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Rebecca Black is a YouTube personality and singer who's infamous for her single "Friday," which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday".


Obiviously, I dunno why she's still singing... (I gonna say this as politely as possible) but she actually doesn't seem to have any talent what-so-ever.. I'm sorry... Maybe she would've been useful for something rather than singing or maybe her talent isn't singing. It could be writing a novel or an autobiography, or maybe she can design clothes. So anyways, she's doesn't deserve to become famous or death threats... Plus, I believe that her fame may be a bad influence to her and she honestly cannot sing as well as other celebs (the studio tends to use more autotune than "Friday" and that does not seem to be heroism. )

She sung one of the worst songs of all time and this is something that's always going to be a part of her and her career. In this industry, people tend to remember performers' first hits rather than later work. That's why Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez are still so famous. Because their first songs and albums were fantastic and even though right now they don't make the same quality of music, people still like them because they remember them from "back in the day". My point is that going into the industry with a strong first big hit is everything and Rebecca blew her opportunity to shine because even though her later songs (In your words, Person of interest) are much better than Friday people always remember that first song.

Honestly, Rebecca Black is overhated just because she made some bad song at the age of 13. First of all, she has gotten bullied a lot in her childhood, only to get bullied more in her teen years over a song. Second of all, she is really nice, people make up lies about her about being a spoiled brat and mean just for that song, and she can deal with bullying really well. Plus, she is going strong, not giving up on her dreams despite all the hate, and improving, and she is a great role model, no bad words in her songs and does not need to show skin to be famous. Third of all, her hate over a song does not affect her as a person, so it really needs to stop. - HollowAnime

She is really bad. I mean Justin Beiber's good at singing (but I don't particularly like his music) but seriously, they only hate him because they think he's a girl/girlish, but seriously, Rebecca Black made the worst song in the world.

Dear Rebecca,

Your voice is bad, your song Friday is unbelieveably real. And you made a song Saturday please just take a seat and stop singing that's all we are asking for.

Yet you are not good at singing you are smart pretty cute loveable and I believe in you that you can find a talent and I know you have one your only 17 or 18 so I'm sure you didn't find it yet. Listen patience is the key it might take a while but you got it in you. Just not singing don't feel bad a lot of people can't sing just maybe dance cheer a sport you could still be famous maybe even more famous but it's your decision.
Love, people who believe

In her Friday song,it sound like she sing like she reading with fast and I don't think she smart at making song.Her voice also terrible and that I think everyone have the same voice with her and how she can be a singer? - BeaM456

Does anyone care about her anymore? Her voice is awful and "Friday" sucked, but I think that her hatred was way too over the top in 2011. Overall, she probably deserves to be on this list, but nobody cares about her anymore, so she's not really top ten material. - DCfnaf

Rebecca Black is actually talented. Yes, in "Friday" she sounds horrible because she used a lot of autotune but if you listen to the covers of songs she puts on her YouTube channel, she is pretty good.

I mean, I hate this girl. She's ugly and thinks that she can sing. She just totally embarrassed herself. When she smiles, well, she doesn't, but she just stretches her lips. I also hate Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber but they at least can sing!

Saturday is worse! She thinks she finally learns how to sing, Wow serious! She thinks she's your cool chick by parting she's like in her 20's and in Friday i... just... can't no it's whinny she sounds worse then my little baby sister crying and screaming! her mom had to paid for her to be ''Famous'' but no.. you need talent girl! I heard this on the radio I mistaken her for a dying humpback whale in labor!

I actually think Black should be #1 since I hate friday. Although Justin Bieber is #1 on this list, I don't think he's the absolute worst singer because since late 2015, his music has been getting better. - Kid_ethinederland

I know Friday was terrible and unbearable but listen to her new song "The Great Divide" it's actually good and she has amazing vocals in it! She has improved a lot!

I don't even know why that song Friday was a hit if you look at the lyrics they are stupid too I think the people who liked the song were high and they were normal when she made Saturday

Rebecca Black isn't even a professional singer, so stop voting for her. I'm not saying that she has any talent whatsoever, but she doesn't count as a singer.

It's Friday Friday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
What other songs you gonna totally make up and auto tune them and lip sing them making you look wort

I think it's stupid that your hating her and threatening her because of Friday! She is a beautiful sweet girl, and actually has a great singing voice without auto tune.

I don't like Friday too much but it's better than my jeans. And also Rebecca's parents paid some creepy black dude to make a crappy video for her

You think you can sing, you got that profile from Bing, you don't actually look like that, you look like a dead rat.

The worst singer in the universe. Not only her voice sounds basic and annoying but the autotune that's used to produce her "songs" probably required a NASA level CPU to be completed. Her vocals are just disgusting and repulsive. I feel sick to my stomach every time her voice comes in contact with my ears.

Her Friday song was so bad, I would rather bang myself in the head with a cricket bat 10 times than listen to that song again.

She's not a singer. I get that's her dream or something, but she's not talented. I'm glad she's on YouTube now because I think that's where she belongs.

Terrible. Annoying. Whinny voice. Worst songs ever. Shouldn't be famous. INSANE. This describes Rebecca Black bluntly. - IMBACKFROMNARNIA

What a joke! She can't even make a good sound coming out of her mouth how can she be a singer
Plus her songs don't make sense!

She's so fake. She can sing but in her Friday song, hell no. WORST SONG EVER! What type of lyrics are those, she talks like she's dying.

She uses too much autotune, but Friday is a one-hit wonder at best and Rebecca is no longer relevant. - Cartoonfan202