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121 New Kids on the Blecch

My favourite episode but Lisa did my head in - TheRealSilverlay

Er no Lisa was actually quite smart to the others.
Could you please stop slagging off female characters, just because you think women are objects or should still be housewives with no career.

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122 Pranks and Greens

I hate this episode so much.

The story had potential. Bart finds there is a master of pranks that once went to his school who did a huge prank on Skinner. Sounds exciting enough, but once he finds him, Bart suddenly decides he needs to change him. I can't even beging to explain how stupid this is. Basically the prankster is 19 and pretty much acts like any regular 19 year old. Except that he's more obsessed with pranks. This somehow upsets Bart as he now thinks he's a loser.
So in the end the prankster gets a job and ages some 20 extra years, and Bart is happy.

And then there's the boring and forgettable substory about Marge and greens and Maggie. I kind of forgot what happened in it, which is a shame since this episode needed a good substory to distract from the terrible main story.

This episode was boring and infuriating.

Lady is just mike & cookie

123 Treehouse of Horror XI
124 What Animated Women Want

The episode sucked but I LOVED the intro! - micdanchris

The Title Breaks The Fourth Wall

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125 Blame it on Lisa
126 A Streetcar Named Marge

But everyone goes on and on about how the 90s episodes are the best and new ones suk! 111! 111!

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127 Fat Man and Little Boy
128 Simpsons Christmas Stories
129 Covercraft

Homer forms a cover band and the only covers we hear are from some lame '80s band. How is Fox still moving forward?!

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130 The Springfield Files

Not a bad episode, except from where Mr.Burns comes out at first.

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131 The Food Wife

I love this episode

Pretty dumb

132 Marge Be Not Proud

That store owner deserves to get his ass kicked

133 I Won't Be Home For Christmas

Whoever Wrote This Episode Must Have Been Really Depressed.

134 Bart Gets an "F"

Season 2 was my favourite season because it had my favourite episode in which is Three Men and a Comic Book, but this one is so bad!

135 Secrets Of A Successful Marriage
136 Pray Anything
137 Don't Fear The Roofer
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