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81 Lisa the Treehugger

All the worst aspects of later Simpsons' garbage writing and narrative structure crossed with everything we hate about Lisa, turned up to 11 in order to glorify ecoterrorism.

And that insipid closing credits log song is like aural cancer.

82 Every Man's Dream
83 The Devil Wears Nada V 1 Comment
84 Saturdays of Thunder
85 Lisa The Drama Queen

Such lame episode. Equalia sucks - Disturbedpotato

86 Treehouse of Horror XXI
87 Worst Episode Ever

Worst Episode Ever on the worst simpsons episodes list that has to be funny

I didn't even have to watch it to know that it's bad.

Same worst episode duplicate. Very funny

Just look at the title! Laugh out loud!

V 2 Comments
88 The Blue and the Gray

My favorite part is when Jimbo said "Go, Granny, Go"

89 Wedding for Disaster
90 The Bob Next Door
91 How Munched Is That Birdie In the Window?
92 You Kent Always Say What You Want

Why don't we ever SEE the swear, I mean they could of done something like ****

Kent Brockman gets fired for cursing. The shark-jumping inches 0.839 centimeters higher.

93 Gone Maggie Gone
94 Rosebud V 1 Comment
95 The Book Job
96 Eeny Teeny Maya Moe

I like this one! It gives a good message.

97 Homer of Seville
98 Lost Our Lisa
99 Double Double Boy in Trouble

WHAATT?! This episode is so AWESOME! How come the 2000's episodes get so much hate?!

100 Pygmoelian
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