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21 Ned Flanders

Ned was funny, but now he is so Christian-extremist that I feel sorry for his kids (as stupid and annoying as they may be) and he is homophobic.

He was funny in the first 12 seasons, but he's been unnecessary to the show lately.

I'm okay with him being Christian I'm a Christian myself but Ned Flanders acts like everything else is evil. If an Atheist were to move into the neighborhood Ned Flanders would hat him/her. God wouldn't want that. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Overtime the simpsons has become lame; the plots are stale, the characters are overplayed. Eg Ned Flanders, who used to be my favourite character has morphed from a funny cheerful optimist into an irritating spiteful annoyance who shuns the opinion of anyone other than him. I'm a Christian and an optimist but even I think that he goes too far. Not having respect for others is not what god wants

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22 Mr. Burns Mr. Burns

Why is he on this. Everybody that voted for him is one of those over sensitive people who hate because he is "evil" and "mean". That's the funny and unique part to his character, otherwise, it's like having no villain in a film just because "he's a big ol' meany".

Why is Mr Burns on this list? He is number #3 on best character list laugh out loud

He's just cruel in one episode just cause Lisa had her own paper he tried to knock her off the road and she was in a car with Bart, Milhouse AND Homer. That would be 4 murders and he wouldn't even care my line to describe him is: He's so old he doesn't need a heart, just as well cause he never had one anyway.

He so selfish to Homer's dad try to be better than everybody in Springfield😤.

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23 Elmo V 1 Comment
24 Ralph Wiggum Ralph Wiggum

The millennial's number one choice for best character ever. I don't know what's more irritating: The fact that we're supposed to find it funny that an imbecile's non-sequiturs display a stupidity bordering on developmental disability, or the fact that every fan and their friends have turned him into a folk hereo for the sake of hipster irony.

He's like he's autistic but I don't think he is he's just immature and undeveloped and stupid. I have autism and I was and am much, much, much, much, much cleverer than him.

Ralph is the best character ever

He's so stupid! He is the most annoying thing ever. He is stupid, fat, and immature, and just a nuisance.

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25 Kang

Kang is boring and he is irritating

26 Princess Penelope

She doesn't really add anything to the show

Punch her when she was riding unicorn

27 Agnes Skinner

She's a person who thinks that's she's tougher than anyone. It's annoying.

She is such a jerk to her own son. She will never admit that she is old

She's a jerk to EVERYONE not just Skinner


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28 Comic Book Guy Comic Book Guy Comic Book Guy is the common, popular name for Jeffrey "Jeff" Albertson, a recurring fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons.

I honestly don't know why he is on this list he's pretty funny

Worst Choice Ever (eh, get it, get it?!?!

29 Dr. Marvin Monroe
30 Professor August
31 Rabbi Krustofsky
32 Jessica Lovejoy

She's troublesome and deceptive. To think she's the daughter of a reverend.

She's like brat syndrome all the way.

She tries to get bart into trouble
She sucks

33 Sideshow Bob Sideshow Bob Dr. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, better known as Sideshow Bob, is a recurring character in the animated television series The Simpsons.

AWESOMELY AMAZING CHARACTER. He isn't overrated. I feel like there aren't enough episodes about him. He is definitely in my top five characters on the show. He's diabolical, cultured, hilarious, clever, and has an english accent! What can be better?

What the heck he's hilarious

He is bad but if Lisa and Bart could defeat him...

Overrated as f... Whenever we see this guy in an episode, it means always the same sh... He comes up with an evil plan (try to kill Bart 90% of the times), fails and returns to prison. It gets old too soon

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34 Crazy Cat Lady

Idiotic and ain't just funny. Mad lady has a lot of cats and you can't really talk to her - -l-l-

Just old and boring really that is really IT that I can say about her - -l-l-

I can't understand what she says it full gibberish.

I like her because I can relete I love the way she speeks like DAISHALIDDLE

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35 James "Jimbo" Jones, Sr.

He doesn't really do anything.

A uselesss unfunny unfunctional joke machine isn't funny and unwanted

36 Lurleen Lumpkin

She tried to flirt with and seduce Homer even though she knew full well that he was married. Who does stuff like that? I hated when an episode would focus on her because I just can't find a single thing that I like about this character. She was a total homewrecker, her episodes were bland, her songs were unmemorable, and I just can't stand the sight of her.

37 Brandine Spuckler
38 Alice Glick
39 Mrs. Muntz

She stretches the rating way too far!

40 Snowball 1

She comes back to life and tries to kill lisa you r a meanie

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