Worst The Simpsons Episodes from the First 10 Seasons

Even though I love the first 10 seasons and this was a pretty hard one to choose.

The Top Ten

1 The Principal and the Pauper (Season 9)

Maybe it could've worked in Season 1 or 2. Like maybe before finding out his father was in the army. It was a funny episode but it shouldn't have aired in Season 9. Just in earlier Seasons when it was just starting. How the other Skinner would've been an awful Principal and the "imposter" was the best.

This episode almost probably ruined The Simpsons itself, and of course ruined Season 9. - RickyReeves

Matt Groening even said that this episode had a terrible plot in "Behind The Laughter"

Wow, what a twist -3- this plot has been done much better before.

2 The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase (Season 8)
3 All Singing, All Dancing (Season 9)

I enjoyed this one... Why is it here?

4 Simpsons Bible Stories (Season 10)

This episode actually sucked, but the episodes ending saved it and was quite memorable, and lets not mention it was quite blasphemic as well. - RickyReeves


5 Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble (Season 10)

Homer is a jerkass well shut up and change the channel.

I hated this episode. It's worse than any of the first ten seasons. Also the worst 90s episode. Jerkass Homer at his worst in the 90s. - truespongebobfan

6 Homer the Smithers (Season 7)

Do you remember Homer making cereal and it went on fire. Oh and Mr Burns - Doughnuts I told you I don't like ethnic food.

7 Homer's Odyssey (Season 1)
8 My Sister, My Sitter (Season 8)

Lisa wanted to be a babysitter, she was babysitter for Ralph and Flanders kids. But a BIG mistake with Bart. Except for classic bits like the ice cream has caffeine in it which Bart gave to Maggie. The go to bread. Homer walking into the fountain.

Jokes weren't funny what Go To Bread has been one of my favourite quotes since I was a child watching it on BBC2.

It was just the babysitting Bart which was a bad idea. I mean he is two years older than her.

Except for classic quotes like I thought I told you to go to bed - Lisa Yeah Go To Bread - Bart

9 Another Simpsons Clip Show (Season 6)

Not a fan of Simpsons Clip Shows... This one earns a meh from me.

10 A Millhouse Divided (Season 8)

Glad to see this one here, and this high. Everywhere else I go, everyone talks about how great this episode is. There was indeed too much drama like RickyReeves said. Also, though, prior to this episode Milhouse's parents were really just that, nothing more. Effective this episode, well, now I wanted to punch my T.V. every time either of them appeared or spoke.

Too much drama in this episode to be honest - RickyReeves

The Contenders

11 Monty Can't Buy Me Love (Season 10)
12 Saturdays of Thunder (Season 3)
13 When You Dish Upon a Star (Season 10)
14 Viva Ned Flanders (Season 10)

Clearly they were reaching as far as ideas. Kind of glad they killed off Homer's "other wife" eventually, but they shouldn't have done that plot either way.

I blame the whole thing on Homer for after what he did to Ned Flanders and himself.

Mainly how the hell is Ned in his 60s.


15 Fear of Flying (Season 6)
16 Bart Gets an F (Season 2)
17 Homer's Night Out (Season 1)
18 Lisa Gets an 'A' (Season 10)

I hate when the comments are made about how awful the show has come when they could just change the channel.

I loved this one... Homer and Lisa's stories were so funny, with Homer in the end eating his lobster and crying... Who would put this on here?!

I hate when the only comments are defensive whining

Why is this on here it's hilarious

19 Mountain of Madness (Season 8)
20 The Trouble With Trillions (Season 9)
21 Colonel Homer (Season 3)
22 Trash of the Titans (Season 9)
23 Cape Feare (Season 5)
24 Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington (Season 3)
25 Miracle On Evergreen Terrace (Season 9)
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