And The Worst Singer Is... Miley Cyrus!

I am someone who listens to most genres of music. I am someone who plays music too. And being a NORMAL teenager, I think Miley Cyrus is the worst singer of this entire generation. Even the 80s topped her! I don't want to listen to some crybaby girl who thinks she sings better than her father (Who isn't exactly famous anymore) and pierce my ears along with it! Now, I think she should step out of the spoitlight and let those who deserve it (such as everyone who records themselves singing on YouTube) and just leave the music and movie business all together. I feel sorry for these girls and boys who see her as an Idol of some sort because she will be one of those child stars who end up in one of the worst situations possible if she keeps going. I would rather listen to the squeals of Mariah Carey than listen to Miley's "Mariah-Cizing!" I'm pretty sure she's paid to terrorize people. Seriously. When she came out, I turned the radio OFF. That was how bad she was at her career.


there is no more real musicians who create real music
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YURR- HUR - Godisawesome1

You are being inaccurate here. There are lots of real musicians who create real music nowadays still (e.G. , Kendrick Lamar). - SelfDestruct

Muse still make good music today. Try looking Muse up and ignore the pop crap. - visitor

MILEY CYRUS SUCKS!!!!! - visitor

She sucks!
I agree...
#puke - mahta

Miley cyrus is hot - visitor

Yeah, she's cute. - Alpha101

Miley Cyrus is NOT the worst singer of all time, she is the #1 Teen singer of all time, and the richest...She is the #2 Best Female singer of the teens, right behind Brittney Spears, Miley has sold over 40 million records worldwide, thats like over 10 million records per year, she is the #1 Singer for the Children (hannah montana), and in her future she'll be famous just like Madonna, and dude....NEVER judge a book by it's cover.....She is like the next Madonna around here...everyone LUVS her in Canada..and there's like 32 million canadians here, and she is the top 100 most successful Music Artists of ALL time....she's actuaully going to be the SUCCESSFUL one - SmoothCriminal


WHO IZZ M**** CY***? - Godisawesome1

Liee. He/she loves selena for sure. Mr/ms. Whatshemacallit! Have you listened to "the driveway, when I look at you, 7 things, take me along, liberty walk? " I'm a musician, too. I've been playing violin since I was 7 & I've been playing acoustic guitar since I was 12 & I bought electric guitar when I just knew miley. & I'm now 18. I love miley cyrus more than michael jackson, jBiebs, usher, specially selena gomez, rihanna &...
I'm a girl but I feel ashamed when I see the other girls killing themselves to just have JB on their 1 kilometers range! - visitor

She's not that bad to me? She's probably almost the best girl country singer. (Taylor is best) - Alpha101

Hey don't be so cruel
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Yes I totaly agree with you on the fact that taylor is awesome - visitor

Some of the list is inaccurate. Justin Bieber deserves to be on the list, but not Miley Cyrus. I actually really like her. I love her music. - visitor

Miley Cyrus sucks. - visitor

What about 1d and 5sos? - visitor

She's surprisingly talented. I suppose that's the saddest part of her recent music. But because of her actions, I can't respect her. - keycha1n

She - visitor