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121 Bart Gets an "F"

Season 2 was my favourite season because it had my favourite episode in which is Three Men and a Comic Book, but this one is so bad!

122 Secrets Of A Successful Marriage
123 Pray Anything
124 Don't Fear The Roofer
125 Worst Episode Ever

Worst Episode Ever on the worst simpsons episodes list that has to be funny

I didn't even have to watch it to know that it's bad.

Same worst episode duplicate. Very funny

Just look at the title! Laugh out loud!

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126 Bart vs. Thanksgiving

I love this episode why the hell is this on here

Funny part Bart destroy lisa thanksgiving she has made something

This is pretty much Bart from the modern Simpsons episodes

127 What Animated Women Want

The episode sucked but I LOVED the intro! - micdanchris

The Title Breaks The Fourth Wall

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128 A Streetcar Named Marge

But everyone goes on and on about how the 90s episodes are the best and new ones suk! 111! 111!

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129 Simpsons Christmas Stories
130 Treehouse of Horror X
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