Scarred For Life: Justin Bieber

Welcome back to Scarred For Life. Today we take a look at the music industry and one of the most hated monsters in it, Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is the most hated person on Earth. Even kids that never listened to his songs went on the bandwagon and gives this man as much hate as possible (which was me when I was younger but I grew up) But is he really as bad as everyone says? Let's find out.

He is always said to have a horrible voice that sounds like a girl and makes your ears bleed to death. I have to admit, some songs are exactly like that, like As Long As You Love Me and Eenie Meenie. However, recently he got better. A few examples include Despacito (which means Slowly. See guys? I can speak Spanish too. Not fluently though) and 2u. However, I have to clean up a misconception. Most people claim he can't sing. He actually can. Yes, I said it. Justin Bieber, the monstrosity of music, can actually sing. Sure, it's usually brainless, horrible, cliched, and overplayed, but it's still singing. At some points his singing is bearable and rarely even passable. And occasionally a good song by him was thrown my way. Like "woah. That was good". However, that's rarely a case. Usually all his songs are at average. Some are lucky enough to get higher. Some though…oh god.

Oh god…anyway, Justin Bieber has a really bad personality. If I had to name every single thing he did, then I need a separate post and a table of contents and an index. Then I call it JB's Little Book. Anyway, here's a few of them. He talks trash about his fans, threw up on a stage once, was late at a concert, called a fan a freaking whale, and called the Beatles a crap band. Yeah, JB is so friendly. But he isn't so bad. I mean, he only got arrested 3 goddamn times. Yes, I can't make this up. He went to jail. Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. If you couldn't tell, he is a major jerk and I wonder how Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande even fell in love with him and fought over him. Speaking of which, Justin also beat up Selena. Hmm, I wonder why that's familiar. He also needs to go to anger management class. He also is too young to handle anything including fame effectively. I'm not saying he doesn't know how to. He does. He just can't handle all that fame with efficiency. Now I am not saying I could do better. If anything, I'd get the reward for the worst at managing fame. I think that JB could prove himself by trying to actually manage fame properly and be nicer. Sure, I admit that at some points, he's nice, but most of the time, he's a terrible person. I don't need to go on since the internet has basically covered this topic.

My Opinion: now I find JB to be extremely overhated. He is mainly disliked for him awful personality but some take it too far. They hate his music. Sure some of that is justifiable, but then some just make no sense and only get hate because Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber and Justin Freaking Bieber. But do you know what else deserves hate?

Blood On The Dance Floor (aka My Ears In A Hospital)
Okay, who even prefers "Love Like Voodoo" over "Baby"?! This poor excuse of a band should get just as much hate as Bieber. At least Bieber gave me 2u, Love Yourself, and Despacito. BOTDF has no good songs. The only one close is Ressurection Spell and that one was atrocious. It was only good because it was terrible but passible. The leader, Dahvie Vanity, sucks at writing lyrics ("MY C** 'S SO CHUNKY IT'S LIKE AN OREO MCFLURRY". Need I say more?) and is a pedophile. The fact that they have fans and are considered "singers and musicians" is much worse than Justin Bieber having fans and being considered a singer and musician. Justin may be a guy that pissed in a mop bucket and got drunk, but he doesn't sink to BOTDF levels of terrible. Crunkcore doesn't really even count as a genre with BOTDF and BrokenCyde around.

Overall: Justin Bieber is really only hated for his personality when it comes to me. He's overhated and it's a shame that some people (*cough* *cough* BOTDF *cough*) don't get as much hate as JB does. He clearly isn't worse than Energon since he actually has some good stuff. So he's 2nd place for now.

🥇Transformers Energon
🥈Justin Bieber


I agree, Dahvie Vanity is a pedophile, at least JB isn't a pedophile. Baby is better than any BOTDF song. - visitor

"Okay, who even prefers "Love Like Voodoo" over "Baby"?! "

oh... whoops - ProPanda