Top 10 Worst Singers of 2022

These singers sucked in 2021 and are likely to suck again in 2022. More singers who definitely suck in 2022 will later be added.
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1 6ix9ine Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69 or simply Tekashi, is an American rapper.

Get him back to jail now! No one wants to hear the skittle man scream insults and stupid words.

Stupid pedophile snitch needs to go back to jail.

I can't believe he's out of jail.

2 Tones and I

How did she get so famous in the first place?! And how does anyone with a good taste in music like "Dance Monkey"? The choice of instrumental music, along with the sound of her voice (even my sister when she was two sang better than that!) makes the song horrible, a waste of 3 minutes, and, if you listen to the backround music combined with her squeaky voice, it's also pretty depressing. 0/10.

Let's not talk about this chick's vocals. She really needs to take singing lessons if she wants to become a household name. If not, she can just stop singing.

Her songs are much worser every releases. Her vocals sounds annoying at all. Her songs are generic.

When will she realize she sucks at singing?

3 Kid Rock Robert James Ritchie Sr., known professionally as Kid Rock, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, musician, record producer, activist, minister and actor.

This dude has become a parody of himself.

4 Tom MacDonald

Let's stop giving attention to Tommy the McDonald Clown.

5 Corey Feldman Corey Scott Feldman is an American actor and singer. He became well known during the 1980s, with roles as a youth in films such as The Fox and the Hound, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, The Goonies, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, Gremlins and The 'Burbs.

Why is this guy so desperately clinging to a music career when he can't even sing? There is absolutely nothing appealing about his "music".

Just listen to a song off of his 2016 album "Angelic 2 The Core" and you'll understand why he's on this list. It's so much fun seeing Anthony Fantano roast him though.

I love Corey Feldman's movies. This does not mean I think he is a good singer. I $ you corey but just no. Please stop.

He's an actor so he should be stuck at acting.

6 Gayle

A faux-punk Olivia Rodrigo who's very likely to be a one-hit wonder. She also sounds like Tate McRae's rebellious sister and a relative to Blackbear.

7 Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.
8 ppcocaine

She's extremely annoying but it's better to ignore her.

9 Payden McKnight
10 Tory Lanez Daystar Peterson, better known by his stage name Tory Lanez, is a Canadian rapper and singer. He received major recognition from the mixtape Lost Cause and the singles, "Say It," and "Luv", which peaked at number 23, and 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively.

He never had any charisma to begin with and he shot Megan Thee Stallion. Any artist who did such horrible acts deserves to be cancelled.

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11 Adam Levine Adam Noah Levine is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5. more.

Everything he and his "band" need is a well-deserved break. His vocals sound so slurred and impassionate these days.

12 Dahvie Vanity David Jesus Torres, better known by his stage name Dahvie Vanity, is an American singer-songwriter and rapper born on September 5, 1984, who is best known as one half of Crunkcore duo Blood on the Dance Floor and as the face and creative mind behind Industrial project Sinners are Winners. He is also more.

I know he didn't release any new songs in 2021, but this pedophile deserves to be here anyways.

13 Sia

Not only is she an ableist, but on her latest songs, she sounds like she's trying to be at her most annoying possible. Success has definitely gone to Sia's head and she desperately needs a break from the spotlight if she wants to come back stronger.

I've listened to a few of her older songs, and they were good, but all her newer songs are trash.

14 Submarine Man Water Handblast (born Ardy Robert Andrews) better known by his name Submarine Man, is an American rapper known for his songs that heavily feature lyrics about foot fetishes as well as heavily autotuned vocals.
15 Jesy Nelson

She's had one of the worst solo career debuts in recent memory with her debut single "Boyz", which was simply a disaster. Hopefully she will do better but I don't expect her to do so as she has no charisma whatsoever.

16 Jason Derulo Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known by his stage name Jason Derulo (an alternate spelling of his surname), is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is best known for his singles such as "Whatcha Say", "Ridin' Solo", "In My Head", "What If", "Wiggle", "Talk Dirty", "Trumpets" and "Want To Want more.

He's never been a great singer and I don't understand how he's still making hits today. He also gets into fights.

17 Lil Mosquito Disease Denzel Brown, better known by his stage name Lil Mosquito Disease is an American rapper known for his song "Trombone Attacc". He is signed to Flex Entertainment.
18 Lil Droptop Golf Cart
19 42 Dugg
20 Anitta

Just a Brazilian singer who tried to jump into the reggaeton bandwagon but failed. She also tried to bring back twerking in her videos, but this is better left unseen nowadays.

21 Axl Rose William Bruce Rose Jr., better known as 'Axl Rose', is an American singer born on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana. He Is the founder and lead singer of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses. He is a celebrated but controversial figure in the world of rock.

He's a legend but I never liked his vocals and he's obnoxious as a person. Also, the songs he released with GN'R last year are awful.

22 Aaron Lewis Aaron Lewis is an American musician, who is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and founding member of the rock group Staind, with whom he has released seven studio albums.
23 Wiz Khalifa Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born on September 8, 1987.
24 Sarah Brand

Have you ever heard her songs Red Dress and American Rap Gap? If you haven't, you probably wouldn't want to here those (you definitely can if you want to though) because she is very off key on both of them and sounds like a dying whale. In my opinion AGR is worse because she is using autotune and sounds like a female version of Submarine Man in that song.

25 Ava Max

She was good at first but her newer music is incredibly boring and shows that she lacks personality.

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