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21 Furcorn

Hey! Who put this on the list? The Furcorn is so peaceful and sings so clear! I wish I could sing like him!

He is so cute! How dare you! He is one of my most favorites! This list is dumb!

He's a great monster to have, but he doesn't do the best on tribe island. He sings off key, and it doesn't sound well. But, he's amazing on all the other islands.

I love him though! - Powerfulgirl10

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22 Brump

He sounds like he wants to kill me

I will try. STOP TELLING ME! I get it. Brump, Please stop telling me to wake up the wublins...

He needs to clear his throat...


creepy and just *sHUDDERS* ew
brump really bothers me, honestly, I'm sorry;;;;

23 Maw

I love Maws! I think they're adorable! - Ku


I think the maw is useless because you spend all that time to get a lot of monsters on your island and one of then just happends to be the maw

Guys seriously the Maw deserves to be number one. It's literally the ugliest thing in the game! it's a furry mouth for the love of god and it makes the ugliest sound ever! literally you get an ugly mouth going DEEDEEDEEDEEDEEDEEEDEDEDE

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24 Rare Wubbox

He sounds awesome. Better than the normal Wubbox. I like both though.

What? Rare Wubbox is the best and sounds way better than the regular one!

No... Please stop... It's a great monster...

He's awesome on plant cold air and gold, but they rushed on water and earth. HIS ANIMATION IS HORRIBLE!

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25 Flum Ox

Flum Ox isn't dumb. He actually makes the song sound serene and better! What are you talking about?!

I agree its dumb even though I have like 6 the noise is okay but the Furcorn sounds better and Flum ox just is dumb and does not need to be in DOF at least get ride of it or Ill sue type game or you can say goodbye to BBB.

Ok, this is DoF exclusive, but I hate it anyways! I mean, when you wanna listen to Furcorn's great singing a stooped purple thing comes and ruins everything with its radioactive voice!

26 Yelmut

He looks extremely cute.

I don't know why these people are saying he's cute or awesome. He's literally a screaming blob! He doesn't even scream with a melody he's just like AAAGHGHGAHGAAHGHGAHGAAGH - CaptainSkizzy

But he's cute. - Powerfulgirl10


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27 Whisp

I'll say its good mostly cause it's my sisters favorite monster

Another one of those monsters who sing off key just a bit, still good.

I know what she looks like I don't know what she sounds like

How dare you?!?!?!? Whisp is my favorite monster!

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28 Shugabush

He's perfect to have on plant island, a nice country singer. Due to the fact he sings, AND plays an instrument, it's great.

Shugabush isn't one of the worst singing monsters!

I like the Shugabush, actually. Who even made this website in the first place?

He ruins everything

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29 Fwog

Fwog and maw are under appreciated

I love fwog he's my favourite monster. I love all the monsters except nebulob. He's the worst, and sox so I hope they're on the list

I don't like fwog.. Don't know why, I just never did. If there were a way to let him starve to death, why not.

All monsters are good some are just ugly.

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30 Quarrister

Quarister is awesome he intensifies the music on gold island

This is my favorite monster your mean

31 Bellowfish

Bellowfish is what my singing monsters needed. That instrument he plays is quite entertaining.

The Bellowfish is awesome! Who placed him on this list?

What is a bellowfish?

Who is the Yellowish?!?!?!

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32 Ghazt

Okay... First of all, why the hell is he on this list? He's the only one with the techno sound. Very unreasonable to add him on this page.

Ghazt is the. best! She looks like she demon-kitten!

In my opinion I think that Ghazt is badass, but not as badass as Wubbox.


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33 Jellbilly

Respect Jellbilly - PlixiestarhengeYT

I hate jellbilly. I always keep him muted!

He scares me, that's all I can say.

I don't know why, but I acually like him.on

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34 Kazilleon

Kazilleon is great! I like his voice and he's badass!

News flash he's awesome.

Just like oaktopus. No


35 Riff

Oh my god... Have you ever heard him on gold island? There's no reason to add him on this list. He's great. Don't judge by appearance.

Get Him Off This Stupid List! He's Awesome!

His face is not ugly! How dare you!

. Riff is awesome! Power Me Flum Ox and EtherealChi will get angry when they see this! - Powerfulgirl10

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36 Pango

He's cute, and is one of my many favorites!

What? No! Pango is not bad!

Pango's a penguin, Nothing to say here.

I love the pango. Do the tango!

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37 Potbelly on Shugabush Island

Why is this even a choice? Potbelly, and Potbelly on Shugabush Island? Those are the same things...

Why is there Potbelly, Potbelly on Shugabush Island, and Rare Potbelly

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38 Glowbe

But you can make cool light and color patterns! And news flash-it isn't SUPPOSED to make music

Guys really? He's not a monster, he's a design. I have nothing else to say.

Who made this website? I am so mad at whoever did! Half of these guys shouldn't be on here!

They are not monsters! They are lights! And the really decorate my island!

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39 Oaktopus

Kind of quiet but way cool

He scares me but he's awesome in dof!


He's annoying! A-shoo adoo adoo a shoo adoo adobo it's annoying

40 Shugabass

Shugabass is quite, and as said, he cannot be heard with headphones, unless he has higher volume. Still worth breeding.

Shugabass is AWESOME! Whoever doesn't like him, doesn't like the

He sounds good but you can barely/never hear him

The worst monster you can have on Shugabush Island. Without headphones on all you can hear is... Nothing!

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