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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Taylor Swift is one of the best singers ever. The only problem with her is that she always mocks boys. If she really wants to write something then please write about real love. Her songs love story and you belong with me are great while blank space and we are never ever getting back together is like saying that boys sick. If she hats boys so much why does she date them and sleep around with them. She is putting into the younger generations mind. She is sexy and has a even sexier voice. She is talented so why doesn't she use it in conveying great love story's through her songs. Is it good to have multiple partners? She must write good love storys so as to tell the younger generation to stick to one man or one woman and not sleep around with many. Otherwise she is a great singer. Breakup is something which takes the lives of many. And she has fun in it. please taylor swift make some good albums with good lyrics

Donating money doesn't change anything because she's still very racist and supports Donald Trump. I used to think she was okay but as a non-American, non-white person it hurts me (I'm mixed. Arabian and hispanic). And her music is not even that good, it sounds like the same music every female singer does nowadays. I listen to a bundle of singers that have been accused of saying/doing horrible stuff but they're too talented to hate with great singing voices and techniques, and creative and original ideas. Vice versa, I listen to singers that while not as talented, they're great people and human beings and have never been seen doing bad things/ saying bad things. This girl has nothing good.

Taylor isn't that bad. Even if you think she sings badly, she is genuinely nice and donates money to charity. She visits sick children in hospitals and donated books to schools. And her songs aren't all about guys, get your facts right! She isn't breaking up anymore. Perhaps I do like Taylor, but even if you aren't a fan of her music respect her.

I hate Taylor Swifts songs. Shake it off was really catchy at first but then it just got annoying and bland. The video for bad blood was cool but the song was pretty bad and it sucked. AND don't EVEN GET ME STARTED ON BLANK SPACE! What was even the point of the whole song?! To listen to girls and don't cheat on them or they'll BURN YOUR CLOTHES, DESTROY YOUR CAR AND THEN GO COMPLETELY CRAZY?! Sigh, and Taylor Swifts voice sounds like some cheesy pop 13 year old's.

And by the way, why are all you guys saying she needs to die? I bet you don't sound any better. At least she's a good person and she does sing good! She's not like Miley Cyrus!

Just because YOU "love her" and call anyone who thinks otherwise a "hater" doesn't make Swift the best singer ever.

She's whiny, self-centred, unoriginal and relies on autotune. I just said a negative comment. Call me a "hater", peeps because I have an opinion.

That is quite inaccurate, doesn't every artist rely on autotune? Also she is more successful than you and she also gives her money to those in need, she has actually won awards for that. - doctorman

Taylor is not that bad. Seriously, why all the hate? At least she did nice things to people and is genuinely kind, even if you think she doesn't sing well. She donated books to schools and visits sick children in hospitals. Not all of her songs are about guys. And she isn't breaking up with boyfriends now.

I agree with this! Taylor Swift got to be one of the most overrated but one of the worst singers in this generation. Highest paid musicians in Hollywood? Seriously? This girl can't sing. Or maybe she can, but her voice is so ordinary like a random stranger that you can hear singing on a street and then mistakenly think it's Taylor Swift. She's pretty, popular, the talk of the town, has high sales, topped the charts and won tons of Grammys, but I don't get why she deserves it. Demi Lovato/Katy Perry deserves to get them more than she does. - haiIIey

Taylor Swift is as fake as fake can be, and quite frankly, fake people are some of my least favorite kind of people. Her voice isn't all that good either. She started when she was, what, 16? (I know she was singing at age 16) She's 27 now, and she hasn't grown at all as a singer, or a person to be honest. In fact, she's gotten worse. I despised her in country, but I dislike her even more as a pop singer.

She is honestly the most generic, nasty singer I've ever heard. She's tried to reinvent herself so many times it's actually become standard, and the only thing she hasn't tried to change is the fact that she writes songs only about people who have pissed her off. She is also really mean to other artists but then gets all so upset when anyone does the slightest thing to her.

If you think she only sings about her break-ups with her exes, I'm sorry to say, you have heard quite a pitiful amount of her songs. She's a great, beautiful and talented singer. And talking about music, oh come on! Who really HAS a unique music in his/her songs, among singers nowadays?

I don't like Taylor swift she is so mean and has like five pounds of make up on her face, and red lipstick that is so boring, change your lip colour! All she sings about is guys who have maybe done her wrong, well even she could have done wrong to those guys! I can sing better than her! I have a four octave high voice and I am a light lyric soprano. There is some mutual hatred I have with her and all the girls in my school are obsessed with her like can she even sing?!

She is one of my most hated singers. She has a few listenable songs, like Nicki Minaj, but has some downright awful songs like Trouble, Bad Blood, and Shake It Off. She started a bunch of drama with Katy Perry over some dancers, which is just stupid. And she writes mean songs towards her boyfriends and pretends to be all innocent. Never liked her. - HollowAnime

Taylor swift is one of the best singers of all time have you heard her new songs? Well you guys didn't like how she always wrote about boys she doesn't any more she writes about her feelings.

Just because I don't like her singing and therefore I would consider her a bad singer for reasons of vocal range, key and so on does not mean I don't act my age. Excuse me don't be so rude and act your age.

She isn't bad, but I do find her extremely annoying. Some one said that every artist sings about heartbreak, while this is true, Swift takes it to a whole new level. Other artist at least change it up every now and then. The only thing she changed was her style, which I personally dislike. Even songs not about her exes are, in my opinion, very annoying and mediocre. I dislike Bad Blood because of the chorus (albeit I like the line "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes).

Taylor swift does not belong here. she is one of the best singers ever!
You guys need to need to learn how to sing

Of course she wants the media to portray her in a positive light. That's why she does a lot of 'good stuff'. To be honest, being her boyfriend would surely understands why she is earning tonnes of money making her break-up songs.

Well, Taylor does sing about guys also I have seen these in parody. But this is just how she is. We should just get used to her like that. Well yea she used to make country music and now she is singing about guys and her break up but still we shouldn't pick on her. In my opinion I think she is a good singer.

She sounds like a dying cat. Terrible voice and terrible lyrics. Please stop singing already

Most singers have different meanings to their songs and that's what makes them popular. Taylor on the other hand just sings about the break-ups she has with boys and after awhile, it gets annoying. We don't find a boy and then immediately break-up with them Taylor.

She gets money from dumping her boyfriends a week into their relationship only to write a song. That is just plain pointless. She gets billions of dollars because of boys. What a retard.

The auto-tune thing alone is bad. It's a lie and a cheat to artists that do not use it and to those who came before and never used it. What a disgrace to the craft. Anyone who uses it is just bad for business.

She is the definition of a very overrated singer because so many people like her for some stupid reason. All she does is sing songs about guys and breaking up with them.

This brat thinks she is a goddess. Yes she can sing but her lyrics are corny, no effort, and too repetitive. She is overhyped and her feud with Katy Perry was stupid. Her rapping is trash and she is too generic. - link_triforce_1986