Singers Rant: Kylie Minogue

NickelodeonYesAddminNo Since it's May 28th (Kylie Minogue's birthday), I'm gonna make a rant on her. She's a bad person and a terrible singer overall. She can't act either. I will talk about her personality, her music and her acting on television.

Her personality: She's a pretty bad person who made several bad things and embarrassing stuff in her life. She wants to flirt with every guy she sees. She even flirted with guys on other places. No wonder why she got kicked out of BBC and ITV. No one wants to deal with her stupidity anymore. All she does is screw everything up and it gives herself a bad name. She's also extremely annoying. She annoyed a lot of people, non-stop. She's probably one of the biggest spoiled brats of all time. She even had an easy life compared to most singers/celebrities. Kylie Minogue also thinks she's better than everyone else when she's not. All she does is piss everyone off and she acts like an idiot. Her attitude is also extremely unpleasant and uncool. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. She can also be extremely hypocritical. She isn't a good person at all. Kylie is one of the whiniest people of all time. She caused a lot of drama as well. She's also a fake. She's an overall disgusting tramp with a terrible attitude who likes to cause a bunch of controversies.

Her music: Her music is an abomination. All of her songs are effortless, bad, annoying, stupid and even unoriginal. I bet she didn't took any time to create/record all of her songs. Her songs are extremely bad and it's not even normal music. All she relies on is autotune. She's also trying to copy Madonna. At least Madonna can sing better than Kylie Minogue. All of her songs are annoying and terrible. She has no talent, whatsoever and she can't sing either. Her singing voice sounds like she wants to flirt everyone. Her most popular songs are horrendous especially "Can't Get You Out of My Head", "Love At First Sight", "Spinning Around" and "Locomotion." These songs are extremely bad and way too overplayed. Why do they still play these horrible songs on the radio? It annoys the heck out of a lot of people. I don't understand why the song "Can't Get You Out of My Head" is one of the most popular songs of all time. It's not even good at all, it's a terrible song that shouldn't have existed at the first place. The music video of "Can't Get You Out of My Head" is extremely bad and utterly stupid. It doesn't even make any sense at all. All of her music videos are bad as well. None of Kylie's songs are good. They're not even creative. All she wants is money and fame without working for it. She doesn't have any talent, whatsoever.

Her acting on TV shows: She can't act at all. Her acting ranges from mediocre to abysmal. She doesn't even pay attention to the script and decides to flirt with other guys instead. Kylie Minogue is acting the same way like what Kim Kardashian would probably do. Her soap operas are extremely sappy and generic. She also has her own TV show (The Kylie Show) and it's a horrific disgrace. Her acting is plain bad. She needs to stop flirting with other people and pay attention the script.

In overall, Kylie Minogue is one of the worst singers of all time. She's also very inappropriate because she has done a lot of stupid things like flirting with men and causing a bunch of drama. She can't act at all. She only cares about the money and nothing else. Her personality isn't good at all. Her own TV show sucks and she's a terrible actress.

My final opinion on Kylie Minogue: I think she's one of the worst singers of all time and all of her songs are extremely bad and unoriginal. I hate when these talentless tramps get fame without actually doing a decent job. She needs to retire from the music industry and leave everyone alone. Kylie Minogue's music and her acting aren't entertainment at all, it's just plain torture. If you want to listen to better music, listen to AC/DC, Mike Oldfield, Blink-182 and etc... Don't waste your time listening to Kylie Minogue's Music. Also, don't watch her TV show either, it's really bad. Also, every time I hear the song "Can't Get You Out of My Head" at a store/restaurant I try to cover my ears, I sometimes take my phone and I put a different song, then put it on my ear or I just leave the building for a few minutes and come back a bit later.


I agree 100%. Kylie Minogue isn’t my least favourite singer/person, but she sucks as a singer and a celebrity. You explained it well. - Userguy44

Ugh I hate her. Such a fame slut. UN-Happy birthday to her lol. - visitor

Kyle Minogue is so ungrateful. - visitor

She's irrelevant, you only give her more clout when ya submit her to every negative list. - visitor

This was Kat I think - Userguy44

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