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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Why is she so overrated?! These fans are so blinded that they actually think she sings good. Sorry she has never sounded good at all! Why did Disney have to turn her into a singer? She was a way better actress! Honestly people only talk about her looks and how pretty she is and can't even adimit that she cannot sing a damn note correctly! People only focus on how amazing she looks while performing but not on how the performance actually went! Like the actual singing part of it because nobody wants to admit that she sucks! Why couldn't she have just stuck to acting? I've never been a fan of her music and probably never will. People say she's improved in singing over the years but seriously be realistic. Has she really? Just look at any recent live performance of hers (that isn't lip synced or pre recorded) then see for yourselves and just be honest for goodness sake!

She has already admitted she knows she doesn't sing well (via Duran interview). I just want to know why she is pursuing that type of career if she already knows she can't sing? Someone make her stop performing at award shows too. Her performances are terrible from boring, awkward hand movements (slow songs) to awkward dance routines (fast songs). Girl can't sing nor can she dance so should just stop trying or work 1000x harder because what she's doing isn't working.. I'm getting so sick of having these talentless/mediocre types of people get the spotlight. There are way more talented people more deserving... I respected her more when she didn't sing..

Okay I usually don't hate on "artist" but at least Justin Bieber can sing and so can Miley, it's their actions that make them so dislikable. But Selena Gomez is a average actress, but my god she cannot sing if her life depended on it. Just look at her live, her back up singers are louder and sound better than her. If she has one thing going for her its her looks and the fact that she is somewhat of a decent actress and looks won't last forever.

Selena isn't all that. To the person who likes Selena you need to shut up. I have heard her live in concert and she is horrible. Her notes are all flat and off key and you can tell that she is all auto tune enhanced. Like many other celebrities, she mainly got her big break because she was a pretty girl, and starred in a mediocre Disney show. Selena is nothing special. Like her ex, she's only famous because she is pretty. She has no talent whatsoever when you look deeper then her face!

Beautiful girl, but zero vocal control. Probably a sweet person and well-intentioned but she takes slots away from real vocalists because she's a commercial branding tool. Whenever someone like Selena performs at an awardshow a real singer is denied a showcase. There simply isn't any artistry here or really any hard work at actual singing. Anyone can make a studio album like that now with the songwriters and producers doing the actual work and "clean-up" of this type of vocal. Its time the world WAKES up and stops supporting the music in the top of the charts that is simply created to SELL MERCHANDISE (clothes, lifestyle, hair, etc). Real music is in abundance, but unfortunately you have to search harder for it.

I like Selena and everything, but honestly, she should be higher up on the list. I like some of her songs, but she's a studio singer. Her live performances aren't good at all. Anyone who says she shouldn't be on the list at all is in denial. She seems like a lovely person, but she isn't a good singer.

I think people only like her because of her sweet image and a body, they don't give a crap of singing either way they're going to say shes better then Miley and demi. Also she doesn't write any of her songs in which I think she shouldn't be called a singer I mean now she starts dancing as well when she can't even sing

Seriously? 11? She should be at 1. A dying walrus sounds better than her. My sister's a fan and I sometimes get a feeling that maybe she's tone deaf. When I hear selena singing I pity all those talented singers who don't get chances and here she is ruining for them. Just stop singing selena. You're really pretty and not that bad at acting. Just stick with acting.

Why is she not #1? Most of the singers on this list are here because they're global icons, and thus naturally attract haters. Not Selena Gomez. She is genuinely is among the worst singers in pop music. A very poor live singer, she can hardly hit pitches and struggles constantly.

So overrated... Her voice isn't awful, but she is simply average. Average singers should not be famous or sell out stadiums. It truly baffles me and makes me sad how many other people actually have amazing talent, but people like her make it.

If you've ever heard her live and than compare that to how many fans she has worldwide you wonder if they can just get anyone pretty off the street and turn them into an international superstar (who can't even sing)

Honestly, I was a fan when I watched Wizards of Waverly Place, but when she branched out and started singing full time, I was like, "okay, she's pretty good. " Then, I heard her live on the Ellen DeGeneres show and my eyes were opened to how talent-less she actually is. - staceyy97

Oh my gosh, she is so overrated! Her face is SO ugly. How can Justin Bieber like her? Her Acting is terrible, as so her singing! - Flowerwave

She is absolutely the only things that are good at her concerts are the costumes and dancing. People only like her cause she's 99.9% which others call pretty. She's so bad I can't stand her if I wanted to hear selena sing I was ask a screeching cat to come to my house for 2 hours and it's completely free but it's the same dammmnnn thing.

I think that Selena Gomez is a beautiful,talented,loyal and grateful human being. Selena Gomez cares about everyone. She doesn't let anyone get to her that truely shows how strong and independent she really is. Selena is so loyal to her fans (selenators) she treats them like they're family. She doesn't sing and act for the money or the fame. She does it because it's something she loves and is passionate for. Singing and acting is her life,if she let whag people said about her get to her she wouldn't be here today Shen wouldn't be here to sing or act she would of quit. But Selena Gomez is not a quitter she's the type of person who sets goals for herself and succeeds and learns from her mistakes. A lot of people say she's horrible and all the stuff about her that is just disappointing. What has she ever done wrong? People say she's only known because of her and justing or her Disney channel carrier. She is known to so many people because she loyal,grateful and a gorgeous person inside ...more

People with question here is the answer, she only got fans because she looks cute and innocent in front of everyone and they don't realize it because they're too brainwashed to know about it.

Shes a fake all of her songs are the same and boring and stupid

! Please Selena if you have a heart, please shut up.
I wanted to vote for Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus but they are already number 1 and 2

She is not a good singer. I don't understand how she is praised that she sings good. There are such great singer's our there. She is does not have the voice.

She is honestly a great actor but her singing is the worst! Whenever I hear her song on the radio I am like "Is there a volume lower then mute?!? "

Why the hell is Miley Cyrus number 2 and Selena Gomez at 13?! Please compare their live performances and then decide.

Lip sync fail. People only like her because she looks like good looking teen. And her fans are the most dumbest, delusional, brainwashed

She's horrible you guys should hear her without autotune because she sounds nothing like she does on the radio or the music video

She should never whine over someone even if she still likes that person she should learn to move on

GReat actress. Horrible singer! Whenever I hear her song my ears bleed! She can't even sing live within lip syncing