Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rapper / pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. more.


I have to say singers along with her is really bad. Stupid hoe and Anaconda has the sexual subject which really turned down music. Guys remember the old days! No sexual stuff but a whole variant of subjects! And yes including Sir mix A lots Baby got back, but still there were a whole variant! Now a days, same subject about the same thing. Jason derulo wiggle is about ass. Anaconda is about ass. And Booty by Jennifer Lopez is about ass. SEE THAT SAME SUBJECT!. in the old days, it was just golden. All of the old years! Like Daft punk, Michael Jackson, elvis Presley, the Beatles, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THEM USE THE SEXUAL SUBJECT. NEVER! THE SINGERS TODAY SHOULD BE LIKE THEM.

Of course, she's way worse than Justin Bieber! Even though he is a total douche, at least he has a singing voice and he could improve his music if he wanted. Watch him performing Let it be, the guy can at least play the piano meaning he is aware there's a thing called melody. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, is an insult to the concept of art as an act of beauty. This is horrible.

Okay, so she has a lot of deep, emotional songs such as "Grand Piano", but there's a good majority of music from her out there that I really just can't stand such as "Anaconda" and "Only", two songs that are the antithesis and archenemy of music. She is honestly famous because she has a huge butt and boobs. Plus, her voice is pretty bad and her control is questionable. - DCfnaf

She's a demonic, literally demonic, scary little danger to the world. Maybe she needs help, although I'm not sure how someone could help her. She's been once caught camera shape shifting where her eyes turn pointy like a cat's sit was creepy I couldn't sleep. I'm going to stay far far away from that mound of trouble. Goodness!

Well, Nicki is like a good woman rapper. Better than Iggy Azalea, in my opinion. She is actually pretty popular. She just acts like herself. But people pick on her 'cause of some of her videos. Such as beez in the trap, or anaconda, or other that involve sexual things. But in my opinion she is a good rapper.

I swear, this list is crappy list. Let me start:

1. Minaj is not a singer in the first place, she is a rapper. So whether or not her singing skills are good or not (in my opinion they are really good) shouldn't matter because that's not the rapper's goal.

2. These singers are very good. It's just their personalities people hate. I'm convinced this list was made strictly from jealous suburban kids who can't make it so they hate on these successful folk. The only ones I agree with voice wise is maybe Hilton and Black. come on, Ariana? Jackson? ELVIS? Tf

3. Most of these lists are opinionated, which is okay but most are very bogus. - TheMainReason

I respect her because I've read that she had a hard life growing up and she has been through so much but musically she's not a person that I would love to listen to.

She does her own thing in the industry and cool for her but people voting her for People's Choice as "Best hip hop artist" in a category with people like Kendrick Lamar and Drake? That's totally insane! People think she's original but in reality she's a carbon copy of Lil Kim.

Dear nicki I think your awesome you are a really good rapper all I think you need to do so that more people will like you is change your style show people how you really look show them the true you

I'm...actually starting to like her. Sure, she made "Anaconda" and "Only", but if you listen to "Turn Me On" and "Grand Piano" you'd believe she's actually not that terrible. - DCfnaf

I gotta admit she does have some good songs but a lot of them are annoying. She lip syncs and I wish her anaconda would go away and attack someone else's ears. She wastes all the talent she has as well with her crap lyrics about sex and getting high. She's a bad influence to little kids and twlevies like me

I dislike Nicki Minaj so much, I mean some of her songs are decent but her rapping is terrible and she made "Anaconda",which is one of the worst songs I have ever heard

Nicki Minaj is a stuck up girl who got plastic surgery because she thought she wasn't pretty honestly her voice reeks it's so high it's not evening a good quality

All of you people are haters and stupid people because Nicki Minaj is beautiful and talented and also she can be a little inappropriate but that's Nicki minaj at least she not like Miley Cyrus and changed from disney to trying to be sexy when her butt looks like a chickens ass

Stupid hoe is just really idiotic. Nicki minaj says you a stupid hoe when she's acting like one in the video. Also Anaconda's sexual has been really bad. The old days were true ones. Also The booty subject has been the same subject. For example, Booty is by Jennifer Lopez. the song is about Booty. Anaconda is the same thing because of the Sir Mix a Lot sample. You can clearly see they are the same. In the old days. The subject were variant which was good. It gets boring for the same subject. So I wouldn't think she is great

Seriously she stinks that's all I have 2 say she stinks. oh and you know whats even worst she is popular my dog and sing better

What does she do? She may be a nice person but there's no talent there. Her butt is just sloppy, so the beefaloes like her.

You can try to sing every style and you choose hip hop/rap. The worst style. And then you, singing it? Nah, just nah. Please don't. You're messed up.

Nicki Minaj is the worst rapper to ever hit the earth. I'd rather listen to Justin Bieber! Nicki is horrible

Nicki minaj: someone give me direction as me and my mouth do not know what I'm doing

I think she's alright singing but it's just better when she raps. I also think she's not bad as an artist despiting Anaconda

I love her rapping, the words she uses, her voice... it is a bit too much for her to be #3 make her#8 at least - Hgalaxy

She is the biggest jerk in the music industry. - 05yusuf09

Many people say that nicki minaj is a great role model and leader. WRONG. She is very inappropriate and immature in all of her song. All of her song involves twerking. I can't even understand what she says in her *cough cough* computerized music.

Her music lacks creativity. She's basically copying lady gaga. And all of her songs are about her ugly plastic ass.

Not true I don't know why nicki is in the top 10s of the worst singers. Nicki u are REALLY good and rapping. Just ignore the negative comments