him to eat those drug pills and so many others