Miley Cyrus

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Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.


When I first listened to we can't stop, I fell into a deep depression, I stopped eating, rarely left the house, I shut myself in my room for nearly a year wondering "how, how can something like this have been made, I don't think ill ever be able to enjoy life again" I eventually fell into a coma from which I spent a week until I recovered, they then sent me to a special clinic for treatment, there were others there like me. I met this one guy who whilst flicking through radio stations in his car on the highway had been exposed to 5 seconds of anaconda by nicki minaj...he then purposefully drove his car off of a bridge. He survived luckily with only a missing leg, broken back, 6 broken ribs, shattered collarbone and blindness in 1 eye. The treatment was quite simple, they made us listen to the doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the smiths etc to remind us that there is hope left in the world and I left a week later fully cured. My point is that millet Cyrus nearly killed me and that's ...more


Why in the world is Eminem anywhere near this list? He is so amazing and talented and the things he raps about are so real and relatable I love him, everyone who listens to him loves him and everyone who sees him loves him. I am also a big fan of Justin Timberlake, everyone who says his voice is too high that's THE POINT, he is trying to sing like that and it sounds amazing. Not to mention he is extremely funny. (Anyone ever watched Saturday Night Live? )

She always has her tongue out how does she do it? She used to be lots of little girls role models by Hannah Montana now she is half naked on the mtv awards real classy

What the biggest problem with her is that she just can't stand the popularity of other singers who are actually good. So she's just trying out new ways to get the fame and attention from others. And those silly stupid ways are doing nothing but just taking her down and drawing her some negative attention. She should better try to be clean and simple at first. Cause if she's really got any talent it would certainly get recognised some day. There is no need of singing with your clothes off and doing stuffs like twerking to get the spotlight Miley!

She used to be a good country girl who never let fame get to her. That was the age if Hannah Montana. Then she decided she wanted more fame, goof or bad. Now she is exotic and dresses in showy dresses. She is bad for children. I used to look up to her. Now it's the opposite. Her Wrecking Ball video is just absurd. And her hair! She wears it in those tiny balls up on her head. Stupid!

Her music isn't any better than Justin Bieber. And she's been looking so desperate lately, it's disgusting. If I was her, I'd be embarrassed- literally. Why do all the good musicians- real musicians- always have to be replaced by crap musicians? How can anyone even call them musicians? They do nothing but disgrace the music industry and poison people's mind.

I absolutely hate this brat. Her voice is about as pleasing as nails on a chalkboard. Her costar, Emily Osment from Hannah Montana sings better than she could ever sing.

When Miley covered "Jolene" it sounded really good. I'm so frustrated that she put out "bangerz" its just not in her wheelhouse. She should be singing straight-ahead country because she has the right tone and vibrato for it. She has the ability to tell a story and sing well without auto-tune. She shouldn't reduce herself to what the industry and consumers think is good music (auto-tuned crap, surgically edited, every single word punched in, no dynamics, no contrast texturally etc). Its really uncomfortable to watch when she tries to be a sexpot. I think she's just having a laugh, honestly, but she should just pull the plug on that. lol

You guys actually think that Miley Cyrus is number 1 on best singer. Sure she has a great voice but she's not number 1. I would rather hear rebecca black sing its friday with a bullhorn right. Miley Cyrus is and will never be number 1 on best singers CAUSE SHE SUCKS

Justin Bieber is crap. Rebecca Black is crap. Miley is worse.

This girl cannot act, and sucks like hell at singing. She should just go home and be like Jamie Lynn Spears for all I care. God she's terrible. And the only people who like her are little girls between the ages of 7-13. For Christ's sake get a real audience you ninny! - jprg12

I first heard her sing the movie The Last Song. I remember thinking that they should have cast someone who had a nice voice and could sing. I had no idea that she actually was a "singer" in real life. Have tried to listen to the Can't Stop song but can't make it past the first few seconds. Like finger nails on a chalk board...

She use to be all cute, but when she got that ugly haircut and did the music video for Wrecking Ball, which was complete vomit. She is a good girl gone bad, really bad...

She's a ugly git with narrowed eyes who sounds like a cracking whip only even worse. Katy Perry is way better than this git and Miley is dumb. Her songs don't make sense and I think she is worse than Justin Bieber! All you people who like her are just as stupid and ugly!

Never liked Miley, but why the hell is Hayley Williams on this list, I mean I'm not a fan of paramore but she can sing, and Jared leto? Seriously? He's a good singer as well, didn't bother checking the rest of this list after I saw those names, I didn't want to die inside if I saw anyone else on here who actually has a good voice. I Will say though Miley Cyrus definitely has a sucky voice.

She was good. Though I hated the music video for wrecking ball, it's not a bad song. But sadly, that was her last good song. She isn't that bad of a person, she's just going crazy because of being a child star. Go back to your good girl roots Miley and you'd be awesome again.

Terrible. I have no words to describe how bad she is. Not just her singing, but everything else, too. Her voice sounds like Yoshi being strangled to death by the worst flute player in the world. Not even kidding. - HollyMaxSpencer

Ill. I've always hated her. For years I've hated her.
Why is Fergie and Lady Gaga here!?!

She should be the worst singer in the world!!!! - avrilforever

She brags about never having had a singing lesson. Are we supposed to be surprised? Haha. Her poor father..

All the people on this list have good voices or they wouldn't be famous. But Miley Cyrus performs in the 'wrong way' and wears tight clothes to get attention. She's nothing like she used to be, people say she's 'growing up', but she's a bad influence.

We all know why she is on this list, because she SUCKS. She lead so many people away from real music. Hannah Montana, oh wait, Hannah who? Looks like everyone forgot about her or she finally died.

It's not singing talent that has given her success, it's endless promotion by Disney and her father! When they hear her name on TV EVERYDAY, kids buy her CDS! It's that simple. - r5lark

In your face Justyna! Miley is rubbish, aswell as the Jo Bro's@! They make me sick! And atleast Shaki isn't No. 1, whoever voted 4 her! U complete & utter TWIT! Read No. 58! What a sick lie! This is the truth! SHAKIRA RULES & MILEY CYRUS DRULES! - shakirabigfan