Worst Sins


The Top Ten

1 Murder

Nothing can be more evil than the taking of human life!

for shure - CedreticFomento

2 Hatred

There's nothing wrong with having an abhorrence of something that should feel abhorrence.

3 Taking the Name of God in Vain

Because it's actually the worst sin (The unforgivable sin) - Gminus

I kept doing it and I've went through a hard time. That just goes to show that you're an idiot if you turn cussing into a hobby.

Many people probably do that.

4 Theft

This is not so bac - Leofeldman91

5 Abuse
6 Rape

This is lots of sins into one sin

7 Lying
8 Adultery
9 Coveting
10 Lust

The Newcomers

? Bullying

That can send you to hell though..

The Contenders

11 Not Honoring thy Mother and Father
12 Not Believing in Jesus
13 Greed
14 Worshiping Idols
15 Body Modification
16 Wrath
17 Pride

Pride is the root all evil

18 Swearing

This isn't even a sin - Leofeldman91

19 Unforgiveness
20 Masturbation
21 Gluttony
22 Not Remembering the Sabbath
23 Disobedience
24 Gambling
25 Homosexuallity

We can not modify religious texts to allow this because those texts are the word of God. Personally, the reason I think this is wrong is not because I don't know anyone who is gay but because I've spent time in one of the most predominantly gay towns of CA.

This really should not be a sin. The Quran and The Bible, Oh, and the Torah should all be updated to ALLOW this. - PizzaGuy

Well, that would be adding something that contradicts what is said earlier in all of those books. You shouldn't be adding things to books like that anyways. - RiverClanRocks

26 Envy
27 Sloth
28 Zoophilia
29 Love of Money

So...greed? - AliciaMae

30 Boasting
31 Witchcraft
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