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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


I am shocked that not only is everybody super disrespectful about others' opinions, but that people don't realize how much effort Taylor swift has put into her music. Whether you like her voice or not is an opinion, but the effort she puts into her songs and music is factual. Did you guys know that she wrote a WHOLE ALBUM (Speak Now) BY HERSELF? She is a hard worker and she also tries in everything she does. She writes or co-writes all her songs (meaning she doesn't sing songs written by someone else unless she partly wrote it), she is a great actress, she is so clean which is wonderful for small kids because nowadays, you don't find many clean artists, she loves her fans, SHE WROTE A SONG DEDICATED TO HER MOM AND FAMILY, and she has a great image. And for those who say all she sings about is boys, well I can list numerous songs that AREN'T about men or relationships with men: A Place in This World (about her trying to fit in), Tied Together With a Smile (a song for s friend about ...more

Taylor Swift may be pretty, but she is not that great as a musician. All she ever sings about are her ex boyfriends and constantly comparing herself to popular people, which really does get old. I know a lot of people sympathize, and I understand that, but how many songs about your ex boyfriends can you possibly do before you do something different? It's one thing to be a musician, but have a variety of theme to your music. But when all you can ever sing about are your ex boyfriends and comparing yourself to popular people and nothing else, that's sad and it gets old. In fact, it not only gets old, but it makes you sound kinda needy.

Taylor used to make good music, but now her music sounds disgusting. She can't even do pop. The pop she does sounds terrible. She just uses lyrics that typical bad pop singers use and repetitive language. Have you seen the live performances? People think she can sing because it kind of sounds like the studio version. The only reason because of that is because she never adds anything new to her songs. I think she is a disgrace to singers. Her voice is nothing new, and she doesn't use it properly in her songs. She's going to easy on herself and is not using her voice to make it sound good. Taylor is too overrated. DONE!

In the past I would have said Taylor's saving grace despite her limited vocal talents was that she was a brilliant songwriter. Since she started working with Max Martin and Shellback I'm not so sure about the latter anymore. As with Katy Perry it's hard to tell where Martin ends and Swift begins, or just whose artistic statements are reflected in her songs. She never was true country before and she has never been a great vocalist, but her songs at least had some heart and soul prior to "1989." Now it's the same nasally Chipmunk-esque voice singing generic pop songs that are virtually interchangeable with the ones Martin and Shellback create for Perry, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and others. It feels like it's not her artistic vision anymore as much as it is Martin and Shellback's. - ChrisInMI

Yes it is much more than just singing who ever wrote that. But this list is about singing and she is a very mediocre singer. Maybe she should just write songs and let singers who are better at that craft sing them. May also give her more time to come up with more varied themes in her writing. Some of us are just more impressed with other artist that are more than mediocre. I'm actually quite picky with my music listening anyway and she can be passed. Not impressed and there nothing new there anyway that I haven't heard a million times before. HO Hum!

The only reason why this girl is famous is because of Kanye West, her music sucks and she shouldn't even be famous the sound of her voice is terrible and she is so inconsistent live its not even funny the only thing this girl has going for her is auto tune which although it still makes her sound bad nothing is worse then her live,

(all her fans are the most obnoxious people I've ever met, if you go somewhere with them all they do is play her music and talk about her and if you say you hate her it's the end of the world like for real)


She does one country song and she is now eligible for CMA awards (which she wins) even though the stuff she does now is nothing close to country. And her music... It is terrible. Then again so is 95% of popular 21st century music. But hers is the worst maybe besides Nicky Minaj. Taylor Swift gets with boys for the sole purpose of breaking up with them so she can write a song about it and make some $$$. And she's also uglier than Lady Gaga. I have no idea why people think she is pretty. - mister83e

Not welcome in New York or elsewhere.

Just because YOU "love her" and call anyone who thinks otherwise a "hater" doesn't make Swift the greatest singer ever to walk this earth.

She's whiny, self-centred, unoriginal and relies on autotune. Oh, I just put a negative comment. Call me a "hater", peeps.

Taylor Swift not only makes her listeners ears bleed, but everything she sings about is just breaking up. Shut up! We don't care how many boys dumped you or how many you dumped, we have honestly heard you sing 20 different songs about the same exact things! I know a lot of people have said this already, but its worth saying again, since repeating the same thing over, and over, and over again doesn't make people as annoyed as me!

All of the songs Taylor writes these days are about her breaking up with/getting mad with a boy. Examples of these songs are; Never Getting Back Together, Bad Blood, Mean and Trouble. Adele will usually sing about being broken hearted, but Adele actually puts EMOTION into her songs. Meanwhile, Taylor gets all the attention from little girls. Just... go listen to When We Were Young if you want an incredibly powerful and emotional song about breaking up/ being broken hearted. =3

Just pure pop bubble gum crap. Hey just like every other song in the top 40 even 100. None of it is intelligent. Get out of the top 100 and away from trendy. Excellent music is not supposed to be trendy. Trendy things are usually awful and repetitive. People become programed and don't even realize it. Pop music is so the same time after time after time. Just redundant and musically simple.

She's awful. Not only her voice is weak and pedestrian, but she can't even sing in tune. When she tries to belt (emphasis on "tries"), she sounds like nails on chalkboard and generally flat. She doesn't have a lower register to speak of, and her weak-ass falsetto is worse than Britney Spears'. Overall, one of the worst singers in mainstream music, along with her BFF Selena Gomes.

Just because YOU "love her" and call anyone who thinks otherwise a "hater" does not make Swift the most amazing singer ever to walk this earth.

She's so whiny and unoriginal and relies on autotune. I just stated a negative review - call me a "hater", peeps.

Taylor Swift is boring and she can't sing at all.

She is the epitome of everything I hate about the music industry. Switching to a more popular genre to get more fans (read: earn more money), doing product endorsements for massive companies, writing the same song over and over again to make her millions, and being so artificial. You can tell she doesn't want to talk or sing to people; she wants their money.

Taylor is a performer, nothing more. She wants you to think she is an artist and she writes her own music, but if the truth was told, you would find that she is a liar and uses ghostwriters. Every song is edited and auto tuned because she cannot sing. Her image is protected in order to make money. There isn't a bigger fake artist than Taylor Swift.

Miley may not be a good singer but when she love, she love with all her heart. She is with the same guy (Liam Hemsworth) for 8 years! EIGHT YEARS! Taylor Swift can never do that! She may have a awesome voice but all she need is attention. She make boyfriend every year only for paparazzi attention. She make boyfriends only to leave them after some months and write breakup songs about them. She even removed her albums from Spotify so people buy them and she can be at number one. Money and attention is essential to her.

"All of her songs are about her ex boyfriends" What about...
Welcome to New York
Shake it Off
The Best Day
Long Live
Bad Blood
The Lucky One
A place in this world
Safe and Sound
Sweeter than Fiction
The Outside
Tied Together with a Smile

And more!
I'll admit that she's not the best singer, but people need to stop saying that all of her songs are about her ex boyfriends.

She is a TERRIBLE singer. She has like 5 notes of vocal range and when she tries to belt she goes flat 99% of the time. Her low notes are non-existent and her high notes shouted. She doesn't have stamina or a good volume output. Her sense of pitch is terrible. Her singing skill, musicality and melismata are terrible in every possible way.

When I saw her name.. I was literally jumpin. Keep voting haters (aka wise people).
To be honest she has gained all her popularity because of her dumb cuteness. On looking closely she's not even cute.
All sing about is break up, break up and break up only. Doesn't she know that people are getting irritated by her " THAT GUY CHEATED ON ME... OHH I'm so HEARTBROKEN" songs? -. -

We don't no if she makes her songs about her break ups or not but still Taylor Swift is making herself be someone who she really isn't because of all the hate. Quit blaming celebrity's for something they don't no affects you. They don't know you so they wouldn't know what you feel like.

So keep it simple and live a life you can control instead of a mouth full of negative words.

Taylor's a princess who knows her prince will never come. Acting like a victim, she gets others to hate the "huge jerk" who dumped her. I'm starting to think that she's starting breakups for the money. After all, she makes millions on her scheme!

Stick to writing songs for fifteen year old girls but let some one else sing them. Great song writer awful singer.

I don't hate her.She is a well mannered singer with a good voice but all she seek is more and more attention which is sad. She need new boyfriend once a year, all for attention. Recently she dumped Calvin Harris and now she is dating Tom. I am pretty sure she is going to write a breakup song about Harris. Then she is going to write a song about Tom next year after planned breakup. No real love.