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81 The D'oh-cial Network
82 Homer's Enemy

One of my favorites. Doesn't deserve a mention near any of these others

What is this episode doing here?!

Yeah. Very bad. (sarcasm)

Nope a classic- DO NOT VOTE FIR THIS!

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83 MoneyBart

Trust Me, You'll Want to Kill Lisa When You Watch This Episode

The episode itself is good but I felt... Disturbed by the intro! - micdanchris

Lisa as a Coach Sucks

84 Some Enchanted Evening

Don't watch the original. The animation was so bad that 70% of it had to be redone. - Goatworlds

What? I love this episode! But the animation sucks.

Not only was it a disappointment that Ms Botz got away, but it was also quite scary with the idea that the babysitter was a bandit.

85 Lost Verizon
86 Holidays of Future Passed V 2 Comments
87 Million Dollar Abie
88 The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, and Her Homer
89 Treehouse of Horror XXI
90 Once Upon A Time In Springfield

This episode gave me a heart attack. I feel sorry for Bart and milhouse cause I saw then rolling on the floor and the episode is too girly.

Krusty gets booted. Insane shark-jumper, though this was a half-decent 22 minutes...

91 Homerland

Wasn't funny in any way

92 Little Big Girl

Bart Running Away With A Teenage Girl Who Has A Baby! Perfect Plot (Sarcasm) - rjbarg042

93 The Fabulous Faker Boy

Justin Bieber is such a dork on the Simpsons he the bully

Stupid Justin Bieber on the simpsons

I hate this episode

Ah it's the Bieber bashing bitches.

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94 Last Exit to Springfield

One of the most overrated episodes ever. I don't care what you say.

95 Every Man's Dream
96 Lisa The Drama Queen

Such lame episode. Equalia sucks - Disturbedpotato

97 Bart vs. Australia

You know I don't care for this episode. The concept about Bart playing a prank call on Australia and some jokes just kills it for me. I'm not going to disappoint myself of seeing Bart mooning those Aussies and the ending involving cane toads ruining the country. I'm an Aussie and God, this tears it apart!

I love this episode. Don't take it too seriously! - RickyReeves

So offensive to Australia

It Was Only Meh
And This Is Being Said From A Guy Who Lives In Australia(I Really Do Live There)

98 The Blue and the Gray

My favorite part is when Jimbo said "Go, Granny, Go"

99 Treehouse of Horror X
100 Wedding for Disaster
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