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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


I used to actually kind of liked Justin. Since I'm an avid listener of Japanese songs, I can actually tolerate strange (err... Unique) voices and I can name at least 3 singers with worse voices and a lot with worse songs. But it wasn't his songs or his voice that made me hate him. It was his attitude.

When his first single comes out, I actually think the song is pretty decent, and I put it in my Mp3. Although, whenever girls are gathering and squealing about him, I just raise an eyebrow, chuckle, and put on my earphones with Leona Lewis and Yuki Kajiura playing. I also have to admit he's actually cute and can dance, which is a plus.

I hate him ever since he went and made a concert in my country. His fans are gathering in the airport just to greet him and see a glimpse of him. And what did he do? He went through the backside because his fans are 'annoyingly loud and made the air stuffy' despite most has been standing for, like, I've hours just to see him. And then there's ...more

With what has to be the worst Singer of all time, this corrupt, stupid, annoying as hell, and migraine giving brat, Justin Bieber is in my opinion the WORST singer. Listening to his music sounds hearing finger nails scraping a black board. In the past of his life, he has done SO many horrible things. Let's take the egging for example. Justin speeds in his Neighbor's territory and annoys the hell outta him. So he eggs the neighbor's home and gets taken to jail. Most of you may have seen his bratty appearance in court and him flipping the judge off. He's very, very immature as well. It's surprising how all he does is give people migraines and just is a brat, and still gets awards and fans. That's not what he should get in return. He should have no fame whatsoever, or be famous. I have never felt the urge to bash my head so hard into the wall to block out his voice. My head would hurt less if I were to do that rather than hearing his voice. Thankfully, after having to research how stupid ...more - Horrible_Username

Oh my God. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who thinks Bieber is a better singer than THE Freddie Mercury will never see the light of day again. That is insane. Kid in my class keeps ramblin' bout Bieber and saying' how awesome he is. I just tell her: "That's great. Good for you. But if Bieber has a tribute concert, it wouldn't be NEARLY as good as Freddie's. Long live Queen. " And this could go on, but I know I'm right. Who's with me?
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury.

Justin Bieber is awful, he sounds like a girl, wears about as much make up as a girl, and tries to rap for some reason. But I could forgive all of that if anytime I voiced my negative opinion about him, I want accused of being jealous of him. I don't hate him because to hate him Id actually have to care what happens to him. And why is Eminem on this list? This is a list for singers and he is a rapper. Even if the list was just artists, Eminem is better than Justin Bieber anyway. Even in Hailie's song which he sings to his daughter, its still more bearable than Justin Bieber.

The three worst Bs, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Bieber
Like seriously? My school only banned music players because they found out girls were playing JB. SCREW HIM!

No duh he's the worst singer! Horrible! He didn't get in because of talent, he only got in because of his huge abs and nice tan. His lyrics are disturbing and disgusting, and his videos are cringe-worthy. He can't sing. He ENJOYS treating women like sex toys and has NO PROBLEM WITH and actually ENJOYS being labeled as a sex addict. In every song and video he's ready to have sex. Either that, or he thinks you're a loser. He has no respect for his body, and he treats his fans TERRIBLY. He thinks he's all that just because one YouTube cover made him famous. I'm surprised he even HAS fans, who are more like a cult, as they CUT for him. He's a HOERIBLE ROLE MODEL. In music, you have AWESOMENESS, Mehs, Trash, and then Justin Bieber who's so trashy he has his own section. He RUINED SELENA GOMEZ. TAKE his creepy and pointless song lyrics, his disturbing and disgusting videos, and his ugly porn star image, Bieber is the king of bad music. If you want REAL MALE TALENT, listen to Owl City and ...more

WH... WHAT?! Justin Bieber is only #2?! You people can't HONESTLY be serious. I mean Justin Bieber has way too much fame than he honestly deserves. He sings like he's eight years old because this kid hasn't even hit puberty yet, and his fan base is just a bunch of 9-13 year old girls who probably don't realize just how lame this person would be if his singing wasn't so "good".

Hi. I am a teenage girl, unlike most kids my age, I believe Justin (or should I say "Justine") Bieber has NO TALENT WHATSOEVER! A. She thinks she has swag and whatnot, but she can't sing at all.B. she is overexposed to the entire celebrity industry. I am fed up with Usher for making this girl famous. Who agrees with me?

No duh he's the worst singer. Horrible! He didn't get in to the business because of TALENT, that's for sure! He only got in because of his huge abs and nice tan. His lyrics are disturbing and disgusting, and his videos are cringeworthy. He can't sing. He ENJOYS being labeled as a sex deviant and really WANTS to be labeled as a sex deviant. Gives men a terrible name! In every song he's smirking and ready to sleep around. His facial expressions are creepy and pointless, and his songs are pointless and stupid. Whenever he makes his voice go really high or low, it really freaks me out. He has NO RESPECT for his body and thinks he's all that just because one YouTube cover made him famous. Why is he nominated Best Male Artist when he can't sing? His fake looks are what got him here nothing more. He is destroying men's reputation, and turning young boys into prostitutes and perverts. He's the worst role model ever.

Baby, Baby, Baby OH NO! I sing like I'm crawling Out OF... A giant elephants BUTTOCKS! Won't you harpoon me tonight!?

When he sings on the radio, I ask my mom to look back to make sure no one's DYING in the car behind us!

The 3 worst Bs of life: Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Bieber!

Watch Justin Bieber Killed on CSI on YouTube Hilarious!

JB h8ers forever

I honestly think that Justin is not a bad singer but I will tell you one thing, I wasn't a huge fan like screaming girls but I do like a little of his songs but I won't want to listen to him anymore when he releases a new song because he was treats his fans like crap and that he thinks he is better than anyone else, I don't like it so I honestly will never wanna meet Justin Bieber because what if he talks to me like crap, or maybe make fun of me in anyway? Maybe when Justin Bieber becomes a good person again like in the past and if he was not a dick, and a douchebag maybe I would like his songs more and be looking forward to his new songs released this year (or if he doesn't maybe it's because he was being naughty). Honestly I like singers/bands/musicians like Queen, Eagles, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Elton John, James Arthur etc. they are all better than Justin Bieber's songs/music to be honest, I am the one who has great taste of music both old and new.

Really, I do NOT enjoy trashing this kid constantly, like the other haters floating around. But still, a fury is triggered inside me whenever some obnoxious, ignorant fan girl claims that Bieber is "the best artist ever". I honestly don't have anything against his music (I don't like it, F.Y.I. ), it's just ludicrous to claim that this feminine pop star has more talent than Led Zeppelin, or Queen, or The Who, or Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, or Pink Floyd, or especially the Beatles. End of discussion.

First of all, everyone says all tween girls are beliebers, well, I am 12 and I am a girl, and I could torture him to death. So, please, stop insulting us children.
I have never hated a singer as much as him. He is racist, he hates Linkin Park, he thinks he is better than Michael Jackson, he spits on his fans, most of his songs sound like a girl murmuring in her sleep, he has been to jail 5 times and still treats himself as a king, he thinks he is the coolest guy in the world, he egged his poor neighbour's house, he treats his fans like trash, the list is endless. His songs are not that good. He should get a top tens account and see how much hate he gets. Boo Justin beaver!

It is almost sad that he calls himself a singer. It is even sadder to know that all of his "fans" don't know what real music is because they've been hypnotized. I listen to Thrash metal, heavy metal, rock, punk rock and all of the other stuff that is actual music. Those are some examples of real music. Every "fan" of Justin's that I know says that the stuff I listen to is "evil". Wake up!

He is by far the worst.. I hate him. He should be number one. He sounds like a little girl. I really really really really hate him. Why can't he give up as a singer and be a poor old man instead? Nobody likes him except for some crazy girls. How can anybody like him? That's my question.

I am downright disgusted with Justin Bieber. He's a racist, he's rude, his so called "music" is awful, he's not as good looking as his fangirls try to make him out to be, and he spits on people, even his own fans. In fact, there was a time when he refused to meet a fan just because he wasn't getting paid to do it. I don't think I will ever understand how this little turd even has any fans. He's a joke! I hate how all the real musicians are dying little by little and they're being replaced with trash musicians like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, etc., who are doing nothing but disgracing the music industry.

Anyone who claims this is real music is going to hell. Seriously, going straight to hell. Id rather rip my ears off than listen to this. - AchillesLastStand

Where do I even start with this hoe? There's a reason I don't listen to his music: they all sound like he's asking for sex, or he's half-naked and ready to have sex. A few sexual songs is fine but the amount he has is HORRIFIC. He has NO PROBLEM with and actually WANTS to be labeled as a perv. He's racist, sexist, homophobic, and disgusting. He has ruined my favorite singer, Selena Gomez. His lyrics sound like they were written by a two-year old who just finished watching South Park. The jungle noises in Sorry were extremely pointless and freaky. He is even more immature than a zoo animal.

He is so unbelievably bad! I mean think about it, how does he actually think of himself when he watches his own performances? I would wanna kill myself to be honest. And why is Eminem here? That is such bull, his Lyrics is so good and well made because it always fits in well with the theme and the music of the song which are also really good, and his rhymes ARE poetry. So yea, you can call him a legend :D

There's so many terrible singers, but Justin Bieber is just the worst. He's so mean to his fans, and his music, even his later music, is awful. Did anyone catch the HALO Awards on Nickelodeon (I don't really like new Nickelodeon, but my cousin wanted to watch it), and he gave this little speech that was all about being nice to people and all of the terrible things that had been happening. Me and my cousin both knew that he was totally faking it, because he knows nothing about being nice to others. I kind of feel bad for Canadians because Justin Bieber is from there.

Okay people listen up! Justin Bieber has tortured us for long enough! We can make a difference. WE can use the internet to take Justin Boober down! Click on my username, send me a message that says your behind me, friend me, and use wwhat ever you can to get Justin Bieber! Give us some ideas! And use can send these messages to hello2 too. Let's do this! - Pikachulover1

I don't like him, but I do feel bad that ninety percent of the world hates and screams at him when they see him... There are celebrities that have done way worse things then him (although I do agree that what Justin Beiber done is not considered "acceptable"), so I just don't understand why he gets so much hate? I mean, he's still a person, right? But of course I won't judge others on hating him, and if you put down death threats I won't get involved... - Flowersocks2137

Make it stop! I beg you! Stop his music immediately before the World ends! Because of him the girl I love does not want to hang out with me. He ruined my and many other lives. World, this ugly pet is yours, KICK HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE

When I first heard his/her song, I thought that the singer was a girl and later I came to know that it was Justin? Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud very funny indeed.
He is so girlish. Laugh out loud
When compared to legendary singers like Chester Bennington of the great Linkin Park he is nothing at all.

There's a reason I don't listen to his music. He and his music are disturbing and disgusting. In his music videos he's ready to sleep around. His lyrics sound like they were written by a 2-year old who just finished watching South Park. He even "howls" in Boyfriend which is one of the freakiest things I've heard. I could totally see him in a cage at the zoo. Oh and Bieber, your abs are fake. Everyone knows