Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


Bustin jieber is worse than hitler, osama bin laden, himmler, stalin, and kony combined. Worst "man" ever. I feel bad for his fans. They have to suffer under his satan-like music, yet they don't even know they're suffering under his wrath because he brainwashed them. He wants money. I'm sure he's a distant relative of hitler or any of those terrible men I have mentioned above. Rebecca Black just needed time to get used to her career. Justin Hi- er, I mean Bieber, however cannot sing. Saying he sucks at singing is a compliment. I wish he'd commit suicide like h-man. At least h-man had a brain... Justin hi- I mean bieber should be erased from the universe and hell. I don't even think satan even wants him in hell. Justin Hitler ain't worth the poop he poops. That's right. His own feces is worth more than that nazi. I feel bad for his relatives. When he dies, he should be cremated, then his ashes should be shot into space. When he dies, beliebers will be free of his curse and ...more

He is not a good person, but he is just mean to his fans. Those terrorists you mentioned are much worse, and you said all of them combined aren't as bad? They killed people, Justin Bieber didn't. His new stuff is actually decent, What do you mean might be in my top 10 best songs of 2015. And you say he is worse than all those terrorists combined? What the heck is wrong with you? I need to see if you can report a comment, because that was just plain rude. - 445956

I have a little bit to say about JB. Now, I have nothing against this kid, I really don't, but his music is just now my cup of tea. It's not, but there are a few things that tick me off about Justin Beiber. First of all some people are comparing him to Michael Jackson. Look, if you've been around long enough to listen to good music, than you know that Michael Jackson was and always will be a better artist than Justin Beiber. Michael Jackson had talent, and Justin Beiber doesn't, and his songs aren't all that good. I mean, come on! There will never be another Michael Jackson, he was and always will be one of the greatest entertainers of all time. MJ did so much better than JB. It's kinda like basketball. Michael Jordan was amazing, and no one in my opinion will be better than him. Michael Jordan will always be the best basketball player. In basketball people compare Jordan to Lebron, when Jordan wins every time. Wow, everyone wants to be like Mike. The second thing that ticks me off ...more

This guy is a disgrace to the music industry, My God even if I hate 1D, I find 1D better than that douche. Justin Bieber insulted us Asians, he makes cheap music, his sings like a girl, he was compared to Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain, he hates metal all because he can't play the solo in "Fade to Black", he insulted one of his fans, he thinks haters are just jealous (I'm not jealous, I'm just 13 and I'm already having puberty while you looked like a girl when you created that "Baby" crap), he brainwashed minds of many girls, he thinks The Beatles are crap, he insulted Selena Gomez (Selena insulted Bieber back, and he deserved it), he is just another wannabe gangster, he thinks he is swag (he just ruined the word swag for me) and his sister thinks he has more swag than Jesus Christ (I'm pretty sure it's a sin)
I'm sick of this guy, the only reason he won Grammy Awards despite his terrible music is because of his brainwashed "Beliebers". He doesn't deserve those ...more

Good grief! This man just doesn't know when to stop stripping does he? I know people who look up to him as a role model and inspiration but as I can see, there is nothing inspirational or great about him. His abs are so fake, it's not even funny, and his clothes set a bad example for teens. All of them are low-riding and it probably wouldn't make any difference if they COMPLETELY FELL OFF! Parents are afraid of their kids acting more like One Direction than him. His Love Yourself song was degrading and wrong on multiple levels and his Baby song was repetitive and annoying. He even HOWLS in Boyfriend (the STUPIDEST song I ever heard) which was freaky and wrong on so many levels. His voice is just downright annoying and it sounds like a strangled monkey. Normally I would vote trash like Chris Brown, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes, etc but Justin Bieber absolutely disgusts me. His fans are blinded by his "charms" and they can't see past his fake abs and annoying ...more


I can't tell who sings higher, him or Alvin and the Chipmunks, Justin Bieber has no talent he steals songs from other bands and all he sings about is LOVE. Heck, if it weren't for computers Justin Beaver wouldn't even have a career. Oh and what were they THINKING giving him a MOVIE he just isn't that good. Luckily it seems that the teen girls are more in to One Direction as I've been hearing about them on the news instead of Bieber. So Bieber's 15 minutes of fame seems to be ending just like the Jonas Brothers but for now Bieber is still kinda popular and we can only hope Justin will stop making music [I've listened to One Direction before and they are FAR better than Justin you know who]

Bieber, you are nothing but an idiot who produces absolutely dire music which even a baby wouldn't listen to! Your songs are tuneless, you have no talent whatsoever and you don't deserve any worldwide fame! I hope you die a loner in a ditch! Also, I've never seen anyone look so ugly or look like an utter twat or jerk!

The fact you have NO morals whatsoever really does show that you're just a thick-skinned, arrogant turd who cannot see how you get in trouble with the police! And I wouldn't be surprised if you got a stash of illegal drugs and got a life sentence no parole! I just hope you go die in a volcano, then no more crappy music would make millions of normal people suffer with agony! You're just a dim with no concept of how to lead a normal life.

Good grief! This man doesn't know when to put on a shirt does he? I know someone who looks up to him as a role model and inspiration, but there is NOTHING inspiration or great about him. Except for his washboard abs which everyone knows are implanted, to make him look "sexy." His song "Boyfriend" was trashy and wrong on so many levels, and his "Baby" song was disgusting. All of his songs are about sleeping around with multiple women. His voice is downright annoying and his songs sound like they could be a porn soundtrack. I really hate him and I know that he sucks. Running around topless at concerts and making racist parodies and singing about sleeping around? Great role model (NOT! )! His fans can't see past his fake abs.

I'm a girl and I flat out despise Justin Bieber. I can't even stand his face alone. He's a sorry excuse for a musician. Why anyone even likes Justin Bieber is beyond my knowledge. He sucks, he's a douchebag (even towards his fans), he's not sexy at all, he's a racist, and despite how stupid he is, he's arrogant and full of himself. A complete and total joke! It's sad that all the real musicians are leaving us and they're being replaced by all of these stupid crap musicians, such as this little turd. What's this world coming to? Why can't we get all the good musicians back and get rid of all these jokers who THINK they're musicians?

Child singing children's songs to his children's fans. Anyone who has a taste for music, do not listen to the music of a spoiled child. Matter of fact, his singing, and singing other retard, as Nicky Minay, Rihanna, One Direction... We can not call it music. Music is the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and others, it is music that has a meaning, and that is full of emotion.

I am sick of this whiny lesbian who thinks she can sing she deserves the number 1 spot on the worst singer ever.I don't understand why people like her SHE IS ANNOYING.Also she uses Autotune which is as annoying as Cee Lo Green.Also WHY IS OZZY ON THIS LIST?!.No way just no Ozzy is one of the best singers.But I just wished that Justin Bieber stayed in Canada and now we have a Swag epidemic because of this douche.

Bieber, you can't sing at all I can't believe that baby, your song became famous after gangnam style.
Be who you are. Don't think you are a gangster because you're not. I can't stand all of your songs:
Never say never
Beauty and a beat
That power
One less lonely girl
One time
As long as you love me
Love me
All that matters
All I want for Christmas is you
Wait for a minute
Somebody to love

Just be like Macklemore or you suck

This idiot makes me cry. I don't even listen to him, but just his existence has ruined the world. He caused global warming, cancer, war, world hunger, nudist communes, and everything bad. The family that raised him should be ashamed. What an ugly little girl.

When Eric Cartman shows up in real life, he'll bring the giant monster from season 14 of South Park and squash Justin Bieber with his giant finger tips and we'll see how the girls likes it or not!

There's a reason why I hate him and I don't listen to his music. He has NO PROBLEM with and actually ENJOYS being labeled as a sex deviant. His lyrics sound like they were written by a 2-year old who just finished watching South Park. He even "howls" in Boyfriend which is one of the freakiest things I've ever heard. He sings about nothing but sex. It's fine to have a few sexual songs but the AMOUNT he has is horrific. And don't get me started on the videos. He's a TERRIBLE role model to boys

Justin Bieber, you can't sing. You don't have a talent. You can't sing. The only ones who like you are some girls and 3 year old kids. I hated you even when I had 3. My mother liked ONLY TWO of your songs (As Long As You Love Me And Boyfriend) and I couldn't understand how she liked them, when she decides to play them, I run away in my room, shut my ears with the pillow and with my hands waiting for that AWFUL SONGS to end. I hope one day you'll wake up realizing YOU CAN'T SING AND YOU ARE TERRIBLE! Nicki Minaj suck, but you are WAY WORSE! GET IT?!

Dear Justin beiber,
I hope you die. You should know that by now. When you where born you ruined music as long as you keep singing. You fail at everything and I hope that the 7 year old kids that like you grow up and and kill you. I think you are fake and a lair. Acting like someone you are not. What I'm trying to say is you Will die alone with cats and you will be lonely. My wish is that you will die in a hole.

No duh he's the worst singer ever. Horrible! He didn't get in the bizz based on talent that's for sure. He only got in because he has washboard muscles and a huge chest. His lyrics are disturbing and disgusting,and his videos are cringeworthy. He can't sing. He ENJOYS being labeled as a sex deviant and really WANTS to be labeled as a sex deviant. Gives men a terrible name! In every song he's asking for sex and ready to have sex. His facial expressions are creepy and pointless, and his songs are pointless and stupid. Whenever he makes his voice go really high or low it freaks the hell out of me. He has NO RESPECT for his body and thinks he's all that just because one YouTube cover made him famous. Why is he nominated Best Male Artist when can't sing? His fake looks are what got him in, and nothing more. He is destroying men's reputation with his freaky as hell music.

Okay you all can shut your hating mouths. Justin is right his haters are jealous because they know they aren't as gorgeous or as talented as he is. And before you say anything I am a Belieber and I always will be. Okay. Justin is an inspiration. Let me explain. He fell when he was 19. He was just trying to be a kid which he never had time to do because he was talented as a kid and he became famous so early. But, when he fell he rose up higher than ever. Now he is an underwear model, has a new album and is going on a world tour. Also, he wasn't even looking for fame when his mom posted his videos on YouTube. He just wanted to share his talent with his family that couldn't be with him. Justin's voice is a blessing okay. You don't have to love him like his Beliebers do. You don't even have to like him. However you will not just sit there saying he has no talent. Everyone says he has no talent but look at your self. You are pathetic. You just sit on your phone or at your computer writing ...more

Justin Bieber's music is geared towards 8-year-old girls. It sucks in every way possible. Also, Justin Bieber is a terrible singer. He copies Michael Jackson, who is a much better singer, and he eggs houses, drinks underage, smokes pot, and drag-races. His lyrics make you want to barf, and I understand anyone who has thrown a water bottle at him. You suck, Justin!

Is it a boy? No. Is it a girl? No. What the heck is it a genetic mutation of a girl fused together turning into a flower? Girls must think your suppose to be in miss American pageant miss

I just wish one of his songs had piano, feelings, TRUE love, inspiration, or SOMETHING. I know he had one song, "Mistletoe" which I heard on Radio Disney. It was nice and sweet, it had feelings, his hair was neat and tamed, no crazy locks. No talking about sex. Just beauty and emotions. But I HATE him and I think he deserves this place. But singers like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande don't belong on this list at all.

He WAS a handsome man in 2012, where he wore decent clothing, suits, tamed hair, no tattoos, and he had a nice smile. His eyes sparkled. However, afterwards, that handsome Bieber was dead and gone. I wonder how his mom feels when she sees her son running around topless at concerts, or when she hears him singing about sleeping around with girls. My mom would cut my behind.

You Justin beiber, are the most utterly idiotic, trashy, woman I've ever seen. I wish you will kindly step on a Lego and get nuked from orbit all the way to Pluto were a thousand rabid spiders will kill you. Also WHY IS OZZY NO.16 he is the greatest metal singer EVER! He doesn't deserve this hate. Firkin Beliebers

He is not talented and that's why I don't like him. Because I personally know a lot of people that have worked way harder than him and they have more talent than him but nobody knows them. I judge him because of the fact that he has no talent, I can't judge him because of his personality, because I don't know him but I don't think it's fair that he's getting that much attention when he's clearly a bad singer.