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21 My Sister, My Sitter

This is by far one of the worst episodes. Lisa, my favorite Simpsons, is tortured by Bart, my least favorite Simpson. Bart isn't original or anything. He just starts acting like a toddler wanting to be in charge. When I made a Top 10 Worst Simpsons episodes list last year, this was #3. It's THAT bad.

Bart Has two frames of mind; a normal, likeable 10 year old, and a bratty, idiotic nimrod. CHoose your pick in this episode!

Wow this is a mean episode!

Hooray, 23 minutes of lisa being tortured by bart. how nice

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22 Homer's Night Out

No that episode was fine I'm young so I don't know the jokes

Marge was so unlikable in this episode! I mean come on marge! Homer only danced with another Women! is that so much to ask? - ShaunFan04

I hate this episode, Marge,grow up.Homer was dancing NEXT to a very talented women - TheRealSilverlay

This episode is why Marge is y least favroit simpsons chariter

23 Milhouse of Sand and Fog
24 Behind the Laughter

How could you guys like this episode? No plot. Just BEHIND the laughter. No laughter, but BEHIND it.

This episode is AWFUL! Uh! I need 32423 bleach bottles. It's not funny!

Its fine but it's a bunch of lies

I Like this episode but it's kind of confusing because it makes you think is the Simpsons a actual T.V. show a T.V. show inside of a T.V. show

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25 Sweets and Sour Marge

Any episode with Marge in it is dead on arrival

Marge should be kicked off the show. She's always complaining - FloydtheCat

26 At Long Last Leave

Why do they kick ALL the Simpsons out? Lisa, Maggie and Marge don't do any harm I can only think of one instance when they have.Homer and Bart do the most damage, and its definitely NOT legal to just outcast people that's against state law. Also the ending was weird its like they never go back to Springfield, Usually a episode ends with then going back but no. Then the next episode they were back, it's like Bart-Mangled Banner they moved back from France and were going to another town then next episode they were back in Springfield what?

The show's 500th episode, and everybody is mean to the Simpsons. Come on! We waited 500 episodes for that? That everybody secretly hated the Simpsons? Worst episode yet and should be higher on the list.

Thanks Obama, Thanks Bieber, and Thanks Annoying Orange!

Stupid. Just stupid. - SamKoffsky

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27 Large Marge

Marge is not sexy people

This was funny!

Large Marge was an OK episode, if you ignore the sexist jokes, its kind of funny. Quite underrated too - RickyReeves

Haw haw

28 Co-Dependent's Day
29 Bye Bye Nerdie (Season 12)


30 A Star Is Born Again
31 Elementary School Musical

That's one of the episodes in south park Lol I'm a big south park fan and I love the Simpsons except the treehouse of horror episodes because there plain weird in my opinion Hey I love that episode too

This episode is just boring! - rishal21

. I love this episode! How could you call it bad? Its hard to sing while playing... guitars.

32 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

Lisa made her own Barbie parody doll because Malibu Stacey was going stale. They introduced a new hat for the latest edition, not caring that an 8 year old made the doll. Malibu Stacey sucks.

Lisa the is why no one like you

Simpsons genwunners (A term I made up ) say that Lisa used to be smart and now she is a sjw, but she was a sjw in this episode, gotcha, old timers >

The hate for Lisa is really annoying, oh its because she's a girl like Marge is a woman. If Maggie starts school oh no.

Because all female things suck and women are treated like objects.

33 The Principal and the Pauper

It just messed up the whole thing with Principal Skinner. The fact that you knew his story but then apparently it was all a lie is ridiculous. It's much funnier that Agnes is his real mother than that she's some other guy's mother. A waste of Martin Sheen. - Doulou

Even though him being an imposter was stupid, it was still a funny episode except for that bit.

Skinner is exposed as a fake. The shark is jumped.

"Keep looking shocked and move slowly towards the cake..."

Quoted as the episode the Simpsons jumped the shark - DapperPickle

34 Eight Misbehavin'

This was great!

It was funny

This episode is great! whoever put it on the list is a phantomstrider fanboy - ShaunFan04

35 The Fool Monty
36 Moe Goes From Rags To Riches

Why Did That Rag's Backstory Have to Involve The Simpsons! And Why Would a Rag Formerly Be a Quilt?


37 Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass

Who wants to bring faith to the Super Bowl and make respected sports players do insulting victory moves?!

38 Simpson Safari

Very very poor episode. Has very weak humor and is not very interesting. - ThatEpicDude

A very bad episode with a weak plot and bad humor. - ThatEpicDude

39 Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble
40 Mona Leaves-a

The most sad episode ever - TrueWolf99

Homer's mother dies. The shark gets jumped far more than last time.

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