Worst The Simpsons Episodes After Season 10

Probably most episodes after season 10 were quite god-awful but here are the ones I truly don't like.

The Top Ten

1 Lisa Goes Gaga (Season 23)

Basically a 25-minute long commercial for Lady Gaga, but without any humour to at least make it decent.. Even previous celebrities didn't get this much feature in episodes besides being a throwaway gag (for comparison - The Ramones' cameo in Rosebud). If this is why Groening is going to keep greenlighting the show then hell be damned. - Swellow

Everything about this episode isn't funny, it is actually quite terrible. - RickyReeves

Absolutely terrible. This season was an absolute suckfest, but this was the cherry for the top of the cake. - PositronWildhawk

2 The Regina Monologues (Season 15)

I am English and I am one who truly doesn't get offended by most things, but this episode I got really offended. - RickyReeves

3 Future-Drama (Season 16)
4 Bart to the Future (Season 11)
5 Moonshine River (Season 24)
6 At Long Last Leave (Season 23)

Everything about this episode doesn't even add up. - RickyReeves

7 Kill the Alligator and Run (Season 11)
8 That 90s Show (Season 19)
9 Worst Episode Ever (Season 12)

Maybe that was the joke. they made this episode purpospley bad

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10 Boys of Bummer (Season 18)

Should be one Bart is my favourite character! - TheRealSilverlay

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The Contenders

11 Alone Again, Natura-Diddily (Season 11)

This episode HAD to be made. Whether it sucked for not. It HAD to be made. - Gollum

12 Pay Pal (Season 25)

This episode portrays Marge as an absolute idiot. - Cazaam

13 Homerland (Season 25)
14 Bart vs Lisa vs The Third Grade (Season 14)
15 Clown in the Dumps (Season 26)
16 Brother's Little Helper (Season 11)

This is a liked episode but I hate it. I think it ruins Bart's character.

17 The Devil Wears Nada (Season 21)
18 Milhouse of Sand and Fog (Season 17)
19 Co-Dependents' Day (Season 15)
20 Treehouse of Horror XII (Season 13)
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1. Lisa Goes Gaga (Season 23)
2. The Regina Monologues (Season 15)
3. Future-Drama (Season 16)



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