Power to the Beliebers

There are so many people on here who are idiots, or at least they act like it. I hate it that so many people senselessly make comments on something they know very little about. Personally, I feel that while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some people feel the need to judge and insult others with no valid basis for such. While I can understand that many people, especially on here, do not like Justin Bieber, is it really fair to berate him when you obviously don't know what you're talking about. For example, lots of people are saying that his voice sounds too "girly", "gay" or "like a little kid". While at the beginning of his career, I may have understood, because he was still going through voice changes; But if someone were to say so now, I would simply have to resist the urge to slap them for saying something so ignorant. You haters obviously know nothing about Justin or his music. His voice, especially since it has gotten normal post-puberty, sounds much better than people like lady gaga, lil wayne or whoever you wish to call "talented musicians". He is also, while probably not the best, a very talented drummer, piano player, guitar player and trumpet player. He taught HIMSELF how to drum starting at the age of TWO! Most of you were probably still crawling around and learning how to talk. Furthermore, his looks, talents, and personality give him a contagious charm. But most of all, he had a dream to make it big as a singer and HE WENT FOR IT! No matter how many people discouraged him, dissed him, and rejected him, he NEVER GAVE UP and look at where he is now! He is an inspiration to millions worldwide to do what you love without caring what others think and to NEVER SAY NEVER!

That's all for now. POWER TO THE BELIEBERS!


Freddie Mercury can crush him at anything - visitor

SO agreed - visitor

Any singer can crush him at anything HE IS THE WORST! - visitor

Freddie Mercury is the best. He can even crush Eminem. - visitor

Nope, Just nope, Hatsune Miku is still a better singer. - visitor

I am sorry to say but he killed real music, missy. He is just NOT good, he doesn't sound good and if you DID listen to real music, you would certainly understand. Freddie Mercury had a real singing voice. And you can call me a hater all you want, but I am just stating the facts. - visitor

Bieber can't sing and the only reason he has fans because girls think he's he hot. - visitor

He ain't an inspiration at ALL! If you compared him and Wale, I bet Wale would crush him at anything! - SelfDestruct

This bieber fever is so annoying. you need to get your facts straight and listen to some real music rather than some cheap commercial songs.
And talking about the haters, FYI, we are the audience and we have every right to hate the celebrity that spoils the entertainment for us.
And by the way, he no inspiration for anyone. - visitor

*sigh* - RiverClanRocks

No power to any Beliebers. Power to the Musers - visitor