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1 Shrubb

This list is dumb! Every monster in the game is AWESOME!

I honestly like every monster in both games.

You work hard on your island and he spits on it

Shrubb Sucks It's just like hearing Dubai Dubai duba So Dumb

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2 Toe Jammer

On gold island he makes a creepy face!

Oh come on, you guys! The Toe Jammer is so CUTE! On water island the toe jammer sounds awesome. I don't know why you hate him...

The most annoying monster ever. I hate him. I only let him sing on one island at that is the air island. But even then it has to be sped up because he is annoying.

He's not even bad. But I do agree that he makes a creepy face on Gold Island. - Powerfulgirl10

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3 Noggin

He's not my favorite, but he's not bad. He may be useless in song, but he's not useless in breeding.

It is not a good monster and you barely can hear him. buts that's why he's the first monster and easiest to buy because he is not a good monster. It is still good to have when your starting off.

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4 Tweedle

Just shut up! I hate all of you! I am a girl and I am not annoying!


Dear Haters,
I am an awesome monster. I don't scream, I don't suck, and also, I am most likely a girl! So, shut up all you haters! You guys are mean. Plus, I'm not irritating or annoying.

- Tweedle
P.S. I hate all you haters because you hate me. Now stop spreading hate!

I'm not trick or treating on Halloween because I'm being Tweedle! Wait why am I talking about Halloween in March?

But she's one of my favorites... *cries into a pillow* - Powerfulgirl10

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5 Pompom

Pom Pom is super awesome in my opinion!

She does not suck. She is one of my most favorite monsters!

Pompom looks cute so what in the world are you taking about?

She's another favorite of mine. - Powerfulgirl10

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6 Wubbox

I'm gonna answer this comment at the bottom without violence 1. We are not lazy if we don't wanna save for wubbox and I don't know who the hell said that because no one did and we don't wanna buy him because he's sometimes absolutely awful and I personally think he's a waste of money! 2. Everyone has an opinion so you can't make us like him because you certainly hasn't made me.

When it opens its mouth on Plant Island it's really ugly, and the whole thing is like "Nice, I pay 75,000,000 coins and wait 1,000 years for an ugly thing that ruins the whole song! " I don't understand why some people like it.

Ridiculously overpriced. And definitely not worst the cost.
You PAY all of that, and you still wait to hatch it. And after that you STILL can't see his performance yet until you pay even more to box more monsters. And when that stuff is all done the sound is just mediocre. It's not a bad sound, it's just not worth all that money and effort.

I think These guys are so cool

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7 Dandidoo

The regular dandidoo is okay but that rare dandidoo is crappy like a two-headed calf. I CAN'T STAND THAT RARE OSTRICH OR WHATEVER IT IS!

Have you ever heard the what it sounds like to die? I honestly believe when I die, The Grim reaper shall remove his hood and reveal to be a Dandidoo. In reality it sounds awful and I muted it to keep my songs pure. teach it how to sing in tune and we will talk.

Aw, come on guys, she's not that bad. Her gold island song is outstanding!

Watch the Dandidoo Song 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
You'll change your mind.

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8 Mammott

He is basically one of my most favorite monsters. What are you talking about?!?!

It is like a person going bum bum bum what is wrong with it pis super super super dumb

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9 Potbelly

I find them pretty fitting, actually

I HATE it more than any other monster! What is the reason it has to have such an annoying voice. the tow heads are not even singing the same thing at the same time and it's just a dumb wast of beds in my castle.

It seriously sounds like someone yelling "BAH" into your ear.

I love it. It's my savior

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10 Punkleton

Punkleton is my favorite monster..Ever.. His unique sound in gold island intensifies the music, and it's cool. He's the greatest.

Punkleton is amazing! Who doesn't like it?! Plus he is a Halloween only monster so how can he be bad. he's A LIMITED TIME MONSTER! Also he was like my only really rare monster.

Horrible song, expensive, hard to get, ugly, uses tons of beds.

I love it's music!

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11 Drumpler

I'm surprised Tweedle isn't on this list! Anyway - Drumpler isn't a bad monster, but I think that it really isn't very useful. It drums. That's good people. But wait! We have Noggin for that! So why is Drumpler added? Especially when the noise isn't very loud at all... :/

His face isn't stupid, and he's supposed to be fat.

Drumplers are flipping stupid I don't know why there so popular! I'm leaving

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12 Scups

He looks so cute, and he's one of my many favorite monsters! How dare you!

I love scups and hate everyone that hate him

Its suction cup noises don't even match with the beat of any song! Especially the water island!

What?!?! Scupper is the best ever

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13 Hoola

I like the fact that Hoola sings simultaneously with Pompom. She shouldn't be on this list... But she's voiced by a man... Scares me...

I got it on air island and it sounds funny. I am planning on placing it on the gold island.

I made a mistake. Hoola doesn't sound funny. She's just cute and sings almost like Pom Pom.

Her voice is like a baby pompom being squished.

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14 Blabbit

It honestly sounds like someone just blabbing their lips while drinking water. And the high-pitch noise can get annoying really fast. It can ruin a lot of good songs. It almost never fits in with the tune or beat. And it just sounds weird.

I wet through the top islands last week and number 3 I believe was a water island that I actually enjoyed. Until the Blabbit started singing. It just sang over every monsters and it wasn't even that good. If was the Blabbit alone that I had to dislike the island.

It is kind of annoying, but you have to admit they're cute. - Ku

I don't hate the blabbit but his singing is off!

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15 Bowgart

Why is bowgart on the list? He adds good suspense to the music

The one who placed Bowgart on the list is a hater of classic music.

Bowgart's instrument really makes the music a whole lot better. He plays through practically the entire song on any island. He doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Thank you for putting him there. He is ugly, he ruins the song, and he COPIES lana del ray.

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16 Pummel

I think that Pummel sings very nice.

The pummel song is really nice-shame you can't even hear it unless you have about 20 of them on full volume!

I sold my Pummel because I needed coins and I already have something that drums... a Noggin!

Pummel looks freaky, and ugly.

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17 Entbrat

You work hard to get a 4-element monster... and get a fat leaf guy yelling LA LALA LALA LA!

His singing's sort of off to be honest.. Still a good monster.

I renamed my entbrat "I am a yeller! " Because the song is nice and peaceful and all of the sudden that not so gentle giant yells out everybody's ears!

If his voice was less raspy I would like the entbrat.

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18 The Honey Monster

The Honey Monster is Humbug and he is awesome, not bad.

You might mean humbug...wait humbug is AWESOME!

I don't have an opinion whats the honey monster!?

This is Diane Delsig's favorite monster. She will cry if she sees this. - Powerfulgirl10

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19 Cybop

Cybop is another one of my favorite monsters, just like punkleton he intensifies the music a bit on gold island. He always sings on key, and he's quite interesting. I named my Cybop Fetty Wap.. Lol.

Cyborg is really weird.1. He looks really weird. 2. You can't really understand what he is saying. on the Air Island, I think he says " Pick up, pick up, pick up, water or wine, water or wine, never. What in the world does that even mean! Cyborg is not a very good monster to have on your islands. He is just plain weird, and he's just not a good monster. I think the creator of this list should've put Cybop as the worst monster in the top 10 instead of Cybop being the 21 worst monster.

Cybop is actually pretty good on tribal island, but other than that...

The sound is strange and doesn't fit. Also it does that annoying monster thing where it sounds like they're saying words. For example it sounds like the cybop on air island is saying 'Pick her, pick her, pick her, nanananana, never'.

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20 Grumpyre

Grumpyre... He's not bad. He really does a good job on cold island, but on Ethereal, not so well. Grumpyre sings while he does the whole "Boom shaka" thing.. Doesn't do well. Although he's worth having.

He is very cool and sounds very good I constantly imitate him.

He is my favorite Ethereal on Ethereal Island and Cold Island!

I don't like grumpyre, for some reason. It just doesn't sound that good.

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