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41 BooDoo

Oh my god why... No... Remove it from the list... It's better then then you think, k?

Boodoo looks cool. That is his ONLY value. - CaptainSkizzy

Boohoo is on ethreal island. You have yo teleport a grumpyre and a gazt monster. So it costs a lot of food and patince. And you get so excited when you get it, and you can hardly hear it! Don't bother in getting the boodoo unless you get like 50 of them, then, after you get 50 of them, you can just BAIRLEY hear it! Don't waist your time people!

S-U-C-K-S-! Pom Pom read this out

42 Clamble

Clamble is a good monster. I don't think looks matter too much, and he adds good suspense to the Plant Island

I hate the clamble it doesn't have a face its super creepy and the sound is clang it sounds creepy it is so skinny and bony

Leave Clamble alone. - Officialpen

43 Rare Potbelly

When you think of a potbelly of see one it is fate they ruined the whole name by making it have abs! Like come on and people think its awesome and stuff but I agree with its looks but not the name it should be called "Rare Potbelly A.K.A, Rare Skinny Potable's! LIKE WHAT!

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44 Humbug

My least favorite ethereal

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