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181 Brendon Urie Brendon Urie Brendon Boyd Urie, more commonly known as Brendon Urie, was born April 12, 1987, in St. George, Utah. He is an American singer, songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist. He is best own as the lead singer of the American pop-rock band Panic! At The Disco. He is the only original remaining member. more.

He is the best singer ever. I just wanted to see how far down he wold be. - RBMUSIC

He sounds like a strangled chipmunk. - thomwim

182 Awkarin
183 George Michael George Michael Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, known professionally by his stage name George Michael, was an English singer, songwriter, and record producer.
184 Shannon Noll
185 Kate Bush Kate Bush

Seriously? She released a crapload of great albums ever since The Kick Inside (the album that had "Wuthering Heights" and "The Man With the Child in His Eyes" on it) came out when she was 18. Not to mention the fact that she's been revered by, like, every musician ever and is among the most talented of all time. Some idiot probably placed her on here because said idiot hated Hounds of Love with a passion, especially "Running Up That Hill".

One the greatest and underrated female Artist. Her voice is incredible.

186 September

She can't sing, and pretend to be something, she stole style from someone else and said that Lady Gaga or Kerli stole her style

This list is messed up the people that are not on it should be!

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187 Jaden Smith Jaden Smith

Jaden is a singer? - RalphBob

Why the heck is he so low? - DCfnaf

188 Waka Flocka Flame Waka Flocka Flame Juaquin James Malphurs, better known by his stage name Waka Flocka Flame or simply Waka Flocka, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Rather be listening to Gorilla Zoe.

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189 Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham

Victoria has a great voice why is she here?

190 Shaun Ryder

Incoherent, mumbling style of "singing",. Yuk

191 Coco Jones Coco Jones Courtney "Coco" Jones is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She was born in Columbia, South Carolina, but raised in Lebanon, Tennessee.

I went to a 1D concert and she was the opening night and she made everyone scream to the top of their lungs for a picture of her.

192 Olly Murs Olly Murs

This guy is so fun! He is also a great dancer! Olly and he cheecky grin will keep you excited the whole night! :D

Olly murs is okay. at least he can do better music - Th3Zm0nst3r

I like him


Oh, what, you thought I was criticizing Olly Murs? No I was telling you one of his best songs.

What is he doing on here? - DCfnaf

193 Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter and musician. He was born in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Great at playing the guitar! And his voice he beautiful :') really knows how to get into the songs!

What no all you people are blind don't Judge a book by it's cover Ed is one of the best singers ever with great talent his voice his awesome

He can sing! He's an amazing songwriter

Actually, he's a great singer. - DCfnaf

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194 Emeli Sande

Gets so into her performance! Her voice is just epic! The scottish singer is great live

Another wannabe Leona Lewis.
There is just nothing special about her voice.
To the person below: To be born in Scotland doesn't make
You a Scot. Her Dad is Sambian, her Mom is English.
Amy MacDonald is Scottish.

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195 Jason Mraz Jason Mraz

I don't really like him but that's because I'm not a fan of acoustic music.

Why is he on the list?

" I'm yours" is so terrible. My eardrums almost died listening to it

196 Bobby Fischer

What This guy isn't even a singer.

UMM this guy is a famous chess player not even a singer O. O

He is legendary CHESS champion

This is hillarious

197 Michael Bolton Michael Bolton

Yes definitely one of most annoying voices I have ever heard.

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198 Mystikal

Who? - HollyleafOfThunderClan

199 Layne Staley Layne Staley Layne Thomas Staley was an American musician who served as the lead singer and co-songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains, which he founded with guitarist Jerry Cantrell in Seattle, Washington in 1987. Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s. more.

WHAT? This is clearly a joke.

Layne Staley is one of the best singers in history. He had a fabulous voice. Why are good singers on this list? What the hell is wrong with people?!

He made a generation, greatest voice, great lyrics, should not be on the list

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate how the lists on this website work? - Kfox101

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200 Luke Bryan Luke Bryan Thomas Luther Bryan, known professionally as Luke Bryan, is an American country music singer and songwriter.

I hate you Luke Bryan you sound like a constipated goose who is trying to lay an egg! By the way I'm 10

I'm probably the only one on this site that actually likes him. - DCfnaf

All country sucks - Th3Zm0nst3r

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