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41 Abe Simpson Abe Simpson

What the hell is Abe doing here? He's hilarious!

Why is he on this list he is so funny!

He is cute but little bit annoying

I find him funny

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42 Moe Szyslak

Okay now your just putting everyone you think of on this list I've commented on about 10 characters on this list already because they shouldn't be on this list and moe is one of them

The only good thing about this character is the suicide gag... and I hope he succeeds, soon. I've only watched one of his episodes, and it was the worst ever made. I was introducing my friend to the show, and now he thinks I'm retarded because I waste my time like that.

Wait... So what you are saying is that your friend has never heard of the simpsons. Wow, I feel sorry for your friend

He's just bad... You know

Um... Why is Moe on that list? �" He is my favorite The Simpsons character, and he broke my heart many times.
Come on, people, go and show some love for Moe!

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43 Groundskeeper Willie Groundskeeper Willie

Willie is a funny character why is he on here?

He is creppy

44 Maude Flanders

She is just so annoying and never says anything truly funny

She is straight up boring. When she died, the priest talked about how she wasn't special in the show.

She was actually a good character and didn't deserve to die.

Thank god she's dead! - micdanchris

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45 Mayor "Diamond Joe" Quimby
46 Lenny
47 Roger Meyers Jr.
48 Timothy Lovejoy
49 Carl

He stole the winning lotto and kept the money for himself

He's greedy and rude.

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50 Krusty The Clown Krusty The Clown

He is not really that funny, but his voice is incredibly irritating, plus his character has always been dull and uninteresting.

Any episode that's focused on Krusty is just repeatable and are all the same just slightly different with the writing.

He treats Sideshow Mel like crap

Sad, Depressed, Addict, Stupid, Mean, Annoying

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51 Dewey Largo V 2 Comments
52 Apu

Apu is a supporting character and he's very complex which makes him liable by my standards.

Apu is really funny I don't know why he's on this list

53 Janey Powell
54 Sideshow Mel Sideshow Mel

Sideshow Mel is one of the best characters on the show by my opinion. He is adorable, and his voice is the best. He may not have any quotes but he is still the best in my heart. - frozenwing

This guy has never had a funny line and is annoying and grating when he speaks

He is only there to make token remarks which are always irritating. Nothing more than a space filler.

He's there to be abused by Krusty. He is a real waste of potential if you ask me.

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55 Jacqueline Bouvier V 3 Comments
56 The Yes Guy V 1 Comment
57 Snowball II

Replaced snowball

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58 Martha Prince
59 Nelson

I used to not like him in old Simpsons, but then newer Simpsons came along and I started liking him.

I like his laugh

I hate him a lot because is bullying milhouse and Bart is sometimes.

He acts like he goes hard and he always says ha ha ha like dude shut up. he's a annoying punk who's always a scardey cat with his buck teeth

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60 Clancy Wiggum

"Remember that time he shot a flower into Homer's head unprovoked? "

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