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61 Lisa's Rival V 1 Comment
62 Cape Feare

So overrated just like Last Exit To Springfield. Everyone acts like babies because it has been running for way too long.

YOU people are idiots. This is one of the greatest episodes of all time.

This episode should NOT be on this list - RickyReeves

The rakes bit was boring.

V 3 Comments
63 Homer's Phobia

This episode is just completely homophobic, and not even in a funny way.


Homophobic and barbaric

he's homer not Stan Smith..

64 Treehouse of Horror XX

The very worst Halloween Special, without doubt. - PositronWildhawk

65 24 Minutes

Damn, why do people hate this episode? As an actual "24"-fan myself, this parody is hilarious!

66 Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song

What the hell that episode was sorta funny because I'm just 13 the jokes go over my head

67 Angry Dad: The Movie

This episode was hilarious though! I guess there are too many Hillary supporters in this thread.

Bart makes Homer look like a running gag in his stupid movie. that's just mean

68 The D'oh-cial Network
69 Homer's Enemy

One of my favorites. Doesn't deserve a mention near any of these others

What is this episode doing here?!

Yeah. Very bad. (sarcasm)

Nope a classic- DO NOT VOTE FIR THIS!

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70 MoneyBart

Trust Me, You'll Want to Kill Lisa When You Watch This Episode

The episode itself is good but I felt... Disturbed by the intro! - micdanchris

Lisa as a Coach Sucks

71 Some Enchanted Evening

Don't watch the original. The animation was so bad that 70% of it had to be redone. - Goatworlds

What? I love this episode! But the animation sucks.

Not only was it a disappointment that Ms Botz got away, but it was also quite scary with the idea that the babysitter was a bandit.

72 Lost Verizon
73 Holidays of Future Passed V 2 Comments
74 Million Dollar Abie
75 The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, and Her Homer
76 Treehouse of Horror XXI
77 Once Upon A Time In Springfield

This episode gave me a heart attack. I feel sorry for Bart and milhouse cause I saw then rolling on the floor and the episode is too girly.

Krusty gets booted. Insane shark-jumper, though this was a half-decent 22 minutes...

78 Homerland V 1 Comment
79 Little Big Girl

Bart Running Away With A Teenage Girl Who Has A Baby! Perfect Plot (Sarcasm) - rjbarg042

80 The Fabulous Faker Boy

Justin Bieber is such a dork on the Simpsons he the bully

No Offense, But Family Guy Did it Better.

Stupid Justin Bieber on the simpsons

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